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Beijing, also Zhuang Yun World Congress 2013 on December 12 in the village of Creative Living Plaza. This Cloud World Congress takes "Cloud now" as the theme, revolves "The trend development World cloud" and "The Independent Innovation China Cloud" two main lines. Continuation of the Beijing Silicon Valley dialogue "a tale of twins" tradition, from Silicon Valley's top cloud computing experts, the cloud computing industry's top companies and China's Internet and cloud computing sector leading companies, people, through technology, innovation, investment, trends and other aspects of the collision, interpretation of the nature of cloud computing, trends, innovative At the same time, participants will be 0 distance from China's cloud computing in recent years of development results.

Zhang Boxu, Director of economic development Zone, also gave a speech at the meeting. He said: We will combine the cloud computing industry trends, with the capital of high-end talent, scientific research and development Zone has formed a strong industrial base of the advantages, and focus on the following aspects of the work: first, the promotion of intelligent city and information infrastructure construction. The second is to promote and optimize the industrial cluster by the Internet. Third, to increase the encouragement of innovation and entrepreneurship support efforts. To speed up the construction of enterprise public service platform.

Zhang Boxu: Dear Dr. Tian, Xie, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, good morning! Welcome to Beijing also to participate in the third Cloud World Congress. On behalf of the Daxing District government, Beijing Economic Development Zone Committee for the support of Beijing also Zhuang Yun World Congress leaders, guests, entrepreneurs and friends of the media community expressed warm welcome and heartfelt thanks.

Flash Congress has been the third session, time passed quickly, but the development of cloud computing industry faster. I remember two years ago today, in the beginning of cloud computing, Dr Tian the opening speech of the first cloud World Congress to use territory expansion to depict the future development opportunities of cloud computing. We are delighted to see that this desire has been validated by time, today's cloud computing has grown from the blueprint of the paper into a real big industry, the revolutionary will be large data, large broadband, large platform, large services bundled together, pregnant with a broad industrial change, profound changes in the information industry development pattern and our production life style. Specific performance in three aspects.

In the field of industrial development, cloud computing accelerates the pace of industrial optimization, and more and more enterprises gain core competitive advantage by large-scale deployment of cloud computing in promoting strategic change, achieving more accurate decision-making and deeper collaboration. With the combination of Internet, cloud computing and traditional industries becoming more and more close, the industrial Internet is becoming an important force to promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, to promote the integration of the two, and to transform and upgrade traditional industries. With the help of Internet and cloud computing technology, it is a new direction to adjust and upgrade the industrial structure.

The rapid growth of e-commerce industry, the Internet financial Innovation Services are popular, telecom operators and domestic and foreign internet companies competing to provide cloud computing services, greatly promote the innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises and the whole society to upgrade the level of information.

Cloud Computing in the public service sector improves service levels and management efficiencies. With the gradual application of cloud computing and large data technology in Intelligent city construction, community fine management, disease prevention and treatment, food and drug safety supervision, environmental pollution monitoring and other fields, social management efficiency, public service level and people's happiness will be greatly improved.

In the area of personal life, cloud computing makes our work more efficient and happier. With the advent of cloud computing, large data age, cloud office, Cloud notes, Cloud video, cloud accounting are widely used, wearable equipment at any time to focus on our health. Based on the large data feedback economy, let us live more convenient.

In addition, cloud computing and large data technologies are quietly leading and accelerating the pace of transparent government, corporate innovation and social change worldwide. The 18th session of the Communist Party of China Plenary put forward that the market plays a decisive role in allocating resources, greatly reducing the government's direct allocation of resources, and promoting the allocation of resources according to market rules, price and market competition to achieve maximum efficiency and optimization. It can be foreseen that the future economic activities will become more complex, with influence and decisive factors, more concealment and suddenness. The government is more macro in dealing with market relations. The dynamic management of the public service of market supervision is more demanding, and the method of experience management will be replaced by the technology of big data.

With the development of pluralism and the exchange of ideas and culture, society is becoming more and more disordered. Therefore, we need to use cloud computing, large data and other new information technology means, facing the future, the construction of our modern market system, macro-control system, open economic system and so on. This has given the cloud computing industry the development to provide the bigger space.

According to the relevant institutions forecast: 2014 cloud services and related technology spending will reach more than 100 billion yuan, to achieve more than 25% of the substantial growth. 2015 cloud computing industry will bring 14 million jobs, of which about 10 million are in China. 2014, the world's largest data technology services spending will be more than 14 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 30%. The annual market growth rate of 2018 will reach 26%, and the expenditure increase to 46 billion U.S. dollars. Of course it's just a conservative forecast.

