The buffer busy waits that Oracle Dba must understand

How is Buffer Busy Waits generated? As an Oracle Dba, if you have never met Buffer Busy Waits, you cannot count as a real Oracle Dba. Buffer Busy Waits is a common wait for Oracle databases, especially in environments with frequent concurrent writes.

64-bit Windows 8/7 32-bit PLSQL connection 64-bit Oracle 11g, plsql11g

64-bit Windows 8/7 32-bit PLSQL connection 64-bit Oracle 11g, plsql11g64-bit Windows 8/7 32-bit PL/SQL connection 64-bit Oracle 11gNote: Oracle's oci. dll is 64-bit after installation, while 32-bit application PL/SQL Developer cannot

How to Use ZOL one-click installer to download the Zhongguancun online source installation package, zol Zhongguancun online

How to Use ZOL one-click installer to download the Zhongguancun online source installation package, zol Zhongguancun online How to Use the ZOL one-click installer to download the Zhongguancun online source installation package Magenfeng(Guangdong

How should we design a database? (2)

Recently, when the company wants to develop a new system, it basically decides to use the ORM high-level level and is still hesitating to worry about efficiency ). Since ORM is used, it is natural to think of designing a database with the idea of

Download, install, and use MongoDB.

Download, install, and use MongoDB. 1. Download and install 64-bit: mongodb-win32-x86_64-enterprise-windows-64-2.6.4-signed.msi Http:// _ Ga = 1.242525191.6074727

Experience: using the TDE feature of Oracle for encryption (1)

Use the transparent data encryption (TDE) of the Oracle database introduced as part of Oracle Advanced Security Option Version 10.2 and later ), you can selectively Encrypt sensitive database data stored in the underlying database data files and all

DBase: Common commands and skills DB2 must understand

1. The string connection in db2 is available "| ". 2. How to quickly delete a large number of data tables (test is a database table) The most common and most commonly used statement: delete from test. However, this method is inefficient and takes

SQL Server 05 database is set as "suspicious" SOLUTION

After being set to "suspicious", I was puzzled that I had not encountered such a situation before. I asked a few seniors who still did not find the problem. Finally, I have solved the problem. Now I want to share my solution with you: First, the

Some suggestions for improving SQL Server Security (1)

1. Install the latest service package To improve SQL Server security, the most effective method is to upgrade to SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3a (SP3a ). To download SP3a, visit the SQL Server 2000 SP3a page. In addition, you should install all

Use Oracle 11g Data Compression Technology

As the amount of data is constantly increasing, the CPU is constantly strong, and the dual-core and quad-core features are constantly changing, a time-to-space optimization technology should become increasingly popular. Therefore, Data Compression

MySQL Query Optimization Using scheduling and locking (1)

In daily work, DBAs often encounter how to make separate queries faster. MySQL also allows you to change the statement scheduling priority so that queries from multiple clients can better collaborate, so that a single client will not wait for a long

Analysis of potential problems in DB2 database application migration

In general, it is impossible to avoid any problems during the migration of DB2 database applications. This article will introduce some problems that may occur during the migration of DB2 database applications. BKJIA has previously introduced how to

How does DB2 install the instance database and the TOLLSDB database?

After the installation is complete, log on to the sample database and toolsdb and find the error: db2 => connect to sample   SQL1031N The database directory cannot be found on the indicated file system.   db2 => connect to toolsdb   SQL103

PowerDesigner15.1 reverse engineering Diagram

PD reverse engineering: using windows Data Source Management to create ODBC Data sources 1. Open the control panel and manage tools   2. Open the data source   3. Select the database type you want to operate on, such as SQL Server) 4. Enter

SQL optimization solution for millions of databases (1)

Editor's note: the goal of database optimization is to avoid disk I/O bottlenecks, reduce CPU utilization, and reduce resource competition. However, you must be careful not to optimize it blindly. Related Articles: Database optimization design

SQLite (1) for Microsoft WP7 local database solution)

From the perspective of users and developers, Windows Phone 7 brings us many new and exciting features. At the same time, the current Windows Phone 7 series does have shortcomings that disappoint many users. One typical pity is that Windows Phone 7

DB2 performance problem classification and analysis ideas

BKJIA Summary: in the previous article, we have read several major factors in DB2 performance optimization. This time, let's take a look at DB2 performance issues and see how these problems are classified, what is an analysis idea. DML performance

Comprehensive Analysis of DB2 performance optimization factors

BKJIA Summary: IBM provides the free version of DB2 Express-C for the Community, which provides the same core data features as DB2 Express Edition, it lays a solid foundation for building and deploying applications. DB2 performance optimization is a

Performance Optimization in complex DB2 application environments

BKJIA Summary: in the previous article, we read performance considerations for DB2 concurrent connections. This time we will focus on performance optimization in the complex DB2 application environment. The current production environment is very

Several Basic Policies for DB2 database Optimization

This article describes several basic strategies for optimizing the DB2 database. 1. Create an index for the tables used in the future (note that the index is created before data insertion or after data insertion but runstats is required ): Note: if

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