Export data from php to an EXCEL table in windows

Date_default_timezone_set ('prc'); // set the time$ DB_Server = "localhost ";$ DB_Username = "root ";$ DB_Password = "123 ";$ DB_DBName = "user ";$ DB_TBLName = $ _ REQUEST ['tbname'];$ Savename = date ("YmjHis ");$ Connect = @ mysql_connect ($

Use EXP/IMP for logical backup and recovery of database tables

Logical backup refers to the process of using the export tool to export the structure and data of the data object to a file, logical recovery refers to the process of using the import tool to import data objects to the database when database objects

[SQL] An example of data deletion and selection, using GROUP and DISTINCT

The problem encountered today had been resolved after a long morning. As recorded here, I think this Code can be applied to many similar problems. Requirement Description: A table named MyImage has the following columns: Number ID and PATHFor

Perform CRUD operations on MongoDB in Java (add, delete, modify, and query)

Previous Article: getting started with MongoDB Http://blog.csdn.net/rjfxd/article/details/12108909 I. Preparations 1. Create a maven project and add the required Dependencies junit junit 4.10 test org. mongodb mongo-java-driver 2.11.3 Of

Database Synchronization tool tutorial

Tool usage: Transfers Oracle data to the Mysql database (Oracle database), and in turn transfers Mysql Data to the Oracle database (Mysql database ). Attachment: http://download.csdn.net/detail/zou_hailin226/6320051 Tutorial (here is an example

Query, deletion, modification, and query of words by php programs based on the mysql database

I made a php program to add form data to the database. I used the mysql extension library function to perform operations on the mysql database to add, delete, update, and query words. The running environment is a common mysql database, php, and

Postgresql learning notes [1]-debugging postgresql source code in Linux + eclipse + gdb

[Reference The Source: http://blog.csdn.net/bhq2010/article/details/12200533] The vs debugging pg source code used in the pg kernel source code parsing class. VS is easy to use, but it is a little troublesome to configure the debugging environment.

Solve the Problem of MYSQL 8-hour connection

It is unknown that the connection has expired. If a Client requests a connection, providing the Connection to the Client will cause the above exception. 8 hours in idle status.;Set global wait_timeout =; Mysql> show variables like '% timeout % ';+ -

Mysql efficient programming reading abstract-Basics

MYSQL Basics1. Join multiple tables1. Inner join-the primary key of the table is connected to the foreign key, and only data with the same key value is retrieved.Select user. name, order_basic.oid from order_basic inner join user on order_basic.uid =

Mongodb Learning (1)

I recently heard that mongodb is very popular, so I downloaded and learned something about mongodb. I will discuss it later. My machine system is ubuntu13.04. There are two ways to install mongodb: 1. Download the tar-gz package, decompress it, and

Study and organize MySQL transactions

  Transactions are one of the important features of a database that distinguishes a file system. In a file system, if you are writing a file but the operating system suddenly crashes, the file may be damaged, of course, there will also be some

[MySQL] Linux MySQL-5.6 source code Installation

This article describes how to install MySQL 5.6 in the source code of centos. The centos version is 5.8. 1) first, you need to go to the MySQL official website to download the Source Code tar package. Click MySQL Community Server and select Source

Config large memory

C processing ing Large Memory Optimization This appendix provides information for Processing memory optimization with large page tables on the Linux operating system, using Hugepages. It contains the following topics: Overview of HugePages

Operations on the MSHFlexGrid Control

1. about its property page settings: Right-click the property 2: attributes and Methods As this control involves many attributes and methods, I will introduce some of the most frequently used data center systems. . Rows: the return value of the

Oracle ASM Operation Management

View the ASM disk status SQL> select group_number, disk_number, mount_status, header_status, mode_status, state, failgroup, total_mb, free_mb, name, path from v $ asm_disk; View the situation of the ASM disk groupSQL> select group_number, block_size,

Mysql configuration file example

[Mysqld]Port = 3306# Set the installation directory of mysqlBasedir = D: \ mysql-5.6.14-win32# Set the data storage directory of the mysql database, which must be dataDatadir = D: \ mysql-5.6.14-win32 \ data# Innodb_log_arch_dir default datadir#

MySQL and MariaDB Geometry query Denial of Service Vulnerability


Vulnerability version: MySQL AB MySQL Vulnerability description: Bugtraq id: 58511 CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2013-1861 Oracle MySQL Server is a small relational database management system. MariaDB is a MySQL branch version using the Maria storage

Hibernate placeholder [use named parameters or JPA-style positional

[main] WARN [org.hibernate.hql.internal.ast.HqlSqlWalker] – [DEPRECATION] Encountered positional parameter near line 1, column 95. Positional parameter are considered deprecated; use named parameters or JPA-style positional parameters

Analysis on three paradigms of Database Design

     Superkey: the attribute set that uniquely identifies a tuples in a link is called the superkey of The Link mode. Candidate Key: No superkeys with redundant attributes Primary Key: The candidate key selected by the user as the record ID

Thoughts on Database Query Optimization

For example, I have some news information, including these fields: News ID, news Name, news ShortIntro, news Detail, news PublishTime. Now I want to store it in the database, and then retrieve it from the database and put it in the GridView for

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