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Where is the outlet of e-commerce specialty
A letter from a senior practitioner to a school, teacher and student of e-commerce

This letter Hui Jian wrote almost one weeks, modified a lot of times, because Hui Jian saw a few students majoring in E-commerce to become a porter, it is not see the kind of helpless eyes. The parents worked hard to save money, read four years of university, came out but can only go to chores.   Why? Here is the reflection of Hui Jian.

One, the social demand many and the embarrassment of the e-commerce graduates

second, the society needs what kind of E-commerce professional students

third, what the social needs of E-commerce professional content

Four, the problem of teaching teachers of electronic commerce speciality

Five, electronic Commerce Professional certificate problem

I. Social demand and the embarrassment of E-commerce graduates

"The Ministry of Education approved E-commerce in 2001 as a catalogue outside the professional in the national colleges and universities, at present, the country has 306 colleges and universities to open E-commerce Professional, annual undergraduate graduates up to 10,000 people." With the rapid development of E-commerce, these graduates in the talent market should be very popular, but the fact is not so. In Beijing 2005 years of Talent demand survey, E-commerce talent demand is ranked first. But in recent years, E-commerce professional graduates employment rate of only 20%, and the national average college graduates employment contract rate has reached 47%, it is clear that E-commerce professional graduates employment rate is far lower than the national average level of college students, "

With the continuous development of the Internet, e-commerce as a new field, but also the development of mature, Alibaba's listing, Taobao annual turnover of more than Wal-Mart, all illustrate these points.

According to the normal truth, the rapid development of an industry, will bring a lot of jobs, it is true. The field of electronic commerce continues to appear the upsurge of recruitment. The development of network and electronic commerce has provided a lot of jobs for the society. Some of these jobs come from new network companies, some from traditional industries. The momentum of this development, there is no sign of cessation, which is bound to trigger a sustained demand for talent. From this perspective, the "E-commerce" related talent market prospects are bright.

and the market for the rapid growth of the demand for e-commerce talent, but the E-commerce professional less than 20% of the graduate employment rate, or even the emergence of E-commerce professional graduates to become porters.

Learn E-commerce professional students, think college years almost nothing to learn? On the contrary, I feel that I have learned a lot, but just because I am too much too miscellaneous and feel trades, I feel that what I learn doesn't necessarily work.

According to Xinhua, e-Commerce employment rate is only 20%, enterprises are eager to have practical experience in e-commerce talent, but the school because of funds and hardware equipment, such as the original can not provide a real platform for graduates. To this end, these only theoretical knowledge, lack of practical experience of E-commerce professional graduates, by the electric business enterprises mercilessly shut out.

"To tell you the truth, I think this is related to the Chinese education system, many schools because of what is popular in the market what professional, building professional when they do not really analyze, I recently received a lot of resumes is such a certain school e-commerce professional, I am very curious about E-commerce has a professional, And a lot of the cases surprised me more than where these cases came from, so I think a lot of universities may be in the training of E-commerce professionals with the Internet companies to run together, last year we have felt that this is a problem, especially this year we received more and more resumes are e-commerce graduates. So I think as an e-commerce company This is a good thing, and I want to talk to you about looking for opportunities to these good network companies internship, pragmatic, theory of the clear often practice does not necessarily do. "----Ma Yun Quotations

It seems that the problem is in the "e-commerce" professional training model, E-commerce education of many problems to "light" has been overshadowed. is to thoroughly reflect on the "E-commerce professional education" time,

Ii. What kind of electronic business professionals are needed in society

Here is the words of an E-commerce professional student:

"Just go to school, the teacher introduced the professional said, we e-commerce students can engage in what e-commerce planning, electronic services, network marketing, network advertising and so on a series of industries bar." But after four years of learning, we are faced with the choice of career is a little awkward, because the scope of e-commerce is too much, covered by a wide range. However, when job recruitment, people pay more attention to a certain aspect or a professional vocational skills. It is like to learn the law, people will ask, you are professional in the marriage law, or labor contract laws ah, or criminal law ah? You have to say you are studying law, but nobody wants to talk to you. Our E-commerce major is now the same. ”

It seems that the problem is that the knowledge structure of e-commerce majors cannot meet the needs of the market. So let's take a look at what kind of talent the e-commerce industry needs?

