Win7 computer How to change the format of QQ screenshot from PNG to JPG?

When it comes to how to download the Win7 flagship version of the screenshot, perhaps the most familiar way is to use the QQ screenshot! After all, QQ is a tool that we must open every time we surf th

How to reset win7 system network settings by command

Computers in the process of connecting the network will inevitably encounter a variety of failures, cause the network can not be used normally, the Bean System Small series in the previous tutorial al

What is the 360sd.exe process

360sd.exe is the main program of 360 antivirus. Published by: 360 Product Name: 360 Antivirus MD5 Hash Value: AA0F3788C5DFF6E87108D0FA3E69EDC9 SHA1 Hash Value: 482aaf3dd6fd63e583480a24ed27b669f2f0

Windows7 not normal "sleep" what to do?

Symptom: Since the upgrade from XP to Windows7 after the notebook can not normally use the "sleep" function, the use of sleep function, you can wake up, but the screen is black, nothing to see, reload

Win7 IIS 7 installation configuration and document graphics tutorial


installation and configuration of the Win7 IIS7 : Installation method 1: Install through the user Interface 1. Click Start/Control Panel/program and choose Turn Windows features on or off. 2. In th

How to resolve IE10 installation failure under Win7 32-bit flagship system

 Error 1: The operating system may not be supported If you encounter this prompt when updating, may be your system has not been upgraded to SP1, please check your system version of the installation o

Teach you to quickly solve the problem of MindManager 15 Chinese version does not start correctly

At present, many users are reflected in the installation of MindManager 15 Chinese version of the Mind mapping software will appear a variety of installation errors, in fact, these installation errors

Computer hardware All interface detailed

CPU and external devices, memory connection and data exchange need to be implemented through the interface device, the former is called I/O interface, and the latter is called the memory interface. Me

Acer Chromebook 13 Experience

Tencent Digital Message (compiled: Chenzai) After years of painstaking, Chromebook finally ushered in the rise (at least in the school), which means that mainstream PC manufacturers and chip manufactu

Why doesn't the computer shut down properly?

Win XP shutdown failure For Windows XP, because it uses a higher security performance NT kernel, the system is stable, in addition to the slow shutdown speed, in general, rarely shutdown failure. How

How does a Mac connect to a printer

How does a Mac connect to a printer? How do you set up your Mac printer? For most USB printers, you only need to connect the printer to the Mac. OS X automatically finds the printer and downloads all

15 Free Download icons for a good place

of Vector You need to make sure that the downloaded icon is scalable. Although some of the icons used for the demo look interesting, they can be reduced, given the maintenance and readability of the

Kindeditor upload file more than 30M error?

1, click on the Kindeditor File upload icon, as shown in the following figure: 2, files less than 30M can be uploaded successfully, as shown in the following figure: 3, if up

To teach you to identify your computer's faulty code.

The meaning of a hard drive failure prompt information (1) Hard Disk Configuration error (hard drive configuration errors) The hard drive is improperly configured, the jumper is incorrect, and the h

How to use WIN7 's own XP virtual machine

1, open windows Download Center download: Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC Select your current win7 version and language. Here I take the flagship version of Simplified Chinese as an example. When selected, download the Windows XP mode (around

What's the difference between a 16:9 and a 16:10 monitor?

With the improvement of the panel cutting process, the LCD panel will start to shift from the current 16:10 specifications to 16:9, in 2010 Most of the notebook LCD and more than half of the desktop LCD will adopt 16:9 specifications. So what's the d

HttpWatch How to use

HttpWatch Installation and opening 1. Download HttpWatch Pro, the professional version of the license file. Lic and installer are placed in the same folder. Run Setup and click "Next" to complete the installation. 2. To open IE browser, it is recom

70 Common Win7 Use tips recommended

As a genuine user, Win7 is also equipped with a lot of good software and skills, master some Win7 use skills can be very convenient for our usual Win7 use, the following to share with you. 1. Computer Guard I rarely let other people use my computer

Zhong Wang cad+2015 to improve the design experience of automotive interiors

The software releases a new version of the CAD platform every year, and this year's 2015 edition brings us new experiences and feelings. All-hing Industrial research and development is engaged in automotive interior parts planning, design, developmen

XP VS Win8 Compatibility test

Win8 is the latest version of Microsoft's operating system that is currently available. The pinnacle of the classic pedigree of Windows, the perfect combination of PC and tablet, allows us to see the Win8 too many shining points. And the past operati

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