Solutions for problems with the CentOS 6.0+ network configured with VMware

Reprint Please specify source: to problems with the CentOS 6.0+ network configured with VMware first, the two common network connection modes and the difference between the following

Linux-centos 6.5 Mini has no curses.h problem

1. Direct pasting process[[email protected]: Jigsaw]$ rpm-q ncurses ncurses-5.7-3.20090208.el6.i686[[email protected]: Jigsaw]$ rpm-q ncurses-devel Package ncurses-devel are not installed[[email protected]: Jigsaw]$ sudo yum install ncurses-devel

CentOS install XCache to cache opcode

First, download and install XCache# wget 下载# tar -zxvf xcache-3.2.0.tar.gz // 解压# cd xcache-3.2.0// 进入# /opt/lampp/bin/phpize// 扩展xcache模块# ./configure --enable-xcache

CentOS Linux builds standalone SVN server full process (RPM)


Environment for centos6.31. First look at the machine installed SVN noRpm-qa |grep SVN2. If no installation is performedYum-y Install Subversion3. Create a new SVN directory after installationMkdir/home/svn4. Create a new version repositorySvnadmin

Linux CentOS under Configuration svn+svn hooks

Environment Introduction:Operating system: CentOS release 6.5 (Final) 64-bitNetwork Environment: Intranet1   ConfigurationSVN1.1  installationSvnComponent PackagesInstall the package required for svn with Yum# Yum–y Install

Linux Learning article---CentOS yum command detailed

Yum has the following characteristics:* Multiple repositories can be configured at the same time (Repository)* Concise configuration file (/etc/yum.conf)* Automatic resolution of dependency issues encountered when adding or removing RPM packages*

CentOS Linux Solution device eth0 does not seem to be present

Ifconfig ... did not see eth0. Then restart the NIC and report the following error.Failure phenomena:Service Network restartShutting down loopback insterface: [OK]Bringing Up loopback insterface: [OK]Bringing up interface Eth0:device eth0 does no

How to install the Linux kernel on Ubuntu/centos 4.0

Hello everyone, today we will learn how to install the latest Linux kernel 4.0 from Elrepo or source code. The Linux kernel 4.0, codenamed ' Hurr Durr I ' A sheep ', is by far the newest backbone kernel. It is the kernel released after the stable

CentOS Configuration sshd

Using SSH to manage your computer remotely, you don't have to go back and forth to the actual location of your computer.Environment: Server: CentOS6.6, client win8.1 puttyTo configure the server:1, check the sshd is installed (by default, the system

CentOS 6x about SendMail e-mail issues

SendMail How to set up a third-party server to send mail Yum Install SendMail 2. Modify the configuration file to add 5 rows of set related contentVim/etc/mail.rc# outgoing messages is sent in iso-8859-1 if all their characters are#

CentOS Installation OpenOffice Service

First step: Yum install xvfb OPENOFFICE.ORG-L10N-ZH-CN OPENOFFICE.ORG-L10N-ZH-TW Python-uno

CentOS sync GMT

Yum Install NTP ntpdate#ntpdate-U hardware#Hwclock-wThe following are the common NTP servers in ChinaNtp.Sjtu.Edu.cn202.120.2.101 Shanghai Jiaotong University Network CenterS1a.Time.Edu.cnPosts and

CentOS Install Redmine (Project management tool)

Installation environment: Centos, MySQL, Ruby, Apache, RedmineYum UpdateYum-y Groupinstall "Development Tools"Yum-y install NTP zlib zlib-devel sqlite-devel httpd mysql-server mysql-devel Curl curl-devel httpd-devel apr-devel apr-u Til-devel mlocate

Firewall-cmd command in CentOS 7

In CentOS 7Temporarily Open FTP Service# Firewall-cmd--add-service=ftpPermanently open FTP Service# Firewall-cmd--add-service=ftp--permanentPermanently closed# Firewall-cmd--remove-service=ftp--permanentSuccessLet the setting take effect# systemctl

Account Management under CentOS

In Linux, each file is divided into 3 types of permissions: The account itself, the account's group, and other permissions. Accounts and groups are many-to-many relationships, where an account can belong to multiple groups, and a group can contain

CentOS View System Information commands and methods

Collect some Linux commands and methods for viewing system information:One, Linux view server System Information method:1. View host name/kernel version/CPU architecture: # uname-n-r-p-o Localhost.localdomain 2.6.32-220.el6.i686 i686

CentOS multi-Nic renaming configuration

CentOS multi-Nic renaming configurationIn CentOS7 I installed 3 network card, but the name is enoxxxxx format, let me this obsessive-compulsive of the seat is very uncomfortable, the following is I configure the network card and renamed to Ethx

Centos 6.5 System LNMP Environment build zabbix2.4

1. Compile and install Nginx1) Compile and install Pcre.Nginx installation requires PCRE support.[Email protected] ~]# mkdir-p/taokey/tools[Email protected] ~]# cd/taokey/tools/[email protected] tools]# Yum install-y gcc gcc-c++[Email protected]

Common CentOS Commands

1:PWD displays the name of the current working directory;2;CD switch commands between directories; CD/3;ls Display directory and file information-a (hidden)-L long format display4;touch creating or modifying files5;mkdir creating a directory-P

Centos installs SVN and configures multiple repository

#安装SVN服务器Yum Install Subversion#在home下创建svn根目录Mkdir/home/svnrootCreate Project1 under #在/home/svnroot, Project 2, Project3 three project folders, three folders to hold the SVN repository for different projects.Create the Codeauth folder

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