E-commerce enterprises have two types, one is large-scale professional e-commerce enterprises, the other is the traditional enterprise E-commerce department.

The former common talent demand is high school low, from the decision-making level of the General manager, director, to the middle-tier department manager, and then to the bottom of technical personnel and editors and other personnel. Its employment characteristics is a division of fine, everyone focused on e-commerce part of the entire process, such as editing the content, technology is responsible for development, art is responsible for the interface, product managers are responsible for a product line co-ordination. For such a large e-commerce enterprise, the need is professionals rather than generalists, as long as you are suitable for a certain aspect.

For the traditional business E-commerce Department, the Division of labor is not so clear, a person to do several jobs. For example, many enterprises and even web site production, maintenance, promotion, website customer service are responsible for a person. Its employing characteristics is to require a wide range of knowledge, understand all aspects, but for the specific technology is not required to be too proficient.

For small Business e-commerce talent requirements:

1, can independently establish E-commerce platform
2, can independently promote E-commerce platform
3, be able to complete online contact and identify orders and follow-up services independently

Technical capabilities are generally required
Need to have a certain degree of internet marketing ability
Need to have a certain degree of Internet sales capability

See this demand, we do not think, E-commerce graduates if you want to enter the E-commerce industry, nothing more than two outlets, one is to go to a large e-commerce enterprises to engage in a certain area of expertise, or to traditional enterprises to engage in small e-commerce generalists.

The emblem of the electronic commerce enterprises to subdivide the common position

Here, the sword puts the operating layer in the middle, in particular, the planners placed in the operating layer, many people will disagree, in fact, the emblem of this placement is in line with the actual work of the state, "operating layer" is the decision-making level of further refinement, so that it can become "basic layer" specific operating rules. As for planning, we must know that a real planner, if not rich in operational experience, is not good at planning. Planning is not to pat the head, think of a few ideas so simple, an excellent planning program, must be through careful market research, through the eyes of rich business experience to examine, analysis can be qualified plan, otherwise it is blind cat touch dead mouse.

It is in the view of Hui Jian, the students who have just graduated from university do not rule out some geniuses, but most of them do it from the base layer. The following are the common positions of the emblem for the base layer:

The above table, basically includes most of the current E-commerce-related basic positions.

What does the society need to study in e-commerce speciality

When we understand the market demand for e-commerce jobs, let us look at the university's E-commerce professional curriculum and Training methods:
"From the electronic commerce specialty in each university opens the first day to be doomed this profession the disorderly, reflected in the various institutions of the curriculum system, teaching materials fragmented, but also there are still many schools are doing their own school teaching materials program, which in the development of other professions is very small. ”

"E-commerce division, such as the certificate does not have any gold, the university's E-commerce professional lack of practicality, teachers do not have any experience in the network, only according to this book, how can you teach the real useful talents?" ”

"Ah, the current E-commerce professional is actually a hodgepodge, what flavor have, what taste is not positive." To find this kind of work, please go to the coastal area to see. If you are not graduating, I suggest you learn one of them, you can also do a website or engage in advertising design. ”

"A number of courses in the computer profession, combined with several courses in economic management, have become e-commerce, and this" platter "teaching is the biggest mistake of our department. All are "finance", economics, management, but the previous addition of E-commerce is a very different course. ”

Now most of the school E-commerce Majors are heavy business, light technology, business courses are far more than technical aspects of the curriculum. Let's take a look at e-commerce specialty course settings,

The following is a domestic University of E-commerce professional undergraduate courses for four years (this is commercial):

Advanced mathematics
Basic accounting
An Introduction to Business studies
Business history
Principles of Economics
Management Information System
Principles of electronic Commerce
Computer operating system
Financial management
Computer Network and communication
Network Marketing
National trade
International Trade Practice
E-commerce system development
Logistics Management
Advanced language Programming

I do not know what we have seen the feeling, at least the emblem of the sword looked, think it is inexplicable. This professional course should be renamed "marketing (a bit biased e-commerce direction)." According to the above curriculum to learn the students, estimates can only go to E-commerce professional when the "Director" level of the post, or only the salesman more appropriate.

