Docker installation of Linux CentOS

Docker is an open source project that was born in early 2013 and was originally an amateur project within the DotCloud company. It is based on Google's launch of the Go language implementation. The project later joined the Linux Foundation and

Memcahce native connection after CentOS installation memcache service permission

Oneself manually under the virtual machine installed under Memcache, the whole process is full of twists and turns, itself with php5.3 installation memcache expansion on a lot of trouble, can not be directly installed through Yum, installation

VMware Virtual Machine Installs CentOS version of the installation can not enter, has been stuck in the progress barChange the/etc/initttab setting to the single-player mode, the default is 5 and change to 32.yum installing Gcc,perl, installing VMware ToolsThe optical drive loads

Installation details for MRTG under Linux (CentOS)

Installation details for MRTG under Linux (CentOS)MRTG is very powerful, he can control your server for a move, and web-style presented to you, to tell you the network, CPU, memory, hard plate and other uses, but the configuration of this software

CentOS Linux Server security settings

One, comment out the system does not need users and user groupsNote: It is not recommended to delete it directly, and it will be cumbersome to re-add it when you need a user.Cp/etc/passwd/etc/passwdbak #修改之前先备份VI/ETC/PASSWD #编辑用户, add # comment off

Installing Memcache under CentOS

1. Install via YumYum-y Install memcached#安装完成后执行:Memcached–h2. Memcached operationView Test Number Modification configurationVim/etc/sysconfig/memcachedThe contents are as follows:port= "11211″ #端口User= "memcached" #用户maxconn= "1024″ #最大内存Cachesize=

Memcached notes and summaries (1) Linux (CentOS 6.6) and Windows (7) Install and configure Memcached (1.4.24) with Memcached basic commands

Memcached Official website: the latest version (stable stable version) is 1.4.24, source package: relies on the libevent Library, which needs to be

CentOS Add and remove users and XXX is not in the sudoers file. This incident would be reported. Solution

1, add the user, first with the AddUser command to add a normal user, the command is as follows:#adduser TommyAdd a user named Tommy#passwd Tommy//Change PasswordChanging password for user Tommy.New UNIX Password://Enter your password hereRetype new

Installation configuration for CentOS 6.5 under Zabbix

1. Ensure that the development environment lamp is installed2. Download ZabbixOfficial: the version that corresponds to your system and choose to install the zabbix-2.2.2 version corresponding to the Linux

CentOS builds Docker private warehouse practice

Preface As most of the current mirror download sites are in foreign sites, domestic users often encounter the download speed is very slow when the next mirror, and in the process of applying Docker to the production environment, it is also the

CentOS Installation smokeping Tutorial

CentOS Installation smokeping TutorialI. Installing basic dependency Packages-UHV RPM-UHV rpmforge-release-

CentOS Root Partition Expansion method

First, the operating environment[Email protected] ~]# uname-alinux linuxidc 2.6.32-358.18.1.el6.x86_64#1 SMP Wed 17:19:38 UTC-x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 Gnu/linuxSecond, the present situation analysisThe system has two hard disks, the first hard disk 107G,

CentOS 6th time, time zone, settings modification and time synchronization

One, time zoneShow Time zoneDate--help Get helpDate-rDate +%zAll of the above two commands can be[Plain]View Plaincopyprint? [Email protected] ~]# date-r; Date +%z Fri, Oct 2012 23:34:27 +0800 +0800 [Email protected] ~]# date-r;

CentOS 6.6 ntopng Network Traffic Monitoring Server

Tutorial Purpose: Erecting Ntopng network traffic monitoring ServerDate: August 20, 2015Contact e-mail: [Email protected]Q q Group: 1851 1570151CTO Blog Home: source community, have you more exciting!Brief

CentOS 6.6 Installation NTOP network traffic Monitoring tool

Tutorial Goal: CentOS 6.6 installation NTOP network traffic Monitoring toolDate: August 20, 2015Contact e-mail: [Email protected]Q q Group: 1851 1570151CTO Blog Home:

Installation of cacti under CentOS

IntroducedCacti is a set of graphical analysis tools for network traffic monitoring based on PHP,MYSQL,SNMP and RRDtool development. Cacti is to get data through Snmpget, using RRDtool to draw graphics. It provides very powerful data and user

Remove file name garbled files under CentOS

The RM command is used to delete files under CentOS, but if you want to delete files with garbled file names, you cannot use the RM command directly, because you cannot output a file name at all. However, the Find command enables you to delete it.

CentOS 7 Virt-manager cannot connect to local hypervisor

Os:centos 7 Gnome DesktopProblem Description:After using the Yum install Virt-manager under CentOS 7, you cannot connect to the local hypervisor using Virt-manager.Using Lsmod, you can see that the Kvm-intel module has been added to the kernel.Using

CentOS Installation Swoole

1. First we want to install the swoole extension, we need to download its package, is: Https:// 2. Unzip after downloading:Unzip 3. Unzip the unpacked directory after unpacking, I was extracted under

Installing Xdebug under CentOS

In the CentOS 6.x system, it is integrated with Xdebug,Yum Install Php-pecl-xdebugIf it is centos.5 may also be installed by installing the Epel to installRPM-IVH thenYum

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