Oracle Library Cache Lock/Pin

Library cacheHandle stores the lock and pin information. In addition, both the Library cache handle and child cursor have lock and pin. These are called library cache lock and library cache pin. Library cachelock/pin is used to control concurrent

Time data format conversion for Oracle to_char

Some function records of Oracle to_char. 1. Convert to year, month, day, hour, minute, and second; 2. Turning it into a subtle operation SQL> select to_char (systimestamp, 'yyyy-mm-dd-hh24: mi: ss. ff') from dual; TO_CHAR (SYSTIMESTAMP, 'yyyy-MM-----

Does the oracle view use a table?

Cause: 1. incomplete documentation 2. Years of forgetting 3. Employee resignation Result: A table (XZF_CASE_DISCUSS) does not know what the table is used in the view. Is it a waste table? You cannot view the view one by one! Method: Of course not

Sqlserver table types and table Variables

Table types can be used in Stored Procedures for batch addition. Table type definition: Create type dbo. subCardTable as table ([SC _ID] [varchar] (50), [ZhuKaInfo_ID] [varchar] (50), [Project_KeyName] [varchar] (50 ), [SC _CardNumber] [varchar]

Use ODBC to connect to the SS database (Merant 3.70, SQL89)

Server: Redhat Linux Enterprise 4.0 + Progress restart SP9Client: Windows XP Professional SP2First download the Merant ODBC 3.7 For Progress connector, which is the ODBC driver of Progress, after the installation is complete, you can see the MERANT 3

SQL SERVER XML learning Summary

SQL SERVER XML learning Summary The latest project task is to implement a data synchronization function, and technical preparations are being made these days, mainly using Microsoft's Service Broker technology. While familiarizing yourself with this

The MSHflexgrid control deletes the selected row.

Code: Private Sub some_Click () 'defines the Dim txtSQL As String Dim MsgText As String Dim Online_mrc As ADODB. recordset Dim mrc1 As ADODB. recordset Dim txtStr As String Dim MsgTxt As String Dim mm As String 'when no row is selected, the user is

12 groups of nodes MySQL databases, two Master-Master instances in each group, batch clear expired binlogs to release disk space

Solution: a total of 24 databases, and one database cannot be cleaned up. You need to write a script to Perform Batch operations. The solution is roughly as follows: 1,Creates a master list with one master row. 2,Remotely obtain the binlog

Parallel recovery of large oracle transactions leads to database performance degradation-high cpu usage

Parallel recovery of large oracle transactions leads to database performance degradation-high cpu usage  The rollback of a large transaction has a very high cost, not only locking the required resources And the CPU and IO consumption, especially IO,

JDBC uses Spring for addition, deletion, modification, and query operations-greatly simplifying the program

Package spring; import org. springframework. jdbc. core. namedparam. beanPropertySqlParameterSource; import org. springframework. jdbc. core. namedparam. sqlParameterSource; import org. springframework. jdbc. core. simple.

Mysql efficient programming reading abstract-advanced application

MYSQL advanced applicationI. Transaction Processing and locking1. storage engine provided by mysql)MyISAM's default high-speed engine does not support Transaction ProcessingInnoDB supports row locking and transaction processing, which is slower than

Modify the table to add the default value of the field default

Add one field to the tables in the production database. The field type is INT type, and the table data contains tens of millions. alter table table_name add xxoo number (4) default 0; Therefore, you must not only modify the dictionary, but also

How to locate SQL statements that occupy too much cpu of an oracle Database

We can see that the cpu usage of oracle processes such as 6331,6517 is too high, 2) view related process information: [oracle@oracle-one ~]$ ps -ef | grep 6331oracle 6331 1 23 20:24 ? 00:02:05 ora_vktm_RHYSoracle 6555 6385 0 20:32

Mongodb uses rs to implement ha and backup

Mongodb is deployed on a single node. I found an 8-core, 48 GB RAM server before the National Day and ran for a week under the pressure of more than 100 concurrent servers. No data loss or excessive server load was found. However, there are still

[Oracle issue set 7] ORA-01261: Parameter db_recovery_file_dest desti

Note: [oracle problem set] refers to the problems and solutions encountered by bloggers during database operations. Statement execution: indicates the database operation process. Error: Indicates An error occurred while operating the database.

Use PL/SQL Developer to analyze PL/SQL code

  Click Tools ---> Preferences ---> Profiler. The configuration description is as follows (the current demo version is Columns -- Available Columns (can be moved to the right)Selected Columns -- Selected ColumnsTime units --

Functions, packages, and triggers in Oracle databases

Function: /** Functions are very similar to stored procedures. The only difference is that functions return values. **/Create or replace function firstFun return varchar2is begin return 'Hello world'; end firstFun; /** How much is the

SQL WHERE variable IS NULL causes full table scan Problems

Today, when reviewing the stored procedures of the project, we found that there are a large number of statements to judge whether the variable is NULL in the condition, such:And (@ ProjectIds Is Null or ProjectId = @ ProjectIds)And (@ Scores is null

Java converts address to latitude and longitude coordinates

Task: there are more than 1000 store information records (in excel, including address, store name, phone number, etc.). The boss asked me to use the address to find the corresponding coordinates, then, the coordinates are added and updated to the

Create, authorize, and delete mysql users. Change Password

This operation is performed at the WIN command prompt, and phpMyAdmin is also applicable.User: phplamp user database: phplampDB// Log on to MYSQL@> Mysql-u root-p@> Password// Create a userMysql> insert into mysql. user (Host, User, Password) values

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