Look at another university's E-commerce program

Principles of Management,
Logistics Management,
Supply Chain Management,
E-commerce platform and core technology,
International Business Management,
E-commerce case analysis,
Business website Construction.
Principles of Management,
Database principles and Applications,
Management Information Systems,
E-commerce platform and core technology,
Logistics Management,
Human resources Management,
Supply Chain Management

Also not good where to go, in accordance with this course learned, and then the analysis of the former Hui Jian market position on the requirements of e-commerce personnel, what can be done?

Let's take a look at the curriculum of e-commerce major in higher education self-study examination:

E-commerce English,
Economics (ii),
Basic Accounting,
Marketing (iii),
International Trade Practice (III.),
Business Communication (II.),
Market Informatics,
Computer and Network Technology Foundation,
Fundamentals of Computer and Network Technology (practice),
Introduction to Electronic commerce,
Introduction to Electronic commerce (practice),
Internet software application and development,
Internet Software application and development (practice),
Web design and production,
Web design and production (practice),
E-commerce case analysis,
E-Commerce Case Study (practice),
Quantity Method (ii),
Commercial Law (ii),
Network economy and Enterprise management,
Internet database,
E-commerce website design principle,
Introduction to e-commerce security,
Network Marketing and Planning,
E-commerce and finance,
E-commerce and modern logistics

In contrast, we will find that the higher education self-study exam, compared to the above two colleges and the establishment of a lot of progress, but still disconnected from reality.

For the start-up stage of the enterprise, the need is "generalist", that is, both technical and dynamic operation, but also understand the market. He needs this person at least can help him to the E-commerce platform to run, if this is not done, that will you e-commerce professional what to use.

It should be noted that there is an argument is the electronic commerce is biased in favor of the technology or biased in the marketing business, Hui Jian's view is: Electronic commerce is mainly technology-based business activities, technology is the basis of E-commerce, only on the basis of technology to talk about E-commerce, some people will say, So-and-so boss does not understand technology, Why does he make money online? The answer is very simple, he is not understand technology but certainly has the technology to serve him, for example, Alibaba members can not understand technology, but Alibaba's personnel cannot understand technology, otherwise Alibaba thereby come? Someone else's boss is no way to learn technology, for the vast number of E-commerce graduates, understand technology is much better than not understand the technology. You can do better than do not understand the technology, do not tell us E-commerce graduates are when the management.

Below, the emblem of the enterprise for E-commerce talent skills needs, set up a set of courses:

This course is the emblem of the sword according to its own observation, at the same time solicited no less than dozens of e-commerce enterprises and traditional enterprises modified, it should be said that basically represents the market demand.

The first part is the basic course of personal career development:

Advanced Mathematics (refer to Computer class high number requirements)
Laws and regulations of electronic commerce
Statistical theory and Market analysis

Learning these, mainly for the future development of individuals to accumulate some basic theoretical knowledge.

The second part is the technical minimum requirement course of e-commerce:

Computer operating system and network
Database System (the first half of the common database basic knowledge, the latter half for MSSQL and Oracle, MySQL three select one)
E-commerce system development (supporting the establishment of CMS site lectures, website construction)
asp\php\jsp\c# development of the four doors to choose one, must be proficient
Web design and human-machine engineering

Learning this part is to let e-commerce students at least can learn to build E-commerce site, if even e-commerce sites are not built (at least will use ready-made CMS system set up a), that also do not have to do what e-commerce.

