Install jmagick in centos 6

I recently used Java to write a program for image operations. Although Java's ImageIO can implement the same function, the efficiency is obviously not comparable to that of C's ImageMagick. Jmagick is an open-source API that uses JNI (Java Native

Remove Screen Protection from centos

After the centos system is idle for a period of time (the default value is 5 minutes), it starts the screen saver (the default screen saver is black) and requires a new password to return to the original desktop.   Set Screen Protection: System->

Ping prohibited and allowed in centos

1. Ping prohibited by the System[[Email protected] Hacker Alliance ~] # Echo 1>/proc/sys/NET/IPv4/icmp_echo_ignore_all2. The system allows Ping[[Email protected] Hacker Alliance ~] # Echo 0>/proc/sys/NET/IPv4/icmp_echo_ignore_allThe effect of the

Modify the ssh port number in centos 7

Note! The centos version is 7.Step 1 Modify/etc/ssh/sshd_configVI/etc/ssh/sshd_config # port 22 // This line is removed # port 20000 // Add this line belowStep 2 modify SELinuxRun the following command to view the ssh port allowed by SELinux:

Modify centos root permission

Method 1: Modify the/etc/sudoers file, Find the following line and remove the comment (#). # Allows people in group wheel to run all commands% Wheel all = (all) All Then modify the user and make it belong to the root group (wheel ),

Install the paramiko module in centos

1. Download the installation package:Https:// decompress:Tar-xzf paramiko-1.14.0.tar.gzCD paramiko-1.14.0Run the following command:Python setup.

Upgrade centos 6.5 kernel to 3.10.52 using yum

We will use elrepo to install Kernel1. rpm -- import rpm-uvh Yum -- enablerepo = elrepo-kernel-y install kernel-lt4. VI/etc/grub. conf650

Install centos 6.3

Today, centos 200 is installed on a Dell vostro 6.3 machine. At first, the centos 6.3 image is burned into a USB flash drive using ultroiso, and Windows is installed using the usual method.Take the USB flash drive to the Dell machine and press F12

Centos 7: Change the NIC name to the previous eth0

  Centos7 has been installed recently, and the kernel has finally been upgraded to 3.10. It supports Linux containers and network namespace ······· However, after the installation, ifconfig does not see the familiar eth0, but it is enp0s3. Although

Centos RPM additional package Source

In centos, we can use Yum to download or update the RPM package, but only a part of the RPM package is provided in the standard source (repository), although in most cases, these packages are sufficient. But sometimes you still need to download

Rotten mud: centos LVM Installation Method

This article was sponsored by Xiuyi linfeng and first launched in the dark world. I am planning to learn about LVM logical volumes recently. I have never been familiar with it before and have watched many videos on this topic. But it has not been

Rotten mud: centos LVM Installation Method

Labels: Dirty centos installation LVM This article is first published in the dark world. I am planning to learn about LVM logical volumes recently. I have never been familiar with it before and have watched many videos on this topic. But it has not

Install JDK and tomcat in centos 64-bit and set the Tomcat Startup Procedure

The preparation file is as follows: 1. CentOS-6.4-x86_64-bin-DVD1.iso 2. jdk-7u67-linux-x64.rpm 3.apache-tomcat-7.0.55.tar.gz The installation procedure is as follows: 1. Install JDK[[Email protected]/] # Java-version Bash: Java: Command not found [

Install nginx on centos 7

About nginx Nginx is a high-performance web server software. This is a more flexible and lightweight program than Apache HTTP server. This tutorial will teach you how to install nginx and start nginx on your centos7 server.Prerequisites In this

Install CEpH on centos 6.5

VI/etc/yum. Repos. d/ceph-extras.repo[CEpH-extras]Name = CEpH extras packagesBaseurl = file: // CEpH/CEpH-extrasEnabled = 1Priority = 2Gpgcheck = 0Type = rpm-MD[CEpH-extras-noarch]Name = CEpH extras noarchBaseurl = file: //

Centos 7 LVM raid

Centos 7How to create an LVM Image 1. Create a disk partition First, partition the SDB and SDC, and create four PVS (sdb1, sdb2, sdc1, and sdc2). Then create vg0 and add sd1 and sdc1 to it. Run the following commands in

Cut m3u8 under centos 6.5 x64

Operating System: centos 6.5 Preparations: Install git 1. prepare before installing git (install the dependent package ): yum install curl-y Yum install curl-devel-y Yum install zlib-devel-y Yum install OpenSSL-y Yum install Perl-y Yum install

CentOS 7.0 systemctl instructions

CentOS 7.0 systemctl instructionsCentos 7.0 introduces many features, and it seems that the use of the sytemctl command is relatively large. Systemd usage: Systemd Service Management Program Systemctl is the most important tool. It integrates the

Centos 7.0 Nic configuration and rename tutorial

Centos 7.0 Nic configuration and rename tutorialAfter centos 7.0 is installed, the NIC is disabled by default, and the NIC name is changed. In centos 5 and earlier, the network card was named eth0 eth1. In the centos 6 era, the network card name

Official CentOS 7.0.1406 release, download and update instructions

Official CentOS 7.0.1406 release, download and update instructionsCentOS officially released the 64-bit official CentOS 7.0.1406 official version download at 17:39:42, January 1, July 7, 2014. In the official CentOS 7 version, most components have

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