Centos 6.5 Percona 5.6.27 tokudb configuration

Reference https://www.percona.com/doc/percona-server/5.6/tokudb/tokudb_installation.html# wget https://www.percona.com/downloads/Percona-Server-5.6/Percona-Server-5.6.27-75.0/binary/tarball/

Linux CentOS git Build

1. Install gitsudo yum install Git2. Querying the GIT versionGit–versionInstallation is successful if displayed3. Create a git user to run the GIT serviceAddUser git4. Go to the directory and initialize the GIT repositorysudo git init--bare

Linux CentOS various Problem solving summary

1. Linux terminal start graphical programming interface times error: NO protocol specified problem:This is because Xserver does not allow graphics for other users to appear on the current screen by default. If you need other users ' graphics to

Window,centos, the double decency is broken.

When formatting the SD card in CentOS, the operation is wrong and the Windows system C Drive is formatted incorrectly. the C- Drive is in ntf format and is now in the FAT32 format. Reboot the system and find that you can still get to CentOS, but

Centos 6.5 Create local Yum repository

Locally built local Yum source with rpm all from centos-6.5-bin-dvd1&dvd2;I am installing in a virtual machine environment, check my operating system version first:[[email protected] ~]$ uname-mi686[[email protected] ~]$ cat/etc/centos-release

New CentOS Installation cannot install Nginx solution with Yum

When installing nginx with Yum, always prompt to try other update sources, find a lot of addresses can not be used. Finally, I finally found him. Now put it out for everyone. First install Nginx yum source, if my yum install other is OK, yum update

CentOS Configuration JDK

1, to Oracle (Oracle) Download the JDK not much to say Tar zxvf ****.tar.gz (****.tar.gz is the downloaded file name, unzip. ) MV * * * * JDK (* * * is your extracted folder, change the name, I changed to JDK, love change what, I change this

Saltstack Installation Deployment (CentOS 6.7)

System version:CentOS6.7 x86_64Deployment planning: Serial number Host Name Ip Role 1 Linux-node1.example.com Salt-master, Salt-minion 2 Linux-node2.example.com

CentOS 6.7 Combat Deployment Sshkey

Deployment environment:Prepare two (or more)CentOS 6.7 x86_64 serversWhere the IP address is for the Sshkey distribution machine1. Create user Wanyuetian for each server and create password 123456[Email protected] ~]# useradd Wanyuetian

"CentOS 7.1" Mount 3T

The traditional MBR partition table can only support 2T of addressing space, so if you use MBR as partition table, then 3T hard disk can only use 2T of space[Email protected] ~]# df-hFile system capacity has been used with available% mount

Installing JDK1.7 under CentOS

1, source Package preparation:First download the JDK to the official website, i download jdk-7u55-linux-i586.tar.gz, download to the home directory2. Unzip the source packageCreate a new Java folder from the terminal in the/usr/local directory,

CentOS 6 Installation Epel source

CentOS 6 Installation Epel sourceCentOS 6.4 Installation Epel Source method:[Email protected] ~]# RPM-IVH http://download.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/6/x86_64/epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm[[ Email protected] ~]# sed-i ' [email protected]#[email

Fix Grub Boot program under CentOS

1. Early-loading system, tried several times. Final GRUB Repair succeeded! The solution is roughly as follows:boot Meet grub> look at the solution in the following wayFirst of all, since we plug in the USB stick into the system, then we plug the USB

CentOS 6.4 Expansion

Excerpt from: http://cache.baiducontent.com/c?m= 9f65cb4a8c8507ed4fece7631046893b4c4380146d96864968d4e414c4224615172da2fa663f4344959e2d3956b21f0baca36d2c761e26b69fca894ad cbe866d72c8713b214bda074f920eafba5153c337e751fede1ff0cdf02592dec5a3af4327b94404

Virtual machine CentOS replication to another host VM under invalid IP address (bringing up interface Eth0:device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization)

Bringing up interface Eth0:device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initializationCentOS installed under virtual machine VM encountered this problem, I was to put the CENTOS.VMX under the other VMS open#dhclient#service Network

CentOS Quick Install Pip

Many of the Python components must be installed by PIP, such as Elasticsearch Drive, Postgres driverPython2.7 later version comes with pip, centos6.5 before the Yum Python is 2.6, so it needs to be installed manually, the installation method is as

Apply SVN (Build SVN server in CentOS)

A simple description of how to build an SVN server in a virtual machine CentOS.Software version InformationVmware 10.0.0 build-1295980CentOS 7.0-1406-x64Java 1.7.0_67_x64Suberverson 1.7.14GNU Wget 1.14Software Installation Subversioninstall

CentOS Installation and use

Installation systemSet lampFeatures of the CentOS system.Used to be Ubuntu, now installs a CentOS virtual machine. Very simple, in order to improve the ability to record notes, dried the bowl xiang. Must be illustrated.Would like to the next server

CentOS installation Nginx

Installation Environment :Centos 6.4 32-bit nginx1.6.3 One, install Prce (redirect support) and OpenSSL (HTTPS support)[[email protected] ~]$ sudo yum install -y  pcre pcer-devel[[email protected] ~]$ sudo yum install -y  Openssl openssl-devel

CentOS SSH Command

Use SSH to remotely log in to the CentOS systemCommon formats are: SSH [[email protected]]hostname [Port]Detailed commands can: Man SSHAs an example:Do not specify User:SSH User:SSH [email protected]Specify port: (22 is the

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