Constructing a Web service with Sun one studio

Web services use a complex architecture to provide a simple mechanism for client applications to invoke methods and obtain results from server applications, regardless of the language used by the sour

The method of time processing in J2ME

The way of expression of time There are two ways of expressing time in J2ME: 1, with the GMT1970 year January 1 Midnight 12 o'clock and now the difference between the number of milliseconds to repre

Merlin's Magic: Using assertions

Assertion functionality is a new and eagerly awaited feature of the Java 1.4 release. You can consider this feature as an advanced form of exception handling. Assertions are represented as Boolean exp

Merlin's Magic: parsing a sequence of characters with a new regular expression library

Text string for parsing mode Regular expressions are methods based on text matching patterns--similar to how the compiler generates class files. The compiler finds various patterns in the source code

Merlin's Magic: Character set

To represent with a number Not afraid to mention, in fact, the computer only understand the numbers. But the following may not be so obvious--because computers only understand numbers, they need to m

CLR notes: 13. Array

The CLR supports one-dimensional/multidimensional/jagged arrays. Two ways of declaring: Array A; A = new string[0, 1]; String[] s = new string[5]; Note that the declaration does not give the array

[JAVA100 case]040, compression and decompression file

FileName: import*; import java.util.*; import*; /** * <p>title: Document compression and decompression </p> * <p>desc

[JAVA100 example]039, PDF file generation

Import com.lowagie.text.*; import com.lowagie.text.pdf.*; import*; import java.util.*; import Java.awt.Color; /** * <p>title: Generate PDF file </p> * &

[JAVA100 Example]017, file dialog box

Import; import javax.swing.*; import javax.swing.filechooser.*; /** * <p>title: File filter Demo </p> * <p>description:filechooserdemo file

Sybase database: Log is too large to start

Q: There is a question about Sybase: I open the database always remind: Cannot open transaction log file-----cannot use log file "Hms2000.log" since it is shorter than experted. I directly deleted the log, also can not start normally, said the file c

DB2 Database Daily Practical operation

1, Load method loading data: Export to Tempfile of the Del select * from tablename where not scavenging condition; Load from Tempfile of Del Modified by Delprioritychar to TableName nonrecoverable; Description In the unrelated data table export d

DB2 Common Commands Daquan

1. Establishing a database DB2_GCB CREATE DATABASE DB2_GCB on G:alias DB2_GCB Using CodeSet GBK Territory CN COLLATE using SYSTEM DFT_EXTENT_SZ 32 2. Connecting to the database Connect to Sample1 user db2admin using 8301206 3. Creating aliases

HMAC File Checker based on SHA-256

HMAC is the hash function with key, and the message Identification code (MAC) generated by it can be used to authenticate the message. Here I make a software that verifies the legality of a file. Let me briefly introduce the background knowledge of t

ExtJS Form Builder

Background As the ExtJS matures, it is constantly being accepted and used by developers. ExtJS is a complete UI framework with controls that are already well adapted to the needs of everyday development, and it is still based on HTML and styling, an

How to use Informix Users and Informix groups

1. You should use the Informix account to manage the database, such as Grant/revoke permissions, creating/deleting tables, dbload, and so on. 2. Should you create a separate account to do these things? Why? 3. Should you use the Informix account to

Installation configuration of Cassandra Database cluster

We are using DataStax Community Edition, the official website for the Cluster Control Center (opscenter) configuration is too brief, I tried 10 times to get it done: there should be no more detailed configuration instructions on the Internet. Here a

Analysis of service access capability of GSM network after upgrading to GPRS

Summary Starting from the analysis of GSM spectrum efficiency, this paper analyzes the loss of spectrum efficiency of voice service after the GSM network is upgraded to GPRS, and the new data service access ability, and finally takes into account th

5 tips for configuring the Apache 1.3/2.0 Server

This article presents 5 tips for configuring Apache 1.3 or Apache 2.0 servers. We will address the following configuration scenarios: Aligning Apache Accept () serialization, Apache 2.0 threads, adopting mod_ssl SSL session caching, optimizing keep-a

role-based access Control in Aix, part 2nd

User-defined roles In this section, we will describe the user-defined roles. Planning for user-defined roles As discussed in part 1th, "predefined roles in RBAC", the AIX V6 includes three predefined roles. These predefined roles provide a recomme

How to set the page border in a Word 2013 document

Users can set a common line-style page border and various icon-style art page borders in the Word2013 document, making the Word2013 document more expressive. To set the page border in a Word2013 document, the following steps are described: Step 1th,

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