"Computer operation system and network" is the basic knowledge of computer and network, learn the basic maintenance of the server, how to set up a website on the server.
"Database System" is the basic knowledge of the database, E-commerce Web site can not be separated from the database system, and MSSQL and Oracle, MySQL three choose one this is to enhance the practicality. Because these three accounted for the majority of the current E-commerce site.
"E-commerce system development" mainly allows students to learn E-commerce platform technology, learning to use CMS system to set up a ready-made E-commerce platform.
"Asp\php\jsp\c# development" here is actually four courses, you can choose one of the four, is currently popular four kinds of E-commerce Web site development language, which ASP can consider not set, JSP take into account the time, you can later speak some Java servlet knowledge, Because if all speak Java one is not necessary, two is the time has the problem. and learned the JSP to learn all the Java is very simple.
"Web design and human-machine engineering" mainly about the Web page color, Web layout, HTML language, CSS Knowledge, visual psychology, behavioral psychology and other knowledge.

The third part is the financial knowledge course that electronic commerce must have

Logistics process and management
Accounting and Corporate Finance (strengthening Enterprise accounting knowledge)
Management Information System (related to invoicing systems)

Learning this part, mainly let students master E-commerce-related financial knowledge, logistics knowledge.

The Forth part is the network practice of e-commerce must course:

"China Network Environment Analysis"
Fundamentals of Internet Project operation
Principles of electronic Commerce
"E-commerce Practice" (business-to-business, Consumer-to-consumer, Business-to-consumer theory and practice)
The theory of Internet communication
"Internet advertising and public relations"

Learning this part, this is to let students understand the nature of E-commerce, and understand the Internet environment, the basic knowledge of the operation of the project, network promotion, PR hype and other series of knowledge.

"China's network environment analysis" is mainly about the current Web site form of China's Internet, the influence of various websites and so on. After learning this course, we should have a good understanding of the current network environment in China.
The foundation of Internet project operation mainly talks about the foundation of Internet Project, the knowledge system of construction and operation.
"Principles of electronic commerce," said the basic knowledge of e-commerce.
"E-commerce Practice" (business-to-business, Consumer-to-consumer, Business-to-consumer theory and practice) This is a practical lesson,
Internet communication theory is about Internet communication and netizens ' psychology.
"Internet advertising and public relations" will be the Internet advertising, network PR, the focus is to enable students to understand the network advertising, PR significance and value, can be in sales or purchase reasonable assessment and sales.

Part Five is the course of foreign trade, the proposed elective

International Trade Practice (English)
"Import and export business practice"
"Overseas e-commerce"

This part is to let students master foreign Trade E-commerce knowledge.

We will take a look at the course of e-commerce Master class, here is a university in China:

Degree courses
E-commerce strategy and competitive advantage
Advanced Logistics Science
Information Engineering Project Management
Business Intelligence
Innovation tools, methods and management

Website profit model and value chain
Mobile Commerce technology and application
Electronic finance Engineering and management
Knowledge Management Engineering
Construction of enterprise Competitive intelligence system
Advanced topics in electronic commerce

The same reason, Hui Jian does not understand this come out of the master in E-commerce Enterprises can do?

All along, Hui Jian has an idea, that is, e-commerce master should have two directions, one is operational nature, one is technical nature. Here are the master's courses in the design of Huizhou Sword:

Degree courses:
Review on the development of e-commerce
An analysis of e-business model and architecture
E-commerce strategy and competitive advantage
E-commerce strategy of traditional enterprises
Information Engineering Project Management

(Elective course of Operation direction)
Internet communication
An analysis of netizens ' behavior
E-commerce and human-machine engineering
Discussion on application of e-commerce (operation)

(Technical orientation Elective course)
E-commerce and software engineering
Search engine and data mining
Advanced development Technology of e-commerce website (focus on large web site technology architecture and design,)
Discussion on application of e-commerce (technology)

According to the master's course set by Hui Jian, after the master's degree in operation direction, we can go to e-commerce enterprise as product manager, planning and so on. The technical direction of the master's degree can go to the Electronic Commerce website Technical director and other positions.

