Notes for installing the lnmp environment by bogo

Notes for installing the lnmp environment by bogo Video tutorial address: a virtual machine Note: After the configuration is complete, click Finish (the reason is that the selected

Example of three methods for implementing row-to-column conversion using SQL statements:

Example of three methods for implementing row-to-column conversion using SQL statements: Preface In general, row-to-column conversion is used for data statistics. If you want to calculate the student's score, the database queries this way, but this

Install MySQL 6.3 source code in CentOS 5.6

 : Http:// Select "Source Code"   2: necessary software packages Yum-y install gcc-c ++ gcc-g77 autoconf automake zlib * fiex * libxml * ncurses-devel libmcrypt * libtool-ltdl-devel * make cmake 3:

MySQL master-slave synchronization configuration in CentOS # Vi/etc/my. cnf[Mysqld]Log-bin = mysql-bin // [server-id = 100 //[# Vi/etc/my. cnf[Mysqld]Log-bin = mysql-bin // [server-id = 2

PL/SQL program Unit

PL/SQL Program unit: /** Insert a data record to tab_stu In the first Stored procedure **/create or replace procedure firstPro -- is equivalent to the preceding declare statement variable is

Ora-00031: session marked for kill (marking the session to be terminated) Solution

Cause: The session specified in an alter system kill session command cannot bekilled immediately (because it is rolling back or blocked on a networkoperation), but it has been marked for kill. this means it will be killed as soonas possible after

PL/SQL Developer remote connection to Oracle Database

PL/SQL Developer   Remote connection to Oracle Database   I searched many methods online. This is feasible!   1. Configure the server tnsnames. ora file. If oracle is not installed on the local machine, you can copy one (tnsnames. ora file) in the

Full join, left join, and right join

SQL beginners often have a headache for left join and right join. In fact, you don't have to memorize it. Just write an SQL statement and it will be finished. Use SQL to verify the result each time you want, and then use it again. It takes a long

Use expdp to export remote data to a local device

For data export, import. Exp/imp can be used to import remote data to the client. However, expdp/impdp is not powerful.Expdp/impdp is powerful, but the exported data can only be on the server. Next we will use the expdp and dblinkExport data to a

Code of the JDBC database connection Toolkit

Package donghongyu. tk. news. util; import java. io. file; import java. io. fileInputStream; import java. io. IOException; import java. io. inputStream; import java. SQL. connection; import java. SQL. driverManager; import java. SQL. resultSet;

LOAD statement: Use the xp_mongoshell function in MSSQL to generate the mysql LOAD statement for the specified file in the specified folder.

LOAD statement: Use the xp_mongoshell function in MSSQL to generate the mysql LOAD statement for the specified file in the specified folder. Declare @ SQL varchar (4000), @ dirpath varchar (1024), @ file_type varchar (16), @ target_table

Oracle deletes a table to generate [BIN $ u6t1yoBPRMiiKu7SiPMIUw ==$ 0]

select * from user_catalog BIN$u6t1yoBPRMiiKu7SiPMIUw==$0 2. the system automatically rename the deleted table as the name starting with "BIN $ ".3. Run the show recyclebin command to view the details of the deleted table or querySelect *

How Does oracle obtain the SQL Execution Plan of the client to optimize SQL? (3)

How Does oracle obtain the SQL Execution Plan of the client to optimize the SQL statement? Today is September 25,. I continue to learn about SQL optimization and have written two notes on how to obtain the SQL Execution Plan. Although the notes are

Handling of locking when updating ORACLE Data

When we operate databases, database tables may be locked due to improper operations, so we are often at a loss and do not know how to unlock these tables, the "sessions" in the menu "tools" of pl/SQL Developer can query existing sessions, but it is

How to fix SQL Injection Database

1. In the first case, replace all the specified injection strings (only the injected strings are empty) Declare @ delStr nvarchar (500) set @ delStr = ' '-- the injected field string /************************* ********* * **/set nocount ondeclare @

Delete database-command method-drop database;

Method 1: Use the DBCA graphical interface. Method 2: run the following command: Three commands:SYS @ bys1> startup mount exclusive ORACLE instance started. Total System Global Area 631914496 bytes Fixed Size 1338364 bytes Variable Size 26424

MongoDB backup and recovery

A powerful database like MongoDB naturally provides a comprehensive, rich, and easy-to-use backup and recovery mechanism. 1. Full-database backup and recovery 1.1 tool description Mongodb provides mongodump and mongorestore tools to conveniently

PL/SQL Profiler profiling report generation html

For PL/SQL Profiler articles, refer:Use DBMS_PROFILER to locate PL/SQL bottleneck codeCompare the analysis results of PL/SQL profilerUse PL/SQL Developer to analyze PL/SQL code   -- The following steps directly refer to the Metalink Document (ID 2437

ORA-12162: TNS: net service name is incorrectly specified

The Processing Method for a single instance is basically the same as that for the next instance. In the environment, the following errors are returned when two nodes of the local machine log on to the system: () Login ()

Find deadlock issues from trc

* ** Service name :( SYS $ USERS) 01:03:47. 744* ** Session id: (997.178) 01:03:47. 744Deadlock detected (ORA-00060)[Transaction Deadlock]The following deadlock is not an ORACLE error. It isDeadlock due to user error in the design of an

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