Centos installation graphical desktop

1. Yum-y groupinstall Desktop 2. Yum-y groupinstall "X Window System" 3.yum-y groupinstall Chinese-support 4.Edit/Etc/sysconfig/i18nFileEn_usChangeZh_cn 5. init 5 after the above 5 click the next step to enter the graphic interface. If

Install centos 7.0 on a USB flash drive

Prerequisites: 1. centos 7.0 64-bit system: CentOS-7.0-1406-x86_64-DVD.iso2. ultraiso3. a USB flash drive of at least 8 GB.Installation Steps: 1. Use ultraiso to burn the image to the USB flash drive (select to format the image to FAT32 when burning)

Build a Samba server in centos 6.5

Objective: To access the centos 6.5 root user desktop/zs folder in Windows 7 1. Install samba Yum install-y samba * 2. Configure samba # First back up the default configuration fileCP/etc/samba/smb. conf/etc/samba/smb. conf. Backup# Changing the

Centos -- yum command running error Solution

Problem:[[Email protected] user] # YumFile "/usr/bin/yum", line 30Except t keyboardinterrupt, E:^ Cause:This is because Yum uses python as the command interpreter, which can be the first line in the/usr/bin/Yum file #! /Usr/bin/Python found. The

Synchronize time in centos

Perform the following steps to synchronize time in the centos system:The newly installed centos system server may be set incorrectly. You need to adjust the time zone and time.The following is how the centos system uses NTP to synchronize data from

Centos Pip Installation

PipIt is a tool for installing and managing Python packages and a replacement product for easy_install. This article describes how to install Pip and some basic operations such as installing, updating, and uninstalling the python package.1. Install

Centos system kernel panic-not syncing: attempted to kill init

As a result, the following error occurs when starting the VM:Kernel panic-not syncing: attempted to kill init     Solution:When the system starts, press 'e' to enter the grub editing interface, edit the GRUB menu, select the "kernel/vmlinuz-2.6.23

Centos install git server centos 6.5 + git + gitosis

1. Install Extension yum install curl-devel expat-devel gettext-devel openssl-devel zlib-devel perl-devel 2. Download git wget http://codemonkey.org.uk/projects/git-snapshots/git/git-2014-08-24.tar.xz 3. Unzip and install Xz-D git-2014-08-24.tar.xz

Install centos 7 on a USB flash drive

There are a lot of installation tutorials on centos 7 on the Internet, but many of them are not clearly written in the pilot configuration in the early stage, which is depressing, so that the installation interface is always unavailable during

Openstack deployment Summary: Install the Icehouse (ml2 + GRE) with rdo on centos 6.5)

This article mainly introduces how to install a dual-computing node icehouse environment through rdo on centos6.5. Because of the many software involved in the installation process, the network mode adopts ml2 + GRE, and the dependency is complex.

Core installation and configuration of CentOS-7.0

I saw a variety of errors in installing CentOS-7.0 in the post bar before, I will write this centos 7 installation tutorial for beginners to refer. We have two ways to install centos: boot through a CD and boot through a USB flash disk. If you need

Installation Process and User Manual of SVN on centos 6.3

I. SVN Introduction Subversion (SVN)Is an open-source version control system, that is, the Subversion manages data that changes over time. The data is stored in a central data repository (repository. This archive is similar to a common file server,

Centos increases usage space

1. cfdisk allocates unallocated space, such as sda3. The modification takes effect after restart; 2. vgextend volgroup/dev/sda3: allocate the space to the existing group; 3. lvextend-L + 100% free/dev/volgroup/lv_root, added to the existing volume;

Install opencv on centos

I have been studying centos for a long time and have never been able to write about it. Today, when I saw an article by a netizen, I will share with you some of the steps for installing opencv below. Centos opencv has been widely used but is

If centos uses denyhosts, it will automatically add its IP address to hosts. Deny.

Let's talk about it first. Many websites, blogs, and technical articles are also pseudo-original, so they are harmless. All TMD is copy, copy, and copy. Just copy it and forget it. You TMD also changed the content... Changed to incorrect. Then many

Add users and groups to centos

I have never been very familiar with this. Now let's summarize it. Create two groups and specify the GID: Groupadd-G 1200 postdropgroupadd-G 1000 Postfix Create a user without a home directory. Specify the group as Postfix and the additional

Install gaussion in centos 6.5

  1. decompress the gview installation package Tar zxvf restart 9.tgz 2. Configure the environment Vim. bashrc Source. bashrc 3. Modify permissions Chmod-r 770/home/zengxin/g09cd g09mkdir scratchchmod-r 777 scratch 4. Trial Run # Mkdir g09

Install FreeRADIUS on centos 6.5

1. Yum-y install FreeRADIUS-mysql FreeRADIUS-utils mysql-ServerService mysqld start; chkconfig mysqld onMysql_secure_installation2. mysql-uroot-PMysql> Create Database radius;Mysql> grant all privileges on radius. * to [email protected] identified

Install JDK 7 in centos

Install JDK 7 in centosPreface:Java is an object-oriented programming language that can write cross-platform application software. It is a Java programming language and Java platform (JavaEE (j2ee) launched by Sun Microsystems in May 1995 ), A

Very streamlined CentOS Personal desktop edition-starting with CentOS6.3 32b-mini edition (mini edition process omitted), centos32b-mini

Very streamlined CentOS Personal desktop edition-starting with CentOS6.3 32b-mini edition (mini edition process omitted), centos32b-mini Use the network to implement a relatively streamlined CentOS Personal desktop version-starting from CentOS 6.3 32

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