Install the Nessus on the CentOS

Before the ranger had written a Nessus article under Windows, then a friend asked me how to install it under Linux. Today Ranger takes CentOS 6 as an example to explain how to install Nessus 4.4.1. Related reading: [Free network and Host

Installation configuration for rsync+inotify under Centos 6.3

What is INotify? INotify is a powerful, fine-grained, asynchronous file system time monitoring mechanism, which can replace Crond with rsync trigger file synchronization, thus monitoring the file system to add, delete, modify, move and other

CentOS 6.3 Installation Configuration Weblogic-10 method _linux

Zhoulf 2013-02-22 09:51:52 Original Installation InstructionsInstallation Environment: centos-6.3-x64Software: Server1001_ccjk_linux32.binInstallation mode: Bin file InstallationInstallation Location:/usr/local/weblogic/Download Address: http://www.

LIGHTTPD Web Server installation and configuration method under CentOS _linux

Os:centos Release 5.5 lighttpd:1.4.28 Installation sudo yum install lighttpd.i386 lighttpd-fastcgi.i386 lighttpd-mod_mysql_vhost.i386 Run Check configuration file Lighttpd-t-F lighttpd.conf Start the LIGHTTPD service Lighttpd-d-F lighttpd.conf End

CentOS VPS Installation Kloxo free virtual Host management system _linux

For beginners who do not want to learn commands and use CentOS VPS directly, we recommend a fool-type virtual Host management system Kloxo, and is free, unlimited bound domain name. Kloxo Introduction Kloxo, formerly known as Lxadmin, is a free

Steps to install Webmin management system under CentOS server _linux

The last time we introduced how to install and use the Kloxo Control Panel, but Kloxo is only a Web server management, if you want to manage Linux system, you also need to login ssh, with a line of command management. If you imagine a Windows

CentOS Apache Configuration Detailed Text description _linux

lamp required software and its structure httpd mysql mysql-server php php-devel php-mysql can be installed with the RPM package, or directly with the Yum installation # Yum install httpd mysql-server php php-devel php-mysql First look at the

CentOS 7.2.1511 Compile installation Nginx1.10.1+mysql5.7.14+php7.0.11_linux

Prepare an article First, firewall configuration CentOS 7.x defaults to use firewall as a firewall, here to iptables firewall. 1. Close firewall: Systemctl Stop Firewalld.service #停止firewallSystemctl Disable Firewalld.service #禁止firewall开机启动 2.

Detailed CentOS under Nginx How to prohibit IP access _linux

Let's take a look at Nginx's default virtual host when a user accesses via IP or through an unnamed domain name (such as when someone points his own domain name to your IP) the key point is to add this line to the server's settings:

CentOS 4.0 How to install the configuration Nginx _nginx

1. Installation Instructions: System Environment: CentOS-4.0 2. Dependent procedures (1). Gzip module requires zlib library(2). Rewrite module requires Pcre library(3). SSL support requires OpenSSL library 3. There are two ways to install a

Methods and precautions for installing Docker environment on CentOS 7 _docker

Official website documents:, most of the text is copied official documents written, if you are good English, then directly to the official document, if you are not English , then reluctantly

CentOS 7.2 The method of compiling and installing php7.0.10+mysql5.7.14+nginx1.10.1 (mini version) _php instance

First, before the installation of the preparatory work 1, yum update #更新系统 2, yum install gcc gcc-c++ autoconf automake cmake Bison M4 libxml2 libxml2-devel libcurl-devel libjpeg-devel libpng-devel Libicu-devel #安装php, MySQL, Nngix-dependent

CentOS the basic tuning and security settings after minimizing the installation of the system _linux

Cleaning up the boot-up service Shows the startup status of all running levels for all services#chkconfig –listStop all services starting at run Level 3#for Oldboy in ' chkconfig–list |grep 3:on |awk ' {print $} ';d o chkconfig–level 3 $oldboy

CentOS 7 Method of installing mysql5.5 _mysql

First CENTOS7 already does not support MySQL, because the charge you know, so the internal integration of the MARIADB, and the installation of MySQL will and mariadb file conflict, so need to uninstall the MARIADB, the following is uninstall MARIADB,

tutorial on installing phpMyAdmin on CentOS _mysql

Premise Installing phpMyAdmin on CentOS, you first need to set up a Web server (such as Apache or Nginx) to install the MYSQL/MARIADB database and PHP. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose an installation from lamp and lemp.

Xshell Connection CentOS 6.5 iptables or LS with garbled output

Today, with the Xshell connection CentOS6.5, when the terminal code is set to: Unicode (UTF-8), the implementation of the service iptables restart command output will be garbled; When the encoding is set to: The default language, LS output will be

Teach you to build a lamp environment under 64-bit CentOS 6.0

System environment: Centos6.0 x64 1. Confirm that the environment required to build the lamp has been installed [ROOT@CENTOS6 ~]# rpm-q make gcc gcc-c++ zlib-devel Libaio Note: installation libpng need zlib-devel Need Libaio when installing

Aliyun CentOS How to use Postfix to build a mail server on Linux servers

Note: This article's mail server is used only to send mail, that is, the STMP server. First, preparatory work 1. Add DNS resolution for mail server Although you can send a message without DNS resolution, it will be treated as spam by most mail

CentOS under Zabbix Monitor mysql5.6 version master and slave

The last Zabbix added monitoring MySQL performance, so this time on the basis of the addition of master-slave monitoring. In the course of the article is not introduced MySQL5.6 version of the relevant details of processing, specific reference to

Configuring Iptables Firewall Linux NAT (iptables) configuration under CentOS

Configuring the firewall under CentOS configure NAT forwarding service iptables firewall under CentOSLinux NAT (iptables) configurationCentOS under Configuration iptables1,vim/etc/sysconfig/network You can change the host name

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