To compile the install git on CentOS

CentOS Yum Source has no git, can only compile their own installation, now record the contents of the compilation installation, left to their own memo. Make sure that the dependent packages are installed Yum Install CurlYum Install Curl-develYum

CentOS Configuration Network (Ethernet) tutorial

The first thing to do after installing a system is to configure the network. Modified parameter profiles and instructions for observing results of important startup scriptsIP-related parameters/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 Ifconfig

CentOS Modify the Site Directory Tip 403 Solution

Under CentOS the APAHCE Web site root directory is installed under/var/. The mount point is out of space, so we have to change the position to/home/www. Switch to this directory and restart Apache. Also give this directory 777 permissions, but

CentOS Linux when GPT partitions fail to boot the wrong solution

Install system: When CentOS 5.9_64bit, after partitioning, prompts the following error. Workaround:1. Press CTRL+ALT+F2 to enter the command line2. First view the partition SH #fdisk-LThe following assumption partitions are/DEV/SDA3. Modify the

CentOS System Time Date synchronization setting method

Crontab can perform the actions you want to do regularly.Edit directly with crontab commandCrontab-u//Set a user's Cron service, which is required by the general root user when executing this commandCRONTAB-L//list details of a user's cron

Windows cannot access after CentOS system configuration Samba

1. If it is installed, there will be the following tips: samba-3.0.28-0.el5.8samba-common-3.0.28-0.el5.8samba-client-3.0.28-0.el5.8System-config-samba-1.2.39-1.el52. If not installed, you can install using the Yum Install Samba command3. Configure

Zend Optimizer3 Configuration Installation Tutorial in CentOS system

64-bitVim The code is as follows Copy Code wget zendoptimizer-3.3.3-linux-glibc23-x86_64.tar.gzCD

CentOS System Installation Configure SVN server steps

SVN installation The installation is simple: The code is as follows Copy Code # Yum Install Subversion# yum Install MOD_DAV_SVN Package installation methods for different distributions see

CentOS System Firewall Port configuration instance (starting, stopping, opening, closing)

  Note: Basic operation commands for firewalls:   code is as follows copy code query Firewall status: [root@localhost ~]# service   Status   To stop the firewall: [root@localhost ~]# service  

CentOS 6.6 System installation Configuration graphics and text tutorial

Description As of the current CentOS 6.x latest version of CentOS 6.6, the following describes the CentOS 6.6 of the specific installation configuration process Server-related settings are as follows: Operating system:

CentOS System File and folder actions (new, delete, move)

1. Create a new Folder mkdir file name Create a new folder named Test under Home 1 mkdir/home/test 2. New text Create a new script at home 1 vi/home/ 3. delete files or folders Delete the test directory in the home directory 1

Solution to the problem of Rhel/centos 5 NAT forwarding without work

TL;DR If you find that the NAT forwarding rules for Rhel/centos 5 are not working, please use iptables-l-nv to check the contents of the FORWARD chain, if there is a direct go to Rh-firewall-1-input Rules, then you are likely to be in the same hole

Tomcat self-boot script in CentOS

Previously built for the company's Tomcat environment (CentOS installation configuration JDK1.7 and TOMCAT7), developers say that every time you start Tomcat is inconvenient, every time to go under the/usr/local/apache-tomcat-7.0.26/bin to execute,

The method of CentOS system to build SVN server

Build SVN service, effective management code First step: Install #yum Install SubversionDetermine if the installation was successful#subversion-VSvnserve, Version 1.6.11 (r934486)The above prompts show that the installation was successful.If

CentOS system Add/Remove user and user group examples

1, Build Users: AddUser PHPQ//New PHPQ Userpasswd PHPQ//Set Password to PHPQ user 2, the establishment of the Working GroupGroupadd test//New test Workgroup 3, new users to increase the team at the same timeUSERADD-G test PHPQ//new PHPQ user and

CentOS system KVM QEMU virtual machine installation Configuration Tutorial

Second, install and configure KVM The code is as follows Copy Code # yum-y Install KVM python-virtinst libvirt bridge-utils\Virt-manager qemu-kvm-tools virt-viewer virt-v2v QEMU-KVM tunctl[root@localhost ~]

CentOS Date Time difference 8 hours how to solve

1, Vi/etc/sysconfig/clock #编辑文件Zone= "Asia/shanghai"Utc=false #设置为false, hardware clock is not consistent with UTC timeArc=false 2, Ln-sf/usr/share/zoneinfo/asia/shanghai/etc/localtime #linux的时区设置为上海 3, Ntpdate #对准时间, you need to

Solution cannot be found in the/lib/lsb/init-functions file in Centos

The script provided by the LSB application must accept a parameter indicating its action, such as start, stop, restart, and status.Common scripts include tomcat and zabbix. We can see that there is an if [-r/lib/lsb/init-functions] section at the

How to install NSLOOKUP in CENTOS 6.X

Nslookup (name server lookup): a tool used to query Internet domain name information or diagnose DNS server problems. Let's take a look at the installation method. CentOS 6.xis installed in the new VPS, and the nslookup command is not installed by

In Centos, Rsync is configured in real-time with Inotify (used when the data volume is small)

Configure Rsync first, as mentioned in the previous section.InotifyInstall and configure the inotify serviceBuild the inotify service on Download and install The code is as follows:Copy code Wget

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