Knowledge of the inode and block related to Linux CentOS

This experience is CentOSrelease6.7 (Final), such as the lack of knowledge welcome criticism.Knowledge about the Inode and block of Linux:1> Linux system partition format file system, the system will be divided into inode and block two parts:1) The

Knowledge of the inode and block related to Linux CentOS

This experience is CentOSrelease6.7 (Final), such as the lack of knowledge welcome criticism.Knowledge about the Inode and block of Linux:1> Linux system partition format file system, the system will be divided into inode and block two parts:1) The

CentOS Linux 6.8 officially released

centos developer and maintainer J Ohnny Hughes announced on May 25 that the CentOS Linux 6.8 operating system has been officially released. Built on Red Hat 6.8 Enterprise (RHEL) and with multiple changes, such as the latest Linux 2.6.32 kernel,

Using FDISK to expand partition capacity under Linux CentOS

Expand Disk Space 20G of hard disk space, increased disk size using vsphere client, additional 10G space required; 650) this.width=650; "title=" "alt=" fdisk_l-20g "class=" Alignnone wp-image-13918 "src="

Linux package Management (CentOS)


Components of a binary application:binary files, library files, configuration files, Help filesPackage Manager:Debian:deb, DPTREDHAT:RPM, rpmRpm:redhat Package Manager (RPM are package manager)Source code:

Linux:centos setting up IP and connecting the extranet

Note: I use the make CentOS 7, all filenames are IFCFG-ENP0S3,First, set up the IP of Linux in the virtual machine, so that the Linux system that can connect the virtual machine locally1> Enter cmd for local windows, enter ipconfig  2> According to

Installation and configuration of the Samba server under CentOS 6.5

Samba is a software that allows a Linux system to apply the Microsoft Network Communication protocol, and SMB is the abbreviation for Server Message block, which means that the SMB is primarily a network communication protocol for Microsoft, Then

CentOS config FTP (VSFTPD)

VSFTP Installation Section # installation vsftpdyum-y install vsftpd# start service vsftpd start# on start chkconfig vsftpd on second, vsftp related command Service # Start the FTP services service VSFTPD start# View FTP Service status service

CentOS Yum installation nginx hint No package Nginx available

CentOS Yum installation nginx prompt No package nginx available problem, for this problem we are the following is the solution to introduce it, hope that the following can help you.Cause of the problem:Nginx is located in the third party's Yum

What is installed on Epel and CentOS Epel


What is installed on Epel and CentOS EpelTransferred from: and his derivative distributions such as CentOS, Scientific Linux in order to stabilize, the official RPM repository provided RPM package is often very

Installation of the CentOS system dig and Nslookup

Nslookup is a command commonly used to query the resolution of native domain names, but some Linux systems do not have this command by default. We can get the command to take effect by installing a package that includes the dig command.Ubuntu:# sudo

CentOS 7 under Compile Libiconv

Compiling and installing Libiconvcd/usr/local/srcwget xfz libiconv-1.14.tar.gzCD libiconv-1.14./configure--prefix=/usr/local/libiconv MakeMake InstallCD..Error encountered while

Use SendMail to send mail on CentOS

Setup methodSet [email protected] smtp=smtp.domain.comset smtp-auth-user=username smtp-auth-password=passwordset SMTP-auth=loginDescriptionFrom is the e-mail address sentSMTP is the address of the external SMTP server that occursSmtp-auth-user is an

Extmail Mail server CentOS build (i)

Original address: 1,extmail OverviewExtmail solution is an e-mail system solution based on excellent open source software, with core components including Postfix, Amavisd-new, ClamAV, Extmail, Extman, Courier

CentOS 7 General binary Format installation method summary

Mariadb Installation method: (1) RPM package;(a) provided by the vendor of the OS(b) The procedure is officially provided(2) source code package;(3) Generic binary format package;Lab Environment:Installation System: CentOS 7Installer:

VM Configuration Installation Centos-7-minimal

Centos-7-minimalRecorded in the virtual machine in the process of loading centos-7-minimal, previously installed with an image of the interface CentOS7, try to dress a minimal version of the CentOS7 to familiarize themselves with the process, the

Centos Build Lamp environment

1. Installing ApacheYum Install httpdRelated commands:Systemctl Start Httpd.service #启动apacheSystemctl Stop Httpd.service #停止apacheSystemctl Restart Httpd.service #重启apacheSystemctl Enable Httpd.service #设置apache开机启动2. Install PHPYum Install PHP Php-

CentOS system Start-up process

CentOS system Start-up processPOST--Boot Sequence (BIOS)--Boot Loader (MBR)--Kernel (ramdisk)--Rootfs (readonly)--Switchro OT--/sbin/init (CentOS 5,6,7 different)--set the default run level--run the system initialization script, complete the system

Installing Nginx under CentOS

1. System PrepareInstall the CentOS6.7 system on the virtual machine , set up IP and DNS for the system so that the system can be networked, and then prepare for the environment.2. Environmental preparednessInstall the relevant compilation

Installing QUARTUS II v.13.1 bit on Rhel/centos 6 bit have been using Quartus II v.12.1 on RHEL 5 and decided that going through the installation procedure for the Quartus II v.13.1 on updated Rhel (namely

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