Add 6.5 source to centos 163

1. First back up/etc/yum. Repos. d/CentOS-Base.repoMV/Etc/Yum. Repos. d/CentOS-Base.repo/etc/Yum. Repos. d/CentOS-Base.repo.backup2. Download Netease repo file into/etc/yum. Repos. d/(Please back up

CentOS-6.5 installation configuration tomcat-7

Installation instructions Installation environment: CentOS-6.3Installation Method: source code InstallationSoftware: apache-tomcat-7.0.29.tar.gz: Http:// Prerequisites The system must have jdk6 + installed and

Summary of CentOS-7 commands (1)

Minimal installation of centos 7 Created as a document, in the attachment View System Version Information # Uname- # Cat/etc/RedHat-release Upgrade all packages, change software and system settings, and upgrade the system version and kernel.

Install centos system dependency library in yum

Install the centos system dependency library. You can run the following command before compiling and installing the software: Update the system first (this step can be left empty) Yum-Y update   Pre-install compiler and library files Yum -Y

Centos attached hard disk

1. view the current hard disk usage: [[Email protected] _ node1 ~] # DF-H File System ???? Capacity in use available % mount point /Dev/sda3 14g 2.4g 11g 19%/ Tmpfs 3.9g 0 3.9g 0%/dev/SHM /Dev/sda1 504 m 43 m 436 m 9%/boot 2. Check the new hard disk?

Centos 6.5 system installation and configuration graphic tutorial

Note: The latest version of centos 6.x is centos 6.5. The following describes how to install and configure centos 6.5. The server settings are as follows: Operating System: centos 6.5 64-bit IP Address: Gateway: DNS:

Install Tomcat 6 on centos yum

Install Tomcat 6 on centos yum Install Tomcat 6 1 Yum install tomcat6 tomcat6-webapps tomcat6-admin-webapps Start tomcat6 1 Service tomcat6 start Stop tomcat6 1 Service tomcat6

Centos 6.3 operation knowledge

I. switching between character and graphical interfaces: 1. Enter init 3 in shell to enter the character interface; 2. Enter init 5 in shell to enter the X Window Interface, or enter startx. 3. Restart the init 6 machine. init 1 enters the single-

Compiling hadoop2.4.1 with 64-bit centos

1. Install JDK A. Decompress JDK [[email protected] software]$ tar -xvzf jdk-7u60-linux-x64.tar.gzB. Set Environment Variables PATH=$PATH:$HOME/binexport JAVA_HOME=/home/bigdata001/BigDataPlatform/jdk1.7.0_60export JAVA_BIN=$JAVA_HOME/binexport

Apache + subversion + centos

I. first introduce the relationship between subversion and Apache, APR, and APR-util. Many of my friends did not understand the relationship between subversion and Apache when they first came into contact with subversion.Here I will briefly describe

Centos BIND configuration full version

First, installCentosOperating System, latest versionCentos6.4 To minimize installation. [Root @ localhost named] # ifconfig-Eth1 link encap: Ethernet hwaddr 00: 15: 5D: 01: 69: 2C Inet ADDR: mask:

Configure the svn server in centos 6.2 (YUM installation)

After installing the svn server, this article is not integrated with Apache. The process is as follows: Check the installed version# Check whether earlier versions of SVN are installed[[Email protected]/] # rpm-Qa Subversion # If

About Yum configuration in centos 7

You need to install some components during the centos test. There are two ways to install them: (1) install with RPM (for a small number of components) (2) install with Yum (for a large number of installations) Everyone knows that RPM installation

Centos 6 ulimit modification and sysctl Configuration

Cat /etc/security/limits. conf * Soft nofile 65536 * Hard nofile 65536 * Soft nproc Unlimited * Hard nproc Unlimited EOF Cat /etc/security/limits. d/90-nproc.conf * Soft nproc Unlimited Root soft nproc Unlimited EOF Log on to the

Configure SNMP for centos

This article describes how to configure a simple SNMP Service in the centos environment Software Installation Switch to the system administrator account Install SNMPCheck that the SNMP agent is installed.Rpm-Q net-snmpIf not, install SNMPYum

Core installation and configuration of CentOS-7.0

I saw a variety of errors in installing CentOS-7.0 in the post bar before, I will write this centos 7 installation tutorial for beginners to refer. We have two ways to install centos: boot through a CD and boot through a USB flash disk. If you need

Core installation and configuration of CentOS-7.0

Our CentOS-7.0 after the core installation, very happy, but not wait for the strength of the past to find the problem, how can not use yum? How can I not use ifconfig? What about pvcreate ?...... After that, you may start to scold me for being

Configure SNMP and centossnmp for CentOS

Configure SNMP and centossnmp for CentOS This article describes how to configure a simple SNMP Service in the CentOS environment Software Installation Switch to the system administrator account Install snmpCheck that the snmp agent is

How to bind Arp commands in CentOS

How to bind Arp commands in CentOS Linux Arp command hazards: Linux Arp commands are extremely harmful. Some viruses use ARP spoofing, which not only affects their own machines, but also other machines in the same network segment, add the virus code

Solution to CentOS Server TLS Certificate failure

Solution to CentOS Server TLS Certificate failure Many Linux servers use TLS certificates, but they work in different ways. Certificate problems are not always easy to discover. If you want to log on to an LDAP server, the connection times out

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