There are some disciplines, for them to join the E-commerce professional emblem of the sword, this has two types, one is clearly above the level of E-commerce professional requirements, for example, "network security" curriculum is not suitable for major in E-commerce, E-commerce Professional must mention network security, But as the course of study only political economy and not to learn the "capital", too much talk about network security clearly beyond the needs of e-commerce this interdisciplinary, because the network security involves technology far more than the basis of e-commerce, more suitable for the computer department to open this professional, "network security" The specific problem is best given to the graduates of the computer department. There are some subjects have inherent problems, such as "mobile commerce", and e-commerce professional overall backward practice is inversely proportional to the current even at least a decent "mobile business" practice is not a few, then the subject of the study from where? Hui Jian saw this kind of teaching material, basically is patchwork, rubbish.

As for "Network Marketing", Hui Jian in the "where the Chinese network marketing to go," the article pointed out that "network Marketing" This formulation is very problematic, because the real meaning of the "Internet" platform "marketing" is far more than what the current so-called network marketing teaching materials, is in the course of the design of Hui Jian, it is divided into the " Internet communication theory, internet advertising and public relations, "overseas E-commerce" three courses, as well as in the "China Network Environment Analysis", "Internet Project Operation Foundation" there are some content. It can be seen that this has been markedly strengthened.

If according to the design of the Hui Sword curriculum, students after learning the corresponding courses, can do:
Familiar with setting up e-commerce website
Master more than one website development technology.
Familiar with the network environment, familiar with network advertising and network PR, website promotion.
Familiar with logistics and Enterprise Financial Foundation
Familiar with E-commerce Related financial, logistics and other knowledge.

We compare the needs of enterprises, it is not difficult to find, in accordance with the course set by the emblem, E-commerce graduates can go to when the web Developer programmer, when the website promoter, when public relations, advertising front-line operators. Go to a small business can also help others to complete from the development, erection, promotion, sales, logistics and a series of work.

Are you worried about finding a job?

It has been said that E-commerce majors should not be too much to increase technical courses, that e-commerce students can not be compared with computer science graduates, in fact, if the computer software and other development capabilities, it is indeed impossible to compare, but one e-commerce job requirements to a certain degree of knowledge, if not understand a certain degree of technology, There is no way to carry out the work. Secondly, the general e-business does not require such a degree of technology as computer science, general E-commerce sites are used in several languages such as asp\php\jsp\c#, these languages can be learned in a very short time, do not need too much basic knowledge of the computer, basic need not learn "data structure" and other courses.

Iv. problems in the teaching of e-commerce professional teachers

An obvious problem is that E-commerce is a very practical subject, and he appeared short time, so that the requirements of teachers far more than the general curriculum teachers. If a teacher has no good practical experience or insists on contacting the front-line, what is said will be divorced from reality.

"As far as I know, there are very few professional teachers in e-commerce in colleges and universities, many teachers do not have a comprehensive E-commerce professional study or training, but for the normal teaching, are from the relevant professional" East pull one, West pull one, spot, now learn to sell ", so, how to ensure the quality of teaching? "It is undeniable that teaching without any experience is a major flaw for teachers." E-commerce is a collection of management information, network technology, marketing, advertising, psychology, economics and other disciplines of interdisciplinary knowledge. Most of the e-commerce teachers in colleges and universities come from the former management and computer professional teachers. Cannot form an organic whole in imparting knowledge.

Emblem of the sword thought should be in the teaching method to make a major change, that is, lectures in accordance with the theoretical teaching and online demonstration methods, students learn in accordance with classroom listening and laboratory simulation, Internet experience combination way of learning. At present, teachers lack online presentation content, most classrooms lack networking conditions. In fact, this is very good to do, now use notebook wireless Internet access is easy to solve this problem, e-commerce professional teachers must learn to use notebook for mobile teaching. Can not achieve this standard can not be a professional e-commerce teachers, as for the kind of computer is not skilled teachers only to leave the professional teaching of E-commerce, you may go to the Department of Management, Economic department AH.

