Win7 Hard Drive Install 64-bit CentOS 6.5 sample

First, preparatory work · CentOS Download: http://www.· Acronis Disk Director Suite Download: http://www. Pc6. com/softview/softview_47205.html· EXT2FSD Download: http://www. ext2fsd. com/· EASYBCD Download: http://www.

CentOS Nginx Environment steps on compile and install

I. Preparation before installation 1. Get System Information The code is as follows Copy Code # Cat/etc/redhat-releaseCentOS Release 6.5 (Final)# uname-px86_64 From the above, the current system: 64-bit CentOS

CentOS System Installation Configuration Webmin Control Panel

Install Webmin Control Panel Introduction: Webmin the port used by default is 10000Vi/etc/sysconfig/iptables #开启防火墙的10000端口-A input-m State--state new-m tcp-p TCP--dport 10000-j ACCEPT/etc/init.d/iptables Restart #重启防火墙使配置生效Service Iptables

CentOS optimization configuration of kernel TCP parameters

Is that not all sockets that perform the active shutdown will enter the TIME_WAIT state? Is there any case that the active closed socket directly into the closed state? The answer is that one of the active shutdown after sending the last ACK will

CentOS System installs MAILX and realizes the method of sending mail

System:CentOS 6.4 default mail is pointing to MailxCentOS 5 Series is not clearRequired Packages: mailx-12.4.tar.bz2 1. Uninstall SendMail or Postfix The code is as follows Copy Code Yum Remove sendmail-yYum Remove

Installation and configuration of Gmond in ganglia cluster under CentOS

A preparatory work 1.0 Note: Before installing, make sure your system time is correct, and if not, sync it up quickly. The code is as follows Copy Code #ntpdate 1.1 First need to install some

CentOS System Quick Configuration Nagios monitor Server

Implementation principle of Nagios monitoring The Nagios software needs to be installed on a separate server, known as the Monitoring Center, where the server can use Linux or Unix operating systems; each monitored hardware host or service runs a

Device eth0 does not seem error resolution in CentOS

Mirrored files that directly replicate Oracle VM VirtualBox It is convenient to create a new system mirror directly, but you have encounteredDevice Eth0 does does not seem the question of the to be present, find a solution to the same problem on the

CentOS PPTP Configuration lnmp+pptp+freeradius+daloradius+ Flow control

Toss for several days, look up a lot of information, finally buttoned up, tears cow face, the following record detailed operation process! Note: The test environment is CENTOS5.8 x86 Installing PPTP Use the Chao PPTP one-click installation package

Example of clearing logging and history in CentOS

Clear log of Successful login system [Root@localhost root]# echo >/var/log/wtmp//This file is open by default garbled, can be traced to IP and other information[Root@localhost root]# last//The user login information is not found at this time Clear

Installation and configuration of SVN server under CentOS

1, the Installation SVN service side: [Root@localhost ~]# Yum Install subversion 2, to determine whether the installation of SVN success: [Root@localhost ~]# Svnserve--versionSvnserve, Version 1.6.11 (r934486)...3, create the SVN library

Summary of CentOS System installation Node.js method

Preparatory work1, CentOS system upgrade Python to 2.7.32, Python 2.7.3 installation bz2 expansion Please be sure to complete the above operation before you do the following, otherwise please come back, and you will encounter the following error

CentOS to install MySQL5.5 database in RPM mode (1/2)

Select Platform Oracle & Red Hat Linux 4 & 5 Download the following three files separately (since my machine is 32 bits, here is a 32-bit version of the package, if your machine is 64-bit, please download 64-bit version): 1. Red Hat & Oracle Linux

CentOS File Permissions Learn notes

Let's take a look at an example: [root@local opt] #ls-al The Ls-al command is all files that list directories, including hidden files. The filename of the hidden file is the first character '. ' -rw-r--r--1 root root 08-02 14:54

CentOS Installation Nginx Server environment method

#CentOS Install Nginx Server # 1, if not installed GCC development tools, please install first: Yum groupinstall-y "Development Tools" 2, download the new version of the nginx:,Download to Local: wget

PURE-FTPD Server Error in CentOS: 530 Login authentication failed solution

Today, connect pure-ftpd when unexpectedly cannot log in, always prompt: 530 Login authentication failed PURE-FTPD is installed on the debian6, so it is somewhat different from CentOS, enabling debug mode:[Root@localhost ~]# LftpLftp:~> open-u

Centos 6.4 Install PPTP and configure the Debian GNOME desktop VPN Client connection

The following is based on the Linode VPS Centos 6.4 Install PPTP service, remember that the Linode VPS is Xen virtual, so please see the environment configuration clearly. Fast installation, of course, Yum: # RPM-UVH

The reason and solution of Glusterfs in CentOS under the condition of being unable to mount

Mount command to execute: Mount Target_host:/volume_name Current_path Prompt for error message after executing mount command /usr/sbin/start-statd:line 8:systemctl:command not found MOUNT.NFS:RPC.STATD is isn't running but is required for remote

How to install MariaDB database in yum on CentOS 7

1. Install MariaDB repository* Install MariaDB 10.0 on a 64-bit system### CentOS 7.x 64-bit MariaDB 10.0 ##Cat /etc/yum. repos. d/MariaDB. repo[Mariadb]Name = MariaDBBase url = =

64-bit installation of DirectAdmin control panel in CentOS

The system is 64-bit, so execute the following code:Yum install openssl098e. i686 glibc. i686 libstdc ++. i686CentOS6 needs to execute the following two lines of code:Ln-s/usr/lib/libssl. so/usr/lib/libssl. so.6Ln-s/usr/lib/libcrypto.

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