Will be the most serious impact on the typhoon Ramasun three provinces total 15 million yuan

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1, Alibaba to Guangdong Guandong three provinces typhoon disaster area donation 15 million

Alibaba Group announced that the targeted early donation by Typhoon "Ramasun" the most serious impact of the three provinces of Hainan, Guangdong and Guangxi total 15 million yuan. To help people in disaster areas to tide over the difficulties and rebuild their homes. This is less than 24 hours before the government of Guangxi Province issued an online appeal for urgent donations. As of 20th, statistics, "Ramasun" in Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, nearly 60 counties in urban areas, nearly tens of thousands of people affected, direct economic losses of about 26.55 billion yuan.

2, micro-letter to seize the ticket entrance phone theater 6 seconds ticket selection

Micro-letters are shortening the time and space between consumers and consumer scenarios, and this increase in efficiency is enough to bring more surprises. According to billion power reports, micro-letter and poly-Orange ticket, Eddie Ticketing, in the play ticketing and other ticketing platform cooperation, the realization of two-dimensional code sweep code after the mobile phone to choose the seat, the whole process in just 6 seconds. In addition to the improvement of the ticketing process, micro-letters try to improve the interaction between the ticketing center and the users through socializing. For example, to give a view evaluation, according to their preferences continue to subscribe to other performance information, management of their own orders and points.

3, Gome expected first-half net profit year-on-year increase of 110% electric business growth quickly

Gome announces first-half expected report. According to the report, sales of Gome listed companies have increased over the same period last year, with sales growth expected to be more than 7% per cent, with a combined gross profit margin expected to exceed 18%, while the cost rate is expected to fall. Among them, e-commerce business growth rapidly, E-commerce total turnover (including platform transaction amount) is expected to increase than the same period last year more than 50%, its gross margin is expected to exceed 7%.

4, the original Life network is trapped: financial chain worries two senior executives run away

Originally, the Life network has just ushered in the two birthday, the media gene known as the alternative to the health of fresh electricity business, whether it is well-known, development speed are commendable. But just before it started a series of events for the two birthday, the company's two big business executives chose to leave. According to Tencent's exclusive knowledge of technology, once served as the director of Life Marketing department, the origin of procurement and distribution Center General manager Hu Haiqing and the former deputy general manager of Life Sheng (nickname: Tang song) Two senior executives have quietly left, the two senior executives directly responsible for and participated in the original Life network of the CHU Orange case.

5, the Charm family or financing 2 billion Alibaba to buy 40% shares of the Phantom

Insiders confirmed that the charm of the current financing progress smoothly, the first round of financing in June in place, the amount of financing at least 2 billion yuan. The people said that the new round of the charm of the family will be able to fully combat millet, but also within the implementation of the equity incentive plan, from a private family enterprises to the social public company transformation. The vice president of the charm through personal certification micro-blog said that the company is indeed and Alibaba to discuss cooperation, but the injection is not true.

6, Tencent OMG architecture adjustment: Tencent Weibo was given up

Tencent insiders said that the division has been revoked. It is reported that Tencent Weibo no longer do new functions, only to maintain basic operations. And several sources said Tencent Weibo has long been strategically abandoned, only now officially announced. Before the release of the micro-blog, Tencent announced that its network media business Group (OMG) initiative to change, Tencent Network and Tencent Weibo will be in the news and social integration to make a new exploration, Tencent Micro-Bo product operations team and Tencent News team integration.

7, Statistics Bureau: Online retail sales increased 48% to become a new consumer power

The first half of macroeconomic stability can not be separated from the consumption of monthly warming. The National Bureau of Statistics 16th released economic data, the first half, the total retail sales of consumer goods 12.4199 trillion yuan, the nominal growth of 12.1% (excluding the real increase in price factors 10.8%), the growth rate of 0.1% faster than the first quarter. Experts say the warming of consumption helps the economy run smoothly, especially in the domestic consumer market new industry, new hot spots, the new power network retail to maintain high-speed growth, the old forces such as communications equipment, car consumption and food consumption growth rebounded, especially in communications, cars maintain double-digit high growth, the future growth prospects are still good.

8, Taobao through through the new function of data-enhanced pull effect

Taobao through train will be introduced in July frequently new features. There are insiders believe that the new features on the line to provide sellers of the flow will be more accurate, can better practice thousand faces. It is reported that through the end of July will be fully opened real-time click Function, is now in beta stage. After the opening, the seller's through-train backstage immediately click on the floating window, showing real-time click conversion rate and production ratio. Real-time Click Backstage will show PC end and wireless End total turnover and click conversion rate, these data all up to the current moment, and detailed to each click keyword, region, price and platform.

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