How should we design a database? (4) (1)

In fact, I have been preparing the basic materials for another blog post, but I chatted with my friends and asked me what I was doing recently. I said I was working on the System Log Module, after talking with him, this blog came into being. All

How to design a database (5)

I 've been so busy recently that I haven't written a blog for three months. This requirement was met in the use of Mongo, but I think it is easier to put this requirement into traditional RDBMS. The requirement is as follows: assume that your

Solve MySQL Chinese garbled characters and version inconsistencies

1. Export data First, describe your environment: Mac OS X 10.8.3, MySQL Community Server 5.6.10, and MySQL Workbench 5.2.47. I want to migrate the data in the local database to another machine, so I used the import/export function in Workbench to

Migrate from MySQL to MariaDB in Linux

So I decided to migrate all my servers from MySQL to MariaDB. It is easy for Arch users to follow the official news: systemctl stop mysqld  pacman -S mariadb libmariadbclient mariadb-clients  systemctl start mysqld  mysql_upgrade -p 

Explanation of thread pool in MariaDB

Advantages of using Threadpool The thread proxy model can be used to create a thread in advance and maintain it using the threadpool technology of the operating system when the number of connections is known to be controllable. This reduces a lot of

Test the real performance of MangoDB

It is said that MongoDB is slow. Objection: If no unique index is set, tens of thousands are inserted per second on a common office computer with only _ id, and tens of thousands are inserted per second on a common x86 server, what do you mean is

Build Nginx + MariaDB server environment in VPS/Linux

If you want to build Nginx + MariaDB in windows, refer to another blog article titled Nginx + MariaDB + PHP in windows using WnMp. First, Log On As root: Basic Server Configuration Set Hostname echo “plato” > /etc/hostname 

How Cao Zheng reduces SQL requests

First, in order to prevent certain spider professionals from playing without limits, we should first declare several prerequisites. 1. 2: There are many branches to optimize database queries. Reducing SQL requests is only one of the fields. Other

New Features of DB2 10: Easier migration from Oracle

Here are some: Local type This function allows PL/SQL and SQL PL blocks in BEGIN... The END block defines local type variables. Before declaring this type, you need to convert it to a global type or PL/SQL package. The following PL/SQL statements

K-means theory for data analysis

Clustering Analysis is a widely used Analysis Method with many algorithms. Currently, analysis tools such as SAS, Splus, SPSS, and SPSS Modeler support clustering analysis, especially in online game data analysis, the role is still very great,

Optimize SQL statements to improve overall efficiency

Optimize specific applications with high resource consumption What is the first thing to do when a performance problem occurs? I have asked many colleagues about this question. Some people say that they should optimize problematic SQL statements

Database Replication performance and push mode performance tests

The first concern of people who use database replication is the performance consumption of the master server and backup server. I am also very worried about this. After checking for half a day, I basically did not find similar test instructions, I

MySQL connection error parsing in MyEclipse

Connect to MySQL: window --> show view --> other --> MyEclipse Database --> DB Browser in MyEclipse, for example:   Click DB Browser, and the View Interface will change. In the blank area of the DB Browser tab, right-click and choose New ..., That

Advanced Redis database practical features: Transaction Control

Redis's support for transactions is still relatively simple. Redis can only ensure that the commands in the transaction initiated by one client can be executed continuously without inserting commands from other clients. Redis processes all client

Advanced Redis features: security and master-slave Replication

Security Set the password to be used before other settings are made after the client connects. Warning because redis is quite fast, an external user can try a K password in one second on a better server, this means you need to specify a very

Gain an in-depth understanding of the Shell and documentation of MangoDB

1. MongoDB shell MangoDB is actually a database shell. It is generally assumed that it runs on the same machine as mongod and that mongod is bound to the default port. If this is not the case, you can specify these parameters at startup to connect

Optimize SQL Server databases with large data volumes

1.1: added data files Starting from SQL SERVER 2005, the database does not generate NDF data files by default. Generally, a primary data file MDF is enough. However, for some large databases, due to a large amount of information, in addition, some

MySQL 5.6.10 cross-platform GTID replication practices

As mentioned in official documents, row-based replication is the safest and most reliable replication method. Therefore, we would rather sacrifice some performance to ensure data security. In the real environment, the master database MySQL 5.6.10

In-depth parsing of the source code of the Innodb record format

One of the most common insert operations can be used to track the Innodb record format, because at the time of insertion, the system obtains a public mysql record format, and now it does not involve any storage engine, the record format is the same

Oracle autonomous transaction example

I. Usage of autonomous transactions Audit that cannot be rolled back: Generally, when a trigger is used to prohibit operations such as table updates, if logs are recorded, the trigger will cause log rollback when an exception is thrown. Autonomous

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