Linux CentOS Aggregation link configuration ideas explained

CentOS 6.X converged Link0, check NetworkManager service, stop NetworkManager service. Not doing this is likely to be a problem.Service NetworkManager StatusService NetworkManager Stop1. Modify three types of filesifcfg-* files

VMware Bridge mode under CentOS, static IP sisu Network

15, wrote a blog: VMware network settings Bridged is also about Linux under the VMware Bridge mode, static IP sisu network configuration, but at that time more is to use the graphical interface to achieve, the versatility is not strong. Production

CentOS Linux Solution device eth0 does not seem to be present

The CentOS Linux cloned in VMware . Ifconfig ... did not see eth0. Then restart the NIC and report the following error.Failure phenomena:Service Network restartShutting down loopback insterface: [OK]Bringing Up loopback insterface: [OK]Bringing up

CentOS 7.0 Installation jdk-7u79-linux-x64.tar.gz Newbie recommendation

Beginner Linux on the road encountered a variety of pits to share the correct installation of the JDK1. Prepare the JDK installation package first I downloaded the jdk-7u79-linux-x64.tar.gz.2. Create a Java folder under/usr/localMkdir/usr/local/java3

CentOS (iv)--linux system start-up level

For the vast majority of Linux programmers, after entering the Linux system is generally seen a dark interface (development mode), because the system if you start the selection of development mode, will reduce startup time, optimize memory and so on.

CentOS (ii)--some common commands for the initial knowledge of Linux

linux commands are commands for managing a Linux system. For Linux systems, whether the CPU, memory, disk drives, keyboards, mice, or users are all files, the Linux System Management command is the core of its normal operation, similar to the

CentOS installation Ocilib 4.2.1 (Linux)

Project to use Oracle, Windows Ocilib Good, today installed under Linux, compile always error, the last few lines are as follows:Checking for ocilib install path .../usr/localls:cannot access *.html:no such file or Directoryls:cannot access *.css:

centos-Language Settings

View all locale languages# locale-a# Locale-a|grep ENView the language used by the current operating system# echo $LANGSet system locale language to Chinese environment (permanent)# vi/etc/sysconfig/i18nLang= "ZH_CN. UTF-8 "Set system locale

CentOS 6.8 Installs Samba 4 as a Windows Shared server

In some cases, to achieve load balancing for multiple Windows servers, sharing is required to make the upload space for pictures and attachments.This is the time to use techniques such as Samba, IIS virtual directories, etc.The Web server uses

It's too late to automate! Teach you 4 steps to build a CentOS-based product image

650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" height : auto;vertical-align:middle;border:0px; "title=" 111.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1ggpnfxorv3aacogfmgrss592.jpg "/>With the increase of Linux

How to view the installed CentOS version information

How to view the installed CentOS version information:1) [[email protected] ~]# cat/proc/versionLinux version 2.6.18-194.el5 ([email protected]) (GCC version 4.1.2 20080704 (Red Hat 4.1.2-48)) #1 SMP Fri APR 2 14:58:14 EDT 20102)[Email protected] ~]#

CentOS SVN installation and migration

Machine room adjustment, you need to migrate an SVN server.The steps are as follows:Source IP Subversion version 1.8.0 destination IP 1.8.x version is also installed on the target machine to avoid unforeseen problems.Find a bit of

CentOS system rsync file Sync installation configuration

Rsync is a data-mirroring Backup tool under Unix-like systems, which can be seen from the name of the software--remote syncit has the following characteristics:The entire directory tree and file system can be saved in a mirror.It is easy to keep the

CentOS 6.5 Installation OpenSSL

1. Downloadwget Unziptarzxf openssl-1.0.2h.tar.gzcdopenssl-1.0.2h3. Installation./configshared

CentOS System semi-automated installation

Many friends also use the CD-ROM installation of the CentOS operating system, after the CD-ROM start will give a selection of the interface step-by-step selection after the start of the formal installation, if it is installed a server operating

Build local repositories under Centos-sync official Yum Source

1) Install httpdYum Install httpd2) Install Yum-utils and Createrepo, where yum-utils contains reposync commandsYum Install yum-utils Createrepo3) Execute the following command to download all files to the specified path. where xxx in the *.repo

CentOS 7 How to install Parallels Tools

First tell me about my failure experience, environment:Parallel Desktop, CentOS 7. After the system is installed, the installation instructions for the parallels Tools graphical interface are successful and cannot be accessed on the desktop after a

CentOS 6.8 Grub Encryption-fix and Hack password combat guide

CentOS 6.8 grub Encryption and hack password combat guideCase 1: Server in public, in order to prevent random people into the single-user crack root password, the grub boot is encrypted, in order to more secure the boot kernel is also encrypted1.

Installing Fastdfs+nginx+fastdfs-nginx-module installation configuration under the CentOS system

Objective:Previous projects uploaded files are saved to local or LAN within the shared folder, due to the amount of data, Server load balancing (some images of the extension can not access the problem of processing) and other factors, the thought of

Size of dynamically expanding LVM logical volumes in CentOS

LVM Concepts:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------It is a mechanism for managing disk partitions in a Linux

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