Install setup in centos

In centos, you can use the setup Configuration tool to easily configure configuration items such as firewall, network, and system service. If centos is installed with minimal installation, this tool is not installed by default. Next we will install

In centos, yii prompts that a folder has no write permission.


In centos, yii prompts that a folder does not have the write permission. The maximum write permission is 777, but no write permission is displayed. After a long time, I realized it was SELinux. Solution 1: Disable SELinux. For example, setenforce 0..

Set a fixed IP address for centos in vmwarevm

Because you need to configure a fixed IP address, I found a feasible example on the Internet for a long time and configured it myself. 1. First obtain your gateway To facilitate later use in CentO system configuration, select the menu bar: Edit->

Modify the default centos Language

View All locale languages [[Email protected] ~] # Locale-A ...... protected [[email protected]~] # 1. permanent effect-set the system locale language to English environment, if you want to set to Chinese, Lang set to zh_CN.UTF-8 [[Email protected]

Use centos 6.5 mkisofs Kickstart to create an automatic installation ISO image disc

Use Kickstart to create an automatically installed ISO Disk 1. Mount the centos disc and copy the content of the disc to a specified folder. Mount/dev/SR1/Media/CDROM/-T iso9660 # note that I use a virtual machine, note that when using your optical

Install xfce + VNC in centos

First, install the desktop environment. I chose xfce, lightweight desktop, which is small and practical and does not occupy too much memory. (in terms of memory usage, xfce is less than KDE and KDE is less than gnome ). Install xfce DesktopAt first,

Install mock in centos 6

Mock is required in recent work. Here we introduce two installation methods. The environment in this article is centos 6.4 x86_64. 1. Install mock using yum Install a third-party Yum source rpmforge Centos5 64-bit wget

View port usage and enable port commands on centos

Centos command to view port usage, for example, to view port 80 usage, use the following command: Lsof-I TCP: 80 List all ports Netstat-ntlp 1. Enable the port (take port 80 as an example) Method 1: /Sbin/iptables-I input-P TCP -- dport 80-J

Systemd in centos 7

Systemd Service Management Program Systemctl is the most important tool. It integrates the functions of service and chkconfig. You can use it to enable or disable services permanently or only in the current session. Run the following command to list

Centos synchronization time and change Time Zone

When we use the centos system, problems may occur frequently in the time zone, and sometimes errors may occur after the change. Next we will learn a way to change this situation. If you are not using centos, run the yum install NTP command.Then:

Install check_mk OMD package on centos 6.5

Yum-y install time traceroute boost-Program-Options dialog fping graphviz-Gd httpd libevent libmcrypt libtool-ltdl mod_fcgid mysql-Server net-snmp-utils pango patch Perl-Net -snmp php-mbstring PHP-pdo php-Gd rsync UUID xinetd xorg-x11-server-Xvfb

New centos installation steps, U disk installation greater than 4G system solution

New install centos (mini) 1. No Internet access 1. VI/etc/resolv. conf Nameserver 2. Initial files in the VM VI/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 Device = eth0 Hwaddr = 00: 0C: 29: 25: AC: 36 Type = Ethernet UUID = ec37da45-eaca-4b61

CentOS-6.5 installation configuration tengine

1. Install PCRE: cd /usr/local/srcwget zxvf pcre-8.34.tar.gzcd pcre-8.34./configure --prefix=/usr/local/pcremakemake installIi. Download The proxy_cache plug-in cd

Install and configure cmake in centos 6.3

Installation instructionsInstallation environment: CentOS-6.3Installation Method: source code compilation and InstallationSoftware: cmake- Http:// PrerequisitesG ++ and ncurses-devel have

Add the freeswitch service to centos and run it automatically upon startup.

Create the/etc/init. d/freeswitch script. The script content is as follows: #! /bin/sh## freeswitch: Starts the freeswitch Daemon## chkconfig: 345 96 02# processname: freeswitch# description: Freeswitch fedora init script # config:# Author:

Update OpenSSL on Redhat/centos

$ OpenSSL versionOpenSSL 1.0.1e-FIPS 11 Feb 2013 $ Yum list | grep OpenSSLOpenSSL. x86_64 1.0.1e-16. el6_5.4 @ updatesKrb5-pkinit-openssl.x86_64 1.10.3-15. el6_5.1 updates.OpenSSL. i686 1.0.1e-16. el6_5.15 updatesOpenSSL. x86_64 1.0.1e-16. el6_5.15

3. centos 6.5 system installation and configuration Tomcat 8 detailed process

Installation environment: CentOS-6.5 Installation Method: source code Installation Software: apache-tomcat-8.0.0.RC3.tar.gz Prerequisites Install Tomcat Upload the apache-tomcat-8.0.0.rc3.tar.gz file to/usr/local and perform the following operations:

Steps for installing chetds in centos

What do you do when you are not sure about the commands you run, especially the complex commands that use many options? In this case, we use man pages for help. Some other options may include'Help','Whereis'And'Whatis. But all of these have both

Install JDK and tomcat on centos

Recently, the company's internal servers were built using the lamp environment, but Tomcat access was required, while I used the yum installation when setting up the environment, if you are too troublesome, you can go to the yum installation of

Install hadoop 2.5 on centos 6.5

Hadoop Disable firewall and SELinuxRpm-IVH jdk-7u67-linux-x64.rpmYum-y install wget rsync NMAP openssh-clientsCD/usr/local/Tar xvf/root/hadoop-2.5.0.tar.gzLn-s hadoop-2.5.0 hadoopVI ~ /. BashrcExport java_home =/usr/Java/jdk1.7.0 _ 67Export

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