CentOS 7 Yum Installation mysql5.6

到mysql社区安装当前可用包CentOS 7 命令# rpm -Uvh http://dev.mysql.com/get/mysql-community-release-el7-5.noarch.rpmCentOS 6.5 命令# rpm -Uvh http://dev.mysql.com/get/mysql-community-release-el6-5.noarch.rpm查看当前可用的mysql安装资源# yum repolist enabled | grep

CentOS version differences and Linux directory structure and its explanation

The CentOS 7.0 experience differs from previous versionsHttp://www.linuxidc.com/Linux/2014-07/104196.htmCentOS Version SelectionHttp://www.centoscn.com/CentOS/2015/0307/4811.htmlWhat is the difference between the GNOME desktop and the KDE

CentOS installation Vmwaretool in a virtual machine

This article is about how to install the Vmwaretool method in a virtual machine, hoping to help a useful friend1, the graphical interface to run CentOS.2. Install the VMWARE TOOLS submenu in the Virtual Machine menu bar, click Virtual Machine, and

Centos/ubuntu methods for mounting VMDK, VDI as block devices (non-vdfuse)

Because Vdfuse only support virtualbox4.x, is now in the new version of Ubuntu or CentOS canceled, change the idea, you can use the QEMU+NBD method to mount Vmdk,vdi,vhd,vhdx and other formats of the disk.The following methods are implemented on

Centos7 Restart prompt after installation initial setup of the CentOS Linux 7 (CORE) workaround

Problem:CENTOS7 installation is complete, restart boot after the display:Initial setup of CentOS Linux 7 (CORE)1) [x] creat user 2) [!] License Information(no user would be created) (License not accepted)Your choice from above [' Q ' to quit | ' C '

CentOS python2.6 Upgrade to 2.7

View Python version#python -V 2.6. 6 1. Download Python-2.7.3#wget http://python.org/ftp/python/2.7.3/python-2.7.3.tar.bz2 2. Unzip#tar-JXVF python-2.7. 3 . tar.bz2 #cd Python-2.7. 3 3. Installation#./Configure #make all #make

Build git under CentOS and access via Windows client

1.Centos Server versioncentos6.52. Install git first and install it online using Yum1 Yum install-y gitInstallation Successful3. Create a git user to run the GIT service1 AddUser git4. Create a git repository directory and initialize itA. Create a

RHEL6.5 porting a yum step using CentOS


problem: Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (RHEL) Yum display when installing software This system isn't registered with the portal. Portal support would be disabled. Reason:Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (RHEL) Yum service is paid because

Installation configuration of the CentOS 6.5 Atlas middleware

Preface: Atlasy caused by parity Tiger produced, developed on Mysqp-proxy, with Lua script, th used to replace Mysql-proxy and Amoebo, the latter two have ceased to develop.atlas:

CentOS 7 repair MBR and grub

ReproducedFirst, repair MBR:MBR (master boot record main boot recording):The hard disk's 0 cylinders, 0 heads, and 1 sectors are referred to as the primary boot sector. Where 446Byte is bootloader,64byte for partition table, and the remaining 2Byte

CentOS 7 Installation Configuration NFS

CentOS 7 Installation Configuration NFSEnvironmentNPS, yum installationYum-y Install Nfs-utils RpcbindConfiguration file for NFS/etc/expotsDefault is emptyVi/etc/exports/OPT/TEST/

"CentOS" Regular expression

1.grep[-cinvABC]  ‘word‘  filename-C: Print the number of lines that meet the requirements--color: Display Color-I: Ignore case (Ignore)-N: Output (number) at the same time as the line that meets the requirements-V: Print rows that do not meet the

CentOS Configuration local Yum source (using mirrored ISO file)

When I use Yum to install software, I feel most uncomfortable when the network is poor, the speed of installation is particularly slow. So, the individual on the Internet search how to use the Linux installation files as its Yum source. Several

CentOS build Keepalived+ipvsadm for high-availability LVS distribution

This document is very simple and does not require any technology to completely follow the situation of more than three machines.Virtual ip192.168.200.16keepalived Main Preparation a

KVM installation and configuration for Centos 6


KVM Installation and ConfigurationHost Environment: Centos 6.6Recently playing KVM, a little summary.1. Check whether the CPU is supportedKVM requires CPU support (Intel VT or AMD SVM) to check if the CPU provides support for virtual technology

CentOS Forgotten root Password, reset method

Today re-installed a centos6.6, as if the root password did not call me to set it, and then use the virtual machine to start the installation before the password login display failed, so there are the following eggs ..... Helloween ...In the virtual

CentOS 6.8 Install Alien

Because of the need to install youdao-dict on centos6.8 but the downloaded file format is the Deb format, Google has the result is the need to install alien This command to the various package format conversion.So I searched the alien installation,

Nginx installation (CentOS)

First, install the compilation tools and library filesYum-y install make zlib zlib-devel gcc-c++ libtool OpenSSL openssl-develSecond, first to install PCREPCRE function is to let Ngnix support Rewrite function.1, download PCRE installation package,:

CentOS 7.0 on RABBITMQ 3.5.6 version Multi-instance start operation explained

In many scenarios, we may need to start multiple RABBITMQ instances on a single machine, and launching multiple instances is actually enabling different ports. RABBITMQ The default port is 5672,15672,25672, the following after the actual operation

CentOS 6.7 Git Service Build and Tortoisegit Configuration connection

Cough ~ Several days did not write blog, these days are studying git, no way the company to abandon the SVN transfer station GIT, nonsense will not say, below we perform operation demonstration:Environment: Previously built Redis-master server, the

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