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Non-travel during the Spring Festival 20 people free of charge of 1 people Wu correspondent He Zhiwen Min Zanyu Shenzhen Special Economic Zone News (reporter Wu correspondent He Zhiwen Min Zanyu) Canton Railway Group yesterday revealed that the Wuhan EMU train this year to introduce groups to buy preferential measures, full of 20 people and above the group can enjoy different degrees of concessions. In accordance with the preferential measures, not during the Spring Festival, 20-person group buys can be exempted from 1 people fare concessions, more than 20 people each additional 10 people again free of 1 fares. By analogy, a group of 100 people who buy a ticket can waive the fare of 9 people, equivalent to 91 percent of the fare.  According to the "Railway passenger transport regulations", more than 20 passengers travel date, train, arrival, seat of the same passenger can be a group of passengers. It is understood that from the beginning of December 31, 2009 to January 3, four consecutive days, the total number of Canton Railway to send passengers 2.11 million times, an increase of 14%, a record high. By high-speed rail to Guangdong, Hunan and Hubei become the most bright spot of holiday travel. Wuhan formation of the large capacity of the rapid passenger passage, effectively improve the Guangzhou-Changsha-Wuhan railway network overall transport capacity, greatly alleviated the New Year's Day travel ticket difficult problem. At present, Wuhan EMU train tickets using the seat of the pre-sale, for example, some passengers from Guangzhou North station to the Shaoguan station to get off, Shaoguan station can be sold off passengers vacated seats tickets, effectively meet the travel needs of travellers.
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