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Every reporter Hu Yuhui sail shares (600482, closing price 13.53 yuan) today announced that the second largest shareholder Baoding Huiyuan in 16th, 17th, through the SSE bulk trading platform accumulated reduction of its holdings of the company's unlimited sales conditions of the circulation of 23.05 million shares, accounting for the company's total share capital of 5%,  The transaction amount amounted to 276.6 million yuan.  Baoding Huiyuan This mass reduction began this month 5th, the current total in the Shanghai Stock Exchange on a large trading platform for 19 transactions, the cumulative reduction of 48.37 million shares, the total transaction amount of about 599 million yuan. Baoding Huiyuan Intensive reduction of the reason, yesterday, "daily economic News" contacted the company. Sail shares Securities Department people responded that Baoding Huiyuan's move is intended to cash in. The person said that Baoding Huiyuan sold this part of the shares is the employee shares, the majority of the workers holding these shares are currently retiring, so hope to cash in the hands of the stock.  He stressed that the reduction does not mean that two of shareholders are not optimistic about the company, the current production and operation of all normal. Public data show that Baoding Huiyuan is the founder of the Sail, in 2000 when the establishment of its two subsidiaries holding shares. 2004 Sailing shares listed, Baoding Huiyuan Total holding 37.3466 million shares of the company.  Later, after years of capital transfer to increase capital, to the reduction, Baoding Huiyuan's shareholding increased to 60.4041 million shares, the share of the shares have been in full circulation right February 25 this year.  From the price of a number of large transactions, Baoding Huiyuan seems to be eager to cash in, so that does not care about reducing prices. In the 5th and 8th of this month, for example, 6 transactions on the bulk trading platform in the two-day transaction price of 13.29 yuan/shares and 12.87 yuan/share. The above two prices are not only far below the day two market the lowest price, but also the day of the fall of the price.  9th and 16th, the transaction price is also lower than the two-tier market share price, 48.37 million shares are all low price selling. The 19 transactions of the stock sales department has three-Jiangnan securities Shanghai Cao Xi North Road Sales department, Qilu Securities Shanghai Oriental Road Sales Department, Guotai Securities headquarters, all for the Shanghai Fund. Sail shares closed at 13.53 Yuan yesterday, still higher than the top 19 in the bulk of the bid 13.29 yuan.
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