IO-related wait event troubleshooting-Series 6

When Oracle reads the discontinuous Buffer of memory (PGA or Buffer Cache) from multiple data files in parallel, this waiting event can be seen. This kind of wait event also occurs when the restoration operation or preprocessing buffering (instead

SQL (1) usage of cursor

DECLARE @ OldId varchar (50) DECLARE @ CustomerID varchar (50) DECLARE My_Cursor CURSOR -- Define the cursor for (select CustomerID, oldid from Customer where Area = 'bj ') -- locate the desired set and put it in the cursor OPEN My_Cursor; -- OPEN

Open various parameters of the Execution Plan in SQLPLUS

The following statement is enabled in SQLPLUS.Commonly used: SQL> set timing on -- control display execution time statistics. Note that set time on is displayed before the SQL prompt. SQL> SET AUTOTRACE OFF -- no AUTOTRACE report is generated.

Oracle Database Management restore Data

• Description of DML and restored data generation • Monitoring and Management of restored data • Description of differences between restored data and redone data • Configuration of restoration retention time • guaranteed restoration retention time •

How to Understand oracle 11g scan ip

How to Understand oracle 11g scan ip Before 11.2, the client should use vip when connecting to the database. If your cluster has four nodes, the client's tnsnames. in ora, there should be a connection string of four vip hosts. If a node is added to

Common Oracle script-Agent problem handling script

Agent often encounters various problems during upload. Common methods are to clean up logs or secure.A script is compiled. This script applies to the single-host and RAC environments.Configure the environment variable AGENT_HOME. #! /Bin/bash $

Chinese linux installation of oracle interface garbled Solution

When xmanager is used for oracle installation in a linux Chinese operating system, garbled interface may appear. You can solve this problem by using the following methods: 1. Modify the environment attribute vi/etc/sysconfig/i18n LANG = "en_US.UTF-8

[XE5-IndyTCPDB-1] what is IndyTCPDB Components

  The IndyTCPDB component is developed based on Indy10.6 and can quickly integrate the existing C/S software (ADO/BDE/dbExpress) is supported by IndyTCPDB, which can be applied to the Internet and secure information systems. IndyTCPDB uses the

Oracle _ uses the stored procedure to kill the session to solve the table lock problem

I believe everyone has encountered the lock table. I think everyone knows the unlock method, but the killing processes are sometimes low-level. We use stored procedures to implement this function, it becomes very simple. 1. Create a view and query

Brief description of oracle expdp impdp

With the data pump expdp, impdp can import and export data on the server, with high efficiency.You do not need to set the environment variable NLS_LANG. By default, it will go to the character set of the database. Create directory backup as '/backup

Ibatis's learning path: ibatis's & lt; [CDATA] & gt; dynamic attributes and # $ applications

Ibatis , dynamic attributes and #, $ applications correct useIbatis, as a semi-automated OR Mapping tool, is becoming more and more people tend to use it in projects. Because SQL statements often conflict with xml specifications, the validity of xml

JDBC implementation file and Image Storage instances

/* Implemented functions: Use a database to store text data and read it and put it in the current project for analysis: the difficulty is not great. The key is to master the file stream, and there are not many database operations, but the file

First glance at ways to access data

1. Non-connection mode (dependent on datasets)2. Connection Mode (directly operate on the database) You can use a command object to execute SQL statements or stored procedures. If the execution result returns a record set, you can use the

A php program that can search for news in the local database and add news and word library operations List name enter a word enter the old word select Operation Type Add Delete change query Title: Add news query news setDanci ($

Big talk paging (1)

The scope of this article is only true paging. The paging mentioned below also refers to real paging.). Paging commonalities Comparison of Three data paging Methods Special Page of MySql database Common Paging for Oracle databases Select T.

How to migrate a mysql database from windows to linux or from linux to windows

1. Export the. SQL file, open the doscommand line, run cd to enter the bin directory of mysql, and run Mysqldump-uroot-p your Password Database Name> D:/export file name. SQLFor example: Mysqldump-uroot-p123456 listener> D:/listener. SQL Ii.

Analysis on MySQL table lock

The storage engine layer can decide how to lock data by accepting the lock type passed by the Server layer.Table locks are implemented at the Server layer. If MyISAM is not implemented by itself, the table locks passed at the Server layer are used

Install mysql5.6 unzip in windows

# For advice on how to change settings please see # Http:// # *** Do not edit this file. It's a template which will be copied to # *** Default location during install, and will be

Oracle Time Processing

SQL> Select sysdate from dual;SYSDATE----------21-6SQL> Select last_day (sysdate) from dual;LAST_DAY (S----------30-6Date_value: = add_months (date_value, number_of_months)SQL> Select add_months (sysdate, 2) from dual;ADD_MONTHS----------21-8SQL>

Warnings about using hugepages in SLES11, RHEL6, OEL6 and UEK2 Kernels

Modified: Jun 8, 2013 Type: ALERT Status: PUBLISHED Priority: 3 Applies:Oracle Database-Enterprise EditionLinux x86Linux x86-64 DESCRIPTIONStarting with RedHat 6, OEL 6, SLES 11 and UEK2 kernels, Transparent HugePages are implemented and enabled

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