Data integration-kettle II

Introduction to text file output (skipped ):1. Run this as a command instead: output the result to the command line or script2. Number of steps in the file name: If you run the steps in multiple copies, the number of copies will be included in the

Solve cognos connection failure with remote db2 database as Data Source

The problem occurs when the remote db2 is used to create a data source and the test connection fails. Many people say that it is a driver problem. Copy db2cc. jar to a lib directory, and the experiment fails;   When I saw a buddy's blog, I finally

Mysql database garbled and encoding screening

[Client] [Mysqld] Collation_server = utf8_general_ci Character_set_server = utf8 [Mysql] [Mysqldump] 3. Data Table Encoding /*! 40101 SET @ saved_cs_client = @ character_set_client */; /*! 40101 SET character_set_client = utf8 */; CREATETABLE

Write txt text in ORACLE and read data from Txt file to Modify Table Structure

-- Create a tableDrop table test cascade constraints;Create table test (a varchar (30), B VARCHAR (30 ));-- View specific PermissionsSelect distinct privilege from DBA_SYS_PRIVS where privilege like '% DIRECTORY % ';-- Authorize SCOTT with SYS

Disable the remote connection function of sqlserver

Today, I checked the network connection status (netstat/ano) on the server and saw a bunch of TIME_WAIT connections, all of which were connected to port 1433. Obviously this is a malicious connection, therefore, to ensure the security of the server

Use SQL scripts to read the number and name of sheet in Excel

-- Get table (worksheet) or column (field) listings from an excel spreadsheet -- set the variable declare @ incluservername sysname = 'tempexcelspreadsheet 'declare @ excelFileUrl nvarchar (1000) = 'd: \ text.xlsx' --/SET -- delete the Link Service (

MySQL Character Set Problems

Recently, a small project needs to modify the MySQL character set. Therefore, according to the online tutorial, it is found that MySQL cannot be started. Then the internet says "/etc/my. it seems that MySQL is installed with rpm in the project, and

DBA classic interview questions (3)

1. Explain the differences between cold backup and hot backup and their respective advantagesAnswer: Hot Backup is applicable to databases in the archive mode. When the database is still in the working state, it is backed up. Cold backup refers to

IO-related wait events troubleshooting-Series 5

'Db file scattered read' is another common wait event. It is generated when Oracle reads multiple blocks from the disk to the non-sequential ("") Cache of the Buffer Cache. The maximum read value is3. because the blocks that use full table scan and

DBA classic interview questions (4)

 2. How do you accelerate the patching process?Answer:2.1 you can merge multiple patches.2.2 you can create a response file for a non-interactive patch.2.3 you can apply patches with the option and run them once after all patches are applied. 3. An

How to diagnose job execution failure

How to diagnose job execution failure 1. Check whether the job can be executed.Make sure that the job_queue_processes parameter in init. ora is set to a value greater than 0.Show parameter job_queue_processes 2. Check whether an error occurred

[Help] deleting records in small tables from large tables

Table B: 3 million, primary key IDDelete records with ID = Table A IDs from Table B.Delete from B WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM (SELECT ID FROM (SELECT T. ID, rownum rn from a) where rn> 0 and rn However, the execution plan shows that the COST is

SQL Server manually inserts an ID column

If we insert a value in the ID column, for example: Insert member (id, username) values (10, 'admin ') The query analyzer will return an error message: Reference Content Server: Message 544, level 16, status 1, Row 1 when IDENTITY_Insert is set

Add, delete, modify, and query JDBC-add, delete, update, and search instances for Databases

Package JDBC; import java. SQL. connection; import java. SQL. resultSet; import java. SQL. SQLException; import java. SQL. statement; public class CRUD {public static void main (String [] args) throws SQLException {// TODO Auto-generated

REVERSE function with the REVERSE keyword

REVER-----54321 SQL> select reverse ('oracle ') from dual;REVERS------ElcarO SQL> select reverse ('test') from dual;REVE----???? NAME TYPE VALUE-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Nls_language string

Oracle FAQ (III)

After the database is upgraded, how can I determine whether the upgrade is successful? Function rounding? Returns a value rounded to the specified number of decimal places.Number: value to be processedThe number of decimal places is set to select

JAVA transaction operations

Public class TransactionTest {public static void main (String [] args) throws Exception {Connection conn = ConnectionFactory. getInstance (). getLocalConnection (); int money = 0; ResultSet rt = null; try {conn. setAutoCommit (false); Statement st =

Linux ulimit and Dynamic Modification of MySQL maximum number of threads

However, software resource restrictions do not change much, especially process/file, which correspond to nproc and nofile respectively.Nproc can be queried by ulimit-u; nofile can be queried by ulimit-n.Here, we will introduce/etc/security/limits. d/

Nonsense-Microsoft Office BI 4 P Power Map

Microsoft is evil, not 2 P, 3 P, huh, Office BI is 4 P. As a member of 4 P, Power Map is a half product.   The latest update is a bit bright. Mp4 can be generated. However, maps still do not support Chinese characters, including English,

Basic Database knowledge Review

The data models used at the logic layer are classified into two types: one is mainly used for database design, which can be understood by general users and is similar to the way people think. Such models include (ERM). The other is to model data

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