In the teacher's examination, needs to increase to the practice teaching ability appraisal, cannot simply see several so-called papers to weigh the teacher level. Hui Jian once said that the current domestic so-called E-commerce professional theses are mostly rubbish, a lot of people engaged in E-commerce are also very much agree with this view (Hui Jian said a rude remark, referring to the current published at the national level of academic publications on the so-called E-commerce paper, Hui Jian one months can be the whole out of the dozens, And it's more innovative and content-intensive than most. Not how high the emblem of the sword, but the original theses are too outrageous. )。

The teaching method question: The present teaching method mostly is the theory teaching mainly, lacks the practice, but the electronic commerce profession has been a very high request to the practice operation the new profession. It can be said that the general technical professional learning can be mastered through the laboratory skills, and the current E-commerce professional learning is in accordance with the economic type of learning, students in addition to simply on the machine, there is no practical opportunity to exercise.

There is a place that is almost ignored by all the E-commerce professional institutions, that is, the laboratory construction, at present, basically does not have a professional e-commerce courses of institutions, the establishment of e-commerce-related laboratories. So those courses need a lab. One is related to the server, such as server settings and maintenance, network security and other technologies. Need to establish the "Server Environment Laboratory", specifically to enable students to practice server-related technology. Further, "Search engine and data Mining laboratory", "Network security laboratory" and so on. The other is related to E-commerce models, such as "e-commerce simulation Platform Laboratory," and so on, mainly for students to fully understand the E-commerce model.

Textbook content of the problem: the development of a short time, a variety of new technologies and practices emerging, e-commerce in our country has not yet been a short period of more than 10 years, as a professional appeared more than 5 years. E-commerce specialty not only involves the rapid development of computer technology, network technology, as well as a variety of innovative business models continue to emerge. This leads to a lack of effective theoretical precipitation. E-commerce industry is still in the early stage of rapid development, the development of practical activities far faster than theoretical summary. This results in the theoretical summary and practice is not complete, even between the theory and practice of deviation. Emerging technology, in the reality of the continuous promotion of e-commerce development, prompting the development of e-commerce patterns, understanding these technologies, is to understand the e-commerce process, familiar with a variety of e-commerce models of a foundation. But a variety of new technologies don't appear in textbooks,

The content of the electronic commerce profession is serious and backward practice is an objective problem, and the practice of electronic commerce develops very quickly, the emblem sword thought can consider a kind of compromise way, the teaching material is divided in half, part is relatively stable content, can be used to publish book edition textbook to carry out, part of development Swift It is entirely possible to supplement the textbook with regular or occasional preparation of supplementary lectures. Another example is to open a "E-commerce development tracking Course", every 3 months to start a few hours, content with the current E-commerce field of the latest developments, are not very difficult things,

Here is a postscript: for the following courses, the sword can assist in the preparation of teaching materials, instruction and teacher training, special lectures and academic reports. "E-commerce system development", "China's network Environment analysis", "E-commerce Principles", "E-commerce Practice", "network communication Theory", "network advertising and Public relations", "Overseas E-commerce", "Information Logistics management", "Management Information System", "asp\php\jsp\c# development." "Search engine technology basis", "E-commerce application Problems" and so on. Editing the textbook section, each teaching material about 30.5 million words, Hui Jian can write the outline of the textbook, all the chapters and chapters of the specific points, each write about 5.1 million, while guiding the specific details of the writing work. Finally by the emblem of the approval of the final revision, joint signature. Can be done to write the teaching material with the actual combat and theoretical integration, close to the actual combat of a large number of new concepts, new ideas is not at present textbooks. There is great innovation in research and development. (Hui Jian personal contact: qq:604211373 MSN & e-mail:huijian2008@live.cn SKYPE:iorc.com.cn fly: 575652321)

V. Professional Certificate of Electronic commerce

Many students in the course of disappointment, want to take another way, that is social certification.

