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Xinhua Beijing, December 14: Commissioned by the State Council, human Resources and Social Security Minister Yin 24th to the National People's Congress report to promote employment and re-employment work. Yin said financial crisis year Center unveiled six measures to stabilize employment Li first, in response to the impact of the international financial crisis, the Central Economic Work Conference last year clearly put forward the "growth, Pao Minsheng, stable" strategic deployment, the employment in a more prominent position, the implementation of a more active employment policy,  All-round promotion of employment and stable employment. Li Yizhong specifically first let the center issued a stable employment six measures, the first is the combination of expanding domestic demand to develop the economy, more to stimulate employment. Combined with the implementation of the major measures to expand domestic demand for growth, the government investment and major projects to promote employment role.  To encourage the development of labor-intensive industries, especially services and small and medium-sized enterprises, through policies such as tax concessions and social insurance subsidies, to guide enterprises to attract more employment. Second, reduce the burden of enterprises and stabilize existing jobs. To help companies tide over their difficulties and encourage them not to lay off workers or to cut jobs, in the alleviation of corporate tax, the Ministry of Human Resources Social Security and the Ministry of Finance, the general Administration of taxation jointly formulated the implementation of the five measures to stabilize the post: first, the commitment of enterprises to delay the payment of five social insurance fees; the second is to reduce the four social insurance rates of enterprises  Third, the use of surplus unemployment insurance funds to the difficult enterprises do not lay off workers to give social insurance subsidies and job subsidies; four, the use of special funds to support difficult enterprises to carry out on-the-job training; Third, increase policy support and encourage independent entrepreneurship.  The State Council forwarded the 11 parts, such as human resources Social Security Department, to promote the employment of the guiding ideas, and further improve the benefit of the workers entrepreneurial tax concessions, small guaranteed loans, financial subsidies, site arrangements and other supporting policies. Four, to focus on the group, the overall arrangement of employment. First, the employment of college graduates in the current employment work. The State Council and its related parts have issued a set of policy documents, expanding the urban and rural grassroots, private small and medium-sized enterprises, scientific research projects, independent entrepreneurship, recruitment and other channels, refined the employment services, job training and employment assistance three initiatives. Second, actively and steadily do a good job of returning migrant workers to re-employment work. In view of the impact of the financial crisis on the early return of migrant workers, the State Council issued a good job in the current migrant workers notice, requiring a variety of measures to stabilize migrant workers in urban employment and support the return of employment and entrepreneurship, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers.  Third, actively help the urban employment difficulties, 0 working families and workers in the disaster areas to employment. Five, vigorously carry out vocational training, improve the quality of workers. Human Resources Social Security Department and Development Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance has jointly implemented special vocational training programs, applied training subsidy policies, organized job training for workers in difficult enterprises, skills training for migrant workers, re-employment training for unemployed workers, training of labor preparation for newly growing labor, and free vocational training for retired soldiers. Strengthen public employment service and give full play to the role of grassroots platform. The Ministry of Human Resources Social Security and the Ministry of Education, the general, the Federation of Federations, groups, women's federations, the Federation of Disabled People, according to the characteristics of different groups, jointly deployed a series of targeted employment services special activities. First, this year's New Year's Day, during the Spring Festival, to help employees with employment difficulties and 0 working families as the focus, organize the implementation of re-employment assistance activities. Second, after the Spring Festival, in order to promote migrant workers to focus on employment, the organization of "Dongfeng Action" to provide "employment services, skills training, rights and interests to maintain" the trinity of employment services. Third, in mid-May this year, in the country 100 large and medium-sized cities jointly organized private enterprise recruitment week activities. Four, in September this year, specially launched the National Day employment assistance into the home special activities, to consolidate the results of employment assistance for the disadvantaged groups, and fully implement the support policies of the employed staff. In addition, local practice has been carried out to carry out special activities of employment services.
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