Cocos data article [3.4] (6)--sqlite3 database basic usage

Tags: Cocos database sqliteNaggingIn cocos2d-x, simple data storage, you can use Userdefault. So how do you store large, irregular data? We can use the SQLite database to store data. SQLite is a very extensive embedded database , it has a small, DB instance start alert for single instance

Tags: Fri Jan 03:11:17 2015DIAG started with pid=19, OS id=6031 dumping diagnostic data in directory=[cdmp_20150109031118], R Equested by (instance=1, osid=2456 (CJQ0)), summary=[incident=45657]. Mon Feb 01:51:09 2015Adjusting The default value of

HTML5 access-control-allow-origin solve cross-domain issues

Tags: HTML5 HTML5 spanning request Access-control-allowCross-Domain initiates an AJAX request to, and there are cross-domain issues. There are cross-domain issues, but in fact, because is actually the same as

DB2 Common Command Summary "turn"

Label:Go from DB2 script House: Open the Command Line window#db2cmd2. Open the control center# Db2cmd DB2CC3. Open the Command editorDb2cmd Db2ce===== Operation Database Command =====4. Start the DB

Compare different data access technologies in ADO (performance Comparison:data access Techniques)

Label:Performance Comparison:data Access TechniquesPriya DhawanMicrosoft Developer NetworkJanuary 2002Original link: In a typical application environment, compare the performance

Unity3d Game Development Game Map, Model Basic specification (Q&A)

Label:A game character's good or bad stickers can be said to play a role of 70%. For a character with a lower number of polygons, most of the details of the game's characters are represented by stickers.QWhat are the requirements for the size of the

Unity3d Game Development Game Map, Model Basic specification (Q&A)

Tags: unity3d training Unity Training Unity3d Learning Unity3d GamesA game character's good or bad stickers can be said to play a role of 70%. For a character with a lower number of polygons, most of the details of the game's characters are

Spring Core source code interpretation one of the ASM4 User manual translations ASM Introduction

Label:1.1 ASM Motive:Program analysis, generation, and conversion techniques can be applied to many scenarios:1. Program analysis, from simple syntax parsing to complete semantic analysis, can be applied to find potential bugs in the program, find

HTML5 PostMessage and OnMessage API detailed application

Label:Original address: to Web Workersweb WorkersBy 2008, when the first draft HTML5 was developed, HTML5 was carrying more and more new features and functions. It not

Let Window.close not prompt: The webpage you are viewing is trying to close the window. Do you want to close this window?

Label:Normally, when we call Window.close to close a window opened from the Address bar, ie pops up and says, "the page you're viewing is trying to close the window, do you want to close the window?"You can replace the window.close with the script

DIY Development Compilers (iv) using the DFA conversion table to create a scanner

Label:On the last we introduced two kinds of models with poor automata-deterministic finite automata and non-deterministic automata, and the final conversion from regular expression through NFA to DFA algorithm. Some students say it is still

About me, to the present summary and Outlook (February 28, 2015)

Label:A general, information and computational science major, senior. Soon graduated, and I have a relatively complete understanding of their own, a lot of things that should be mastered in the university, only from now, and will occupy a year or

The obj file format in 3D is detailed (reproduced)

Label:Obj file is alias| Wavefront company developed a standard 3D model file format for its set of workstation-based 3D modeling and animation software "Advanced Visualizer", which is well suited for mutual guidance between 3D software models and

Tp-link Wireless Router WDS Setup method plot _ Wireless bridging settings

Label:With the development of wireless network, more and more companies and enterprises have begun to layout wireless LAN, today we mainly introduce the appropriate for small and medium-sized wireless router bridging or WDS capabilities. This


Label:Http:// provides several built-in modules for manipulating date times, like Calendar,time,datetime. Time module I have described in the previous article, it provides the interface and C

Installing RBS FILESTREAM Provider in a SharePoint 2010 system

Label:Installing RBS FILESTREAM Provider in a SharePoint 2010 systemThese two days in the study of how to write an RBS Provider, unfortunately the document is very scarce, basically, in addition to a spec, only the SQL product group wrote a sample.

2015-2: Novice Beginners also need to use the Kaili

Tags: baidu stick notebook mobile HDD keyword Baidu Search kali 1.1 installationFront: Some cramps today, see the video of the station (Baidu search keywords: Baidu post station Kali video), suddenly some Dan itch, decided to play Kali, these days

(Hdu step 2.1.8) Fractional fraction 2 (fractional fraction-including the repeating decimal fraction)

Label:Topic: Decimal fraction of 2 Time limit:1000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:32768/32768 K (java/others) Total submission (s): 2783 Accepted Submission (s): 993 Problem

DUP and DUP2 functions

Label:The following two functions can be used to copy an existing file descriptor:#include <unistd.h>int dup (int filedes), int dup2 (int filedes,int filedes2);

Weird ORA-06550 PLS-00302 mistake.

Tags: ora-06550 pls-00302Today, I received a friend's help:When a user creates a test library stored procedure, it is normal to execute the procedure when the stored procedure owner logs in, but if the process is executed with the schema name in the

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