Centos system time synchronization (NTP)

Perform the following steps to synchronize time in the centos system:The newly installed centos system server may be set incorrectly. You need to adjust the time zone and time.The following is how the centos system uses NTP to synchronize data from

Modify static IP address in centos

Vim/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 on behalf of the configuration fileWriteDevice = eth0 # describe the device alias for the NIC, for example, it is eth0 in the ifcfg-eth0 FileBootproto = static # Set the way for the NIC to obtain the IP

Server-based centos-ipv6 source-configure IPv6 network installation sources for each virtual machine system.

Three virtual machines are installed on a 2G memory desktop and run well, that is, swap is used more often. See the previous article. Now the platform is basically ready, with its own laptop as the general control, and four machines running on the

Add an exception port to the centos Firewall

Step 2: Connect to the centos system by using the local machine or SSH, run the "/sbin/iptables-I input-P TCP -- dport 3306-J accept" command, and confirm. If you want to open any port, write the port directly in the command. Generally, the

Redhat6.5 configure the yum source using centos

After redhat6.5is installed, log on to the system and use Yum update to update the system. Tip: This system is not registered to Red Hat sub‑management. You can use sub‑manager to register. Cannot be updated. The default Yum source of RedHat needs

Centos shortcut category

Main categories By including one of the main categories in an application's desktop entry file, the application will be ensured that it will show up in a section of the application menu dedicated to this category. if multiple main categories are

Centos vbox Installation

# Cd/etc/yum. Repos. d/Wget http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/rpm/rhel/virtualbox.repoYum install kernel-devel dkms. noarchYum install VirtualBox-4.1Service vboxdrv start # after running, if the kernel is not supported, the kernel will be

Build SVN server using centos

To build the svn service and effectively manage code, you can perform the following three steps.1. Installation # Yum install SubversionDetermine whether the installation is successful# Subversion-V Svnserve, version 1.6.11 (r93411)The above prompt

Install the enhanced tool on centos 6.5 virtual box

Centos 6.5 install the enhanced tool on virtual box: Appears:Centos unable to find the source of your current Linux Kernel Is it too late to contribute to this thread? I found that gcc and kernel-devel was not included with the generic desktop

Generate a key pair (Public Key and private key) in centos)

1. Brief description of public key and private key (two-key encryption technology: Assume that data transmission from data transmitter A to data receiver B (take server a and client B as an example ). B now has a pair of key pairs (public and

Configure the nic bond in centos and load multiple NICs

Configure the nic bond in centos and load multiple NICs Bind two bond, four Network Ports, two Network Ports and one bond. Bond0 -- eth0 eth1 Internet Bond1 -- eth2 eth3 Intranet You need to modify three locations in total, and then you must restart

Centos + cobbler installation Configuration

1. Install epel; [[email protected] apps]# wget http://mirrors.ustc.edu.cn/fedora/epel/6/x86_64/epel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm[[email protected] apps]# rpm -ivhepel-release-6-8.noarch.rpm   2. Install cobbler

Epel source is recommended for centos

Epel source is recommended for centos Zhang Ying posted on 2011-10-13 CATEGORY Directory: Linux The centos6 and 64 operating systems installed on the Dell r410 use 163 of the source, and I have always used 163 of the source, which is faster. However,

Add an epel source to centos

Epel Introduction: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/zh-cn1. rpm-uv h http://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/epel/5/x86_64/epel-release-5-4.noarch.rpmYou must select the bold part based on your own environment.2.

Add third-party sources for centos

The default centos comes with a lot of good software, so you need to add a third source1. Install the centos Yum source priority plug-in Yum-PrioritiesYum install yum-plugin-priorities.noarch2. Set the highest priority of the centos default Yum

RHEL/centos/Fedora various source (epel, Remi, rpmforge, rpmfusion) configurations

Centos comes with a CentOS-Base.repo source by default, but the official source to remove a lot of copyrighted software, and the installed software is not the latest stable version. Many multimedia software cannot be found in the source that comes

Add common Yum sources to centos

Some copyright-related software is removed from the official sources of centos. Therefore, you want to install the software, download it manually, or use other sources. below I recommend two common sources, which can basically meet the needs of

Centos nginx and tomcat use reverse proxy to generate a URL with nexus

Background: I have been studying Maven nexus private servers recently, so I want to build a private server on my laptop. I can see that many private servers have their own domain names on the Internet, so I want to generate a domain name by

Centos directory structure details

/:Root directory. Generally, only directories are stored in the root directory. Do not store files./etc,/bin,/dev,/lib,/sbin should be placed in the same partition as the root directory./Bin:/usr/bin:Directory of executable binary files, such as

Deploy discuz on centos! X Forum 2

Next to the previous article, I spoke little nonsense about the actual situation. For more information, see compile and install Lamp 1. General binary installation of MySQL-5.5.38 2. Install MySQL # Create a MySQL user and group [email protected] ~]

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