CentOS Build php5.3.8+nginx1.0.9+mysql5.5.17

Operating EnvironmentOperating system: Mac OS LionVirtual Hosting: VMware FusionVirtual system: Centos 5.5+Operation User: RootAchieve the goal: build LNMP environment.Installing dependent libraries and development environments#依赖库和开发工具Yum-y install

Installation of CentOS 6.5 deployment memcached

1. Yum Install memcache find memcachedYum Search memcachedThis command can query the Yum Library for memcached installation package information, the following is the search results:Installing memcachedYum-y Install memcachedThis command is used to

Solutions for problems with the CentOS 6.0+ network configured with VMware

Reprint Please specify source: http://blog.csdn.net/l1028386804/article/details/46515975Solutions to problems with the CentOS 6.0+ network configured with VMware first, the two common network connection modes and the difference between the following

CentOS-6.5 System Foundation optimization, with optimization script

Optimize content:(1. Set the history record(2. Add a normal user, set sudo permissions(3. Disable root remote user login(4. Modify the remote port(5. Thin boot server(6. Turn off SELinux(7. Configure Iptables(8. Modify the maximum number of

Slime: Learn the Quick build LNMP environment of CentOS

This article consists of Su Yi Lin Feng provide sponsorship, starting in Slime Line the world Previously installed under the CentOS software are like source installation, but yesterday because of a thing need a centos under the LNMP environment.

The installation program for the CentOS series operating system anaconda with its configuration file kickstart

When installing the CentOS Linux operating system using a CD-ROM, a software called Anaconda is used, but there is no operating system on the disk before the system is installed, and there is no running environment for the program. So there's a

CentOS 7 Toss Little note

Installing the 4.1.1 Kernel1 Installing the SoftwareCompile and install the new kernel, depending on the development environment and the development library# yum Grouplist//view installed and not installed package groups to determine if we have the

Reproduced CentOS system boot automatically mount CD-ROM and fstab file detailed

Reference http://blog.itpub.net/12272958/viewspace-676977/First, the boot automatically mounts the optical drive1. By habit, root user, create directory under/media directory Cdrom--mkdir/media/cdrom2. Modify the/etc/fstab file. At the end of the

CentOS 7 Manually create your own yum repositories

First, IntroductionThere are three ways to install the software on the Linux system, one, the source code form, the vast majority of open source software is directly in the form of source code, is generally packaged into a tar.gz archive compressed

Build CentOS 6 Server (+)-CVS, SVN, Git

(a) CVSInstalling XINETDShell Code # rpm-q XINETD # yum Install xinetd # Chkconfig xinetd on #/etc/init.d/xinetd Start Installing CVSShell Code # rpm-q CVS cvs-1.11. 23-15.el6.x86_64 (CentOS comes with) #

CentOS 6.5 Bridge configuration

1. Enter the network parameters script directory[Email protected] ~]# cd/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/2. Edit the following three files*

How to use wget in CentOS

Today, a sister paper asked Wget How to use, and then look for information, Mark is here.For Linux users, it is used almost every day.Here are a few useful centos wget tips that will allow you to use CentOS wget more efficiently and flexibly.CentOS

The size of the CentOS extension root partition

Goal: Reduce the volgroup-lv_home to 125G and add the remaining space to the Volgroup-lv_root1. Check disk usage First[Email protected] ~]# df-hFile system capacity has been used with available% mount pointsFilesystem Size used Avail use% mounted on/

How CentOS can view specific information such as the hard drive brand model

First use the SMARTCTL--ALL/DEV/SDA directive to check the hard disk information, the command CentOS comes with, the results may be as follows:sm Artctl 5.43 2012-06-30 r3573 [x86_64-linux-2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64] (local build) Copyright (C) 2002-12

Centos denyhosts One-click installation configuration Script

Centos denyhosts One-click installation configuration ScriptInstall the DenyHosts script in one click and configure it as a common configuration. Placing a Linux server is violently crackedThe tar file cannot be uploaded. So instead of zip

Some problems and summary of CentOS

Recently in the knowledge of the review of Linux, there are still a lot of problems will appear to be encountered in the collation of the following:1, in the installation of the mini version of CentOS through Vitrualbox, in the installation of LNMP

Centos Add swap (swap partition)

In general, memory over the hour, you can increase the swap, the size of memory twice times appropriate, the specific settings are as follows:1. Enter the cataloguecd/var/2. Get the block of swap files to add (here 1GB for example)DD If=/dev/zero of=

CentOS 6.3 Deploy LVS (NAT) +keepalived for high-performance, highly available load balancing

First, System EnvironmentExperimental topology:Lab Environment:Vmware 9.01 + Windows 8 x64 Enterprise Edition +8g MemoryVirtual Machine steps:1, install a CentOS 6.3 x64 host, the memory is 1GB, the network is NAT mode, pay attention to check the

Salt installation Method (CentOS)

Pre-installation Required environment: 2.6.6This article is to refer to the Chinese Saltstack user group inside the Salt Chinese manual installation content after the practice summary.Beginners can learn to install with Ubuntu system because the

CentOS Open FTP and configure users

VSFTPD, as an FTP server, is very common in Linux systems. Below we describe how to install VSFTP on the CentOS system.What is VSFTPDVSFTPD is the most respected FTP server program in the Linux distribution. Features are small and light, safe and

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