When it comes to E-commerce professional social certification, we must mention one, that is the so-called E-commerce Professional certificate, the current so-called E-commerce Professional certificate has three main types:

The first is the so-called China Electronic Commerce Association (or cooperation) to engage in the certificate, this certificate is currently promoted the most. The name of the head is also the most:

National e-Commerce professional certificate (primary, intermediate, advanced)
China E-commerce Professional Managers (Network Marketing Division, professional Network Marketing, senior Network marketing Division)
China Electronic Commerce Professional Manager (Network Trade manager, professional network trade manager, senior network trade manager)
China e-Commerce professional manager (professional Network marketing consultant, senior Network marketing consultant)

The funniest is the so-called China e-commerce professional Managers Professional Qualification certification website
The contents of the following page:

Pcem of Network Marketing Professional Committee of China Electronic Commerce Association
Building 2nd, Information Industry Department, No. 27th Wan Shou Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Then the address ran to Nanjing.

China Nanjing Ding Huai Door No. 12th World window Software Park, building 7th, North block, Guang-Tian
ZIP Code: 210013 Tel: 025-83730318/83710633 ext. 8023/8028

The most funny of this so-called official website www.cccem.com the domain name people incredibly is a person, by a surname Zheng (Zeng, Zheng? . A so-called association accreditation official website, the domain name of someone incredibly is a person, this is very descriptive of the problem. This trick emblem is not want to say too much, anyway, we all understand the "affiliation", "cooperation" meaning.

The second is the so-called "Assistant International E-commerce Division, International E-commerce Division, Senior international E-commerce Division." Hanging do the so-called International Electronic Commerce Division Certification Committee (CCIEBS) of the name, anchored in the SASAC business skills identification and catering service development center below, each year to pay a certain fee, a class to run a certificate. The most funny thing about Hui Jian is that they are affiliated with this unit name: "Business skills identification and Food service Development Center", I believe most people can see what.

A large number of so-called "affiliation", "cooperation" in fact, some associations, such as a money-making doorway, others to be linked, the association, such as their own can earn a lot of "contract fees", "linked fees" and so on.

The third is Alibaba's "Alibaba electronic Commerce International Trade Application Commissioner Certificate", "Alibaba E-commerce domestic Trade Application Commissioner certificate", "Alibaba E-commerce online retail Application Commissioner Certificate" three kinds of certificates, its characteristics are around Alibaba's domestic, International business-to-business platform and Taobao Consumer-to-consumer platform to carry out content explanation, learned to master the use of Alibaba and Taobao platform, but because of the nature of the enterprise, resulting in Alibaba is unwilling to other non-Alibaba E-commerce platform technology to explain, for example, not talk about HC, global resources, Global chemical network, Pat, ebay and so on. This leads to the gold content of its certificate greatly atrophy. Because E-commerce is not only Alibaba, Alibaba is not the whole of E-commerce.

In addition to the three kinds of Alibaba is clear enterprise nature certification, the other two are linked to the so-called "Association (learning)" The name of the operation of the "association" such as authentication of the trick, we can search for "dental Defense group", although different industries, but the essence of almost.

Some people will say, how many uses of these certificates? Then Hui Jian tells you, at present, there is no one to do e-commerce business value this thing, currently on the market a variety of "E-commerce certificate" is basically waste paper. No one's buying it. Aside from making a lot of money out of inexperienced laymen, there is no use. Do not believe that, take these certificates to try to know that the emblem of the true and false.

Emblem of the Sword in addition to the same as the above can assist in the preparation of textbooks. It's OK:
It can help the university to establish a practical base (including some well-known internet companies) in China (the network of the sword in the Internet is still considerable).
It can guide the research and writing of the major subject of e-commerce.
can help to establish a "search technology laboratory", "E-commerce Platform Laboratory", "Web Technology Laboratory" and other Web application technology labs.

Hui Jian personal contact:
qq:604211373 MSN & e-mail:huijian2008@live.cn
SKYPE:iorc.com.cn: 575652321

Where China's internet goes to: Where does Chinese internet marketing go

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