Character Set summary 2

Query the character set of the current databaseBYS @ bys1> select userenv ('language ') from dual;USERENV ('language ')----------------------------------------------------AMERICAN_AMERICA.AL32UTF8BYS @ bys1> select * from

Some difficult solutions in ERP system

1. easy solution for profit calculation When the product design is defective, profit calculation will be a nightmare, because the commodity purchase price is actually changed (the prices for different purchases at different times will be different),

Steps for creating a manual oracle10g Database

Platform: RHEL4.5, Oracle10.2.0.1Plan: db_name = ORCLDB, db_unique_name/ORACLE_SID = WENDINGThe above two parameters can also be set to the same, here is the main difference.1. Set Environment Variables$ Export ORACLE_BASE =/u01/app/oracle$ Export

ORACLE 11g exp export empty table method

EXP is very different from the previous 10G and 9I versions when exporting a database of 11G, that is, tables without data will not allocate space. Since Oracle, Oracle provides a new space allocation method: when creating a non-partition

Table space problems during export and import by different users

1. create data table space, index table space 2. create user jerry and authorize 3. create a table, index, and insert data for user jerry. export data of jerry 5. create user peter and authorize 6. import the data of jerry to the peter user (the

IO-related wait events troubleshooting-Series 2

Troubleshooting IO-related wait: Determine the true importance of IO wait events: The following two real cases illustrate why the "Wait Time" and "Service Time" sections are important for analyzing database

Analysis of oracle nvl Functions

Nvl functions of Oracle   Nvl () function Returns a non-null value from two expressions.   Syntax NVL (eExpression1, eExpression2)   Parameters EExpression1, eExpression2   If the eExpression1 calculation result is null, NVL () returns eExpression2.

What does T-SQL string mean by adding N before?

What is the meaning of adding N before the T-SQL string, such as select @ status = N 'stopped ', then why should N be added before the string stopped? In addition, we find that N is not affected in some places, and N must be added in some places.

Use SQL statements to separate strings

-- Use the regular expression with t as (select 'guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Guizhou, Yunnan 'str from dual) SELECT REGEXP_SUBSTR (str,' [^,] + ', 1, ROWNUM) province FROM tCONNECT by rownum PROVINCE ------------------------------ Guangdong,

DBA classic interview questions (2)

 ========================================================== ========================================================== 1: how to classify backups Logical backup: exp/imp Physical backup: RMAN backup Full backup/incremental backup

Mongodb basic series-mongodb server cannot be started

Unable to connect to server 27017: Unable to connect because the target machine is actively rejected. 27017. type: MongoDB. driver. mongoConnectionExceptionStack: at MongoDB. driver. internal. directConnector. connect (TimeSpan

A conceptual article on Optimization

So that we can make a persuasive judgment. Description Wait for "SQL * Net message from client". The SQL * Net package that receives the statement request "parse/execute. Parse the SQL * Net package. Wait for "latch free"

What is the difference between char and varchar?

It is very convenient for CHAR to store fixed-length data, and the indexing efficiency of CHAR fields is high. For example, if char (10) is defined, no matter whether the data you store reaches 10 characters, it takes up to 10 characters. To store

SQL computing problems

Aggregate functions for computing in SQL statements: COUNT (*): calculates the number of tuples. COUNT ( SUM/AVG/MAX/MIN (): Calculate the SUM, average, maximum, and minimum values of a column (numeric type) Let's analyze the types of

Usage of midstream targets in Oracle databases

Cursor definition: --- Use declare -- to define a cursor and extract all data from tab_stu. cursor c_tab_stu is select * from

PL/SQL in Oracle Data

What is Pl/SQL: -- Declare/* Statement of PL/SQL: declare the variables, types, and cursors used by PL/SQL, as well as local stored procedures and

Compile MySQL 5.1 with source code to generate the InnoDB Storage Engine

./configure --prefix=/home/mysql51/mysql/ --enable-assembler --enable-local-infile --enable-thread-safe-client --with-big-tables --with-charset=utf8 --with-extra-charsets=gbk,gb2312,utf8,ascii --with-readline --with-ssl --with-embedded-server --

Vb report Design

The most difficult part of the system is the report. Compared with the student information management system, a report is a new content. To add a report to vb, you must add a third-party control. First, download the crystal report, the following

Flashback Query and Flashback Table (fast Flashback Query and quick Flashback Table)

Flashback query is a flashback Based on the undo tablespace. The related parameters are as follows: SQL> show parameter undo NAME TYPE VALUE-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Undo_management string

Oracle listener startup error tns-12560 tns-00530 linux error: 20: not a dir

   I. symptom   A netizen's production Database Listener cannot be started. It has been re-built N times and configured and the parameter is OK. However, the following error is reported during startup:     Error listening on :( ADDRESS =

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