As the capital's first pilot reform demonstration area and the real economy main position, Beijing also based on the capital of science and technology, talent, finance and other resources, in adhering to the simple, efficient and other government ideas, to create an incentive to innovate entrepreneurial atmosphere, has been highly concerned about the forefront of science and technology and industry, and vigorously promote the development of cloud computing industry. As early as three years ago, the establishment of a clear China cloud industry cloud Development plan, and in September 2011 officially launched the construction. More than 2 years of time to build a cloud base in Beijing, China Telecom, such as a large number of enterprises represented by cloud Computing group. There are nearly hundred cloud industry-related enterprises to form hardware and software, infrastructure, platform, application support services, such as the main links in one of the cloud industry cluster. Strive to build China's largest cloud computing technology research and Development center, Operations and value-added services center. Cloud computing System equipment manufacturing base and cloud computing data platform. At the same time, we actively comply with the development trend of the increasingly service industry, play E-commerce and other high-end services to the real economy leading and radiation role, pay attention to E-commerce and mobile Internet, the integration of the network of things. The mall has gathered more than 210 e-commerce-related enterprises, including nearly 20 E-commerce platform enterprises. At the same time, we also won the Central and Beijing's strong support, last year the municipal government issued the "Further development of developing zone views", given the development zone as a good capital of the vanguard of scientific development, leading the development of the capital high-end industry's important mission. It puts forward to develop new type of manufacturing which is characterized by the next generation information technology, and continuously improve the industrial core competitiveness. August this year, the development Zone was awarded the first batch of national Intelligent City Pilot, May 2012 Daxing District and Beijing Development Zone by the Ministry of Commerce as a demonstration base of E-commerce, these to accelerate the development of cloud computing industry has created an unprecedented significant historical opportunity.

Next, we will combine the development trend of cloud computing industry, with the help of the capital high-end talent, scientific research strength and development zone has formed a strong industrial foundation of the advantages, focus on the following aspects of the work.

One is to promote intelligent city and information infrastructure construction. In the wisdom of the construction of the extensive use of the Internet, cloud computing related technologies, products and solutions, built to cover the entire region of the next generation of information infrastructure support system, and comprehensively enhance the enterprise information, social management and urban operation information level. The village itself is a large data and cloud computing experimental and application base.

The second is to promote and optimize the industrial cluster by the Internet. Promote the Internet, cloud base, large data and development zone electronic information, biomedicine, equipment manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, mobile communications, digital display, integrated circuit, such as the depth of integration of industrial clusters, accelerate high-end factor aggregation, upgrade industrial level, optimize the industrial layout, support the industrial structure of the region, accelerate the transformation and upgrading Drive the rapid development of traditional industry and information industry.

Third, to increase the encouragement of innovation and entrepreneurship support efforts. We will integrate the policy resources of Beijing and the development zone, further improve the transformation of major scientific and technological achievements in the area of Internet and cloud computing in the development zone, and establish a diversified investment mechanism of government guidance, enterprise-oriented and social participation, and promote the focus and orderly investment of industrial capital. Seize the opportunity to build the capital industry leading talent demonstration area, increase the introduction of the Internet, cloud computing technology research and development and industrialization leading talent, and continuously optimize the work of talent, and constantly improve the new area of Beijing E-commerce Center brand influence. The Beijing e-Commerce Center area to create a new engine for China's e-commerce development.

To speed up the construction of enterprise public service platform. Build a public Information service platform for cloud computing, to provide comprehensive information services and generic technical support services for enterprises to provide services and support for independent innovation and collaborative innovation, with the principle of joint, open and sharing, for the Internet, cloud computing enterprises to provide access to services, business services, property and life services, investment and financing services, personnel training services , Agent services and other comprehensive services, and qualification, results assessment, patent Declaration, copyright Protection, transformation of results, government procurement and other professional services. Next, we will take the lead in building a service-oriented government, a comprehensive transformation, all government activities around the service enterprises and society to change.

Friends, Cloud World Congress after more than three years of development, has become the industry's elite and industry experts to exchange ideas, share knowledge, the convergence of industrial strength of an important platform. A variety of creative, innovative, creative, entrepreneurial concept in this platform to get a wide range, rapid sharing and dissemination, this is the cloud computing industry's annual prosperity, but also the development of Beijing Zhuang industry a major event. As the host, I sincerely hope that this platform can continue to build, and through this platform to allow more industry ideal of the industry elite, into Beijing also Zhuang, rooted in the cloud industry innovation and development of the hot land, let us work together to promote the rapid and healthy development of cloud computing industry in China, To make new and greater contributions to the global human production and life better. Finally, I wish the conference a complete success, thank you!

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