Installing Memcache under CentOS

1. Install via YumYum-y Install memcached#安装完成后执行:Memcached–h2. Memcached operationView Test Number Modification configurationVim/etc/sysconfig/memcachedThe contents are as follows:port= "11211″ #端口User= "memcached" #用户maxconn= "1024″ #最大内存Cachesize=

Linux (Centos 6.3) Learning Notes

First, the system partition1, Disk partitioningUse the partition editor (partition editor) to divide several logical parts on disk. Once a disc is divided into several partitions, different directories and files can be stored in separate partitions.2

CentOS Linux Server security settings

Introduction:We must understand: minimal privileges + minimal service = maximum securityTherefore, regardless of the configuration of any server, we must shut down the unused services, set the system permissions to the minimum, so as to ensure

Centos/ubuntu Installing a DHCP server (not configured to listen on any interfaces!)

Recently, in a soft route, one of the features is the DHCP service. Record the process for other people to refer to.(DHCPD version 4.1.1,centos version 6.6)Reference article:(1) Click to open the link(2) Click to open the linkBody:(1) Installing

CentOS 6.6 ntopng Network Traffic Monitoring Server

Tutorial Purpose: Erecting Ntopng network traffic monitoring ServerDate: August 20, 2015Contact e-mail: [Email protected]Q q Group: 1851 1570151CTO Blog Home: source community, have you more exciting!Brief

CentOS 6.6 Installation NTOP network traffic Monitoring tool

Tutorial Goal: CentOS 6.6 installation NTOP network traffic Monitoring toolDate: August 20, 2015Contact e-mail: [Email protected]Q q Group: 1851 1570151CTO Blog Home:

Installation of cacti under CentOS

IntroducedCacti is a set of graphical analysis tools for network traffic monitoring based on PHP,MYSQL,SNMP and RRDtool development. Cacti is to get data through Snmpget, using RRDtool to draw graphics. It provides very powerful data and user

Remove file name garbled files under CentOS

The RM command is used to delete files under CentOS, but if you want to delete files with garbled file names, you cannot use the RM command directly, because you cannot output a file name at all. However, the Find command enables you to delete it.

CentOS 7 Virt-manager cannot connect to local hypervisor

Os:centos 7 Gnome DesktopProblem Description:After using the Yum install Virt-manager under CentOS 7, you cannot connect to the local hypervisor using Virt-manager.Using Lsmod, you can see that the Kvm-intel module has been added to the kernel.Using

CentOS Install SVN client

1, check is already installed svn:# Rpm-qa subversionsubversion-1.7.14-6.el7.x86_64Uninstall the old version of svn:# Yum remove subversion and then check if it has been downloaded successfully: # RPM-QA Subversion2. Check if Yum has the latest

CentOS Installation Swoole

1. First we want to install the swoole extension, we need to download its package, is: Https:// 2. Unzip after downloading:Unzip 3. Unzip the unpacked directory after unpacking, I was extracted under

"Modify time zone and time" of the CentOS system optimization series

the time setting has several related concepts:1, RTC Time/Hardware time: Refers to a real-time clock (RTC) hardware Device on the motherboard, this time is no time zone information, or he said which time zone, depends on "human interpretation"2,

Installing Xdebug under CentOS

In the CentOS 6.x system, it is integrated with Xdebug,Yum Install Php-pecl-xdebugIf it is centos.5 may also be installed by installing the Epel to installRPM-IVH thenYum

How To:cgminer (Bitcoin, litecoin etc.) + AMD Radeon driver Install on CentOS

UPDATE 7/7/13:if want to use Catalyst drivers version 12.8 you'll find that X won ' t Start (Error msg:/US r/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/ symbol:noxfree86driextension) If you installed CentOS 6.4. Catalyst > 12.8 would work fine.

CentOS 6.5+nutch 1.7+SOLR 4.7+ik 2012

Environment Linux version: CentOS 6.5JDK Version: JDK 1.7Nutch Version: Nutch 1.7SOLR Version: SOLR 4.7IK Version: Ik-analyzer 2012 Directory 1. Installing the JDK2. Installing SOLR3. Configure IK participle

"Learning Environment Building" of UNIX Network Programming Volume 1 (CentOS 7)

"UNIX Network Programming Volume 1" Source code can be downloaded from The directory after decompression is unpv13e.1. CompilingTo enter the unpv13e directory, compile as follows:1./Configure2 3 cd Lib4 Make //may encounter

Centos Zabbix Compile and install

1. Install the dependent packages: Yum–y install gcc gcc-c++ autoconf httpd php mysql mysql-server php-mysql httpd-manual mod_ssl mod_perl mod_auth_mysql ph P-GD php-xml php-mbstring php-ldap php-pear php-xmlrpc php-bcmath mysql-connector-odbc mysql-

Installation and management of binary format packages on CentOS systems (RPM and Yum)

When a Linux system administrator manages the operating system, managing the software on the operating system is almost an essential feature of the system administrator. In the early Debain release, Debain developers developed a package manager

Centos installation Hue

1. Download a tarball version (wget or download to local) from the Hue website ( 2, RZ upload to the server, unzip to a directory 3. Installation dependence: Yum install krb5-devel cyrus-sasl-gssapi cyrus-sasl-deve libxml2-devel

The systemd of CentOS 7 replaces SysV's init with the great change

1 Systemd is what first systmed is a user-space program, belongs to the application, is not part of the Linux kernel category, the main features of the Linux kernel are unified in all distributions, and the vendor can freely change the user-space

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