Docker Chenyufeng/nginx-centos mirroring to achieve load balancing

In a previous blog we achieved load balancing using Docker's official Nginx mirroring, which is not easy to use, and uses my own mirrors: Chenyufeng/nginx-centos to achieve load balancing. It will be more convenient to use Chenyufeng/nginx-centos

CentOS 6.3 Compile and install gcc clear and easy tutorials (most Linux versions available)

As we all know: CentOS Although easy to use, but its own Yum source is very small also lag, installation tools often need their own download source code compiled. (Looks like Redhat and Fedora Source El version of the same RPM can also be used, but

CentOS Installation Nodejs__js

installation Execute each of the following commands. Create folder Mkdir/usr/local/node cd/usr/local/node wget tar zxvf node-v0.6.14.tar.gz CD node-v0.6.14./configure (see less of this step, the

Linux (CentOS) pseudo-distribution mode installation Hadoop__linux


First, download Download Address: Open will find different versions, I choose here is: hadoop-1.0.3.tar.gz Download location to:/data/software Second, the installation Using the command tar to decompress the

CentOS Installation RPCAPD Service (WINPCAP)

Because of the need to use Wireshark for the remote grab package, you need to install the corresponding RPCAPD service on the remote host. As long as the WinPcap software is installed on Windows, it already contains the RPCAPD service, just start.

CentOS most commonly used commands and shortcut key finishing

Clean up the Linux common commands and shortcut keys. Common commands: files and directories: # cd/home into the '/home ' directory # CD ... Return to the previous level of the directory # CD ...                             /.. Back to Level two

CentOS Command Encyclopedia

system # uname-a # View kernel/operating system/CPU information# head-n 1/etc/issue # View operating system version# cat/proc/cpuinfo # View CPU Information# hostname # View computer name# LSPCI-TV # list all PCI devices# LSUSB-TV # list all USB

CentOS the RPM package with the TAR source package

The company has a demand for encryption redis, there is a profile option Requirepass can set the password, but the company felt can be modified by the configuration file to disable the password, feel insecure, and then directly modify the source

CentOS 6.6 Compile and install php7.0.5____php

PHP7.0 official version also came out, today compiled installed a bit, write down the installation steps, I was compiled in the centos6.6 environment, as follows: Download Address Install the

CentOS installation kubernetes1.3 (ii)

Before you deploy Docker, you need to preview the Docker command Docker basic command Docke pull nginx# Download Nginx mirrors Docke Push #上传本地制作的镜像到本地镜像库 Docker Images #查看下载到本地的镜象 Docker tag 980E0E4C79EC

CentOS 7 installs Nginx with Yum

CentOS 7 installs Nginx with Yum In CentOS 7, installing NIGNX directly with Yum will prompt for no download source. Therefore, you need to add Nginx download source to Yum: sudo rpm-uvh

Replace the download source for CentOS 7 with Alibaba Cloud

1. Backup Mv/etc/yum.repos.d/centos-base.repo/etc/yum.repos.d/centos-base.repo.backup 2, download the new CentOS-Base.repo to/etc/ Yum.repos.d/ CentOS 5 wget-o/etc/yum.repos.d/centos-base.repo Http:// CentOS

Configure the CentOS install git (small mu git install Command complete version) on Alibaba Cloud

Step is relatively simple The main is to record the implementation of the process of the memo. More detailed tutorial:

Configuration of Aapache+2 tomcat8 in a CentOS environment, load balancing

1. First introduce Apache installation and uninstallation installation, via Yum online sudo yum install httpd-y Set boot up Chkconfig httpd on Launch Apache Service Service httpd Start The default installation path

Installing MySQL5.7.20 with Yum under CentOS 7.4 is the simplest

CentOS7 default database is mariadb, but a lot of the use of MySQL, but the CentOS7 yum source default seems to be no MySQL.The previous installation was 5.6 but I would like to install 5.7 Yum install is the simplest to try to compile and install

Linux/centos Mondo One-click Deployment, mirrored recovery, rapid deployment

I. INTRODUCTIONMondo Rescue is an open source, free recovery and Backup tool that allows users to easily create ISO images of system (Linux or Windows) clones or backups that can be stored on CDs, DVDs, tapes, USB devices, hard drives, and NFS.

Linux Prince teaches you to install the CentOS 7.4 system

1th installation of CentOS 7.41.1 Installation method selection and the corresponding preparation work:1) Download Cent OS 7.4 disc image fileto the official mirror site download:

python3.6 environment on the CentOS cloud service shelves

The management of the cloud service is an SSH tool. I had to mobaxterm for a while, and I was amazed at how Putty I felt canary for years. The free version has already been used, it is convenient for the United States to use to know the good:This is

CentOS 7 Installation Python3.6 process (let Linux systems coexist Python2 and PYTHON3 environments)

The CentOS 7 system comes with Python2, but you can run the Python script directly with Python3 without the 2 version, but do not move the system's own Python2, because the program relies on the current python2 environment, such as Yum, Yum will not

Windows Remote Desktop Connection CentOS 7

1. Installing Tigervnc-serverYum Install Tigervnc-server2. setting up the Vncserver serverCopy the file provided by default to the /etc/systemd/system following command:CP /lib/systemd/system/[email protected]/etc/systemd/system/[email protected]:1.

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