Sort your files by array

Sort | Array when you use the FileSystemObject object to get a list of files in a directory, do you find that you can't control how they are sorted, such as by name, by extension, by file size, and so on, let's try to sort them out by array. If you w

Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of fixed, mobile and elastic Web page layout

There is a problem that has plagued web designers for a long time: Should the use of fixed , mobile, elastic, or mixed layout ? They each have advantages and disadvantages. The final decision depends on the usability of the site, and it may not be as

As code 2.0: for Flash Player 7

If your existing script is written for Flash 6 or earlier, but you want to release the Flash 7 player, you may need to modify your scripts so that they meet the requirements of Flash 7 player and work according to design ideas. Here we will introduce

Research on enterprise website search Engine optimization strategy

First, competitor analysis Analyze and study the link strategy and content layout of competitor website, help to find out the strong and weak link of competitor website, can not only see the gap between the two sides, find out the breach of the comp

Flash MX2004 in the eyes of programmers (1)

Program | Programmers have more than enough Designer,flash 5 to do animation, MTV, Web design, and Developer,flash MX for developing RIA is very poor in collaborative work, source files, and code management. The programming features of the upcoming F

Sina blog seconds receive seconds update snapshot is how to refine the

All say independent domain name is high, today easy SEO will use their own Sina blog to show gestures, I Sina blog now can reach seconds and seconds update snapshot. No more nonsense to say there are pictures for the card:      

Flash MX 2004 Behavioral feature re-experience

   Behavioral features Overview The built-in ActionScript language is powerful enough to enable a lot of complex interactive effects, but if you're not a professional program person, you'll probably have a headache for a lot of commands and attribu

AS3.0 Overview – Understanding the changes in AS3.0

With the introduction of some relevant data to as3.0, one might think that it is another language. Where is the fundamental change, and what is it? Now we need to relax a little bit. If you are familiar with as2.0, then it changes not very much, and

Only four strokes can build a search engine favorite website

For stationmaster, search engine is the important source of website traffic, even the webmaster laugh called the website "the Food and clothing parents", the visible search engine in the website development and the success occupies the position is ho

As Code 2.0: new language elements

Flash's ActionScript (as) code control is an important part of the flash to achieve interactivity, but also different from other animation software. This year's new Flash MX Professional 2004 Action scripting language has been upgraded to 2.0, an obj

A summary of Microsoft's data access technology

Access | data | Microsoft Microsoft's data access technology has the following categories: First, UDA (universaldataaccess) This is the universal data access policy provided by Microsoft. Includes ADO, OLE DB, and ODBC. It not only provides access to

Decryption Baidu friendly degree: How to let Baidu fall in love with your site?

On August 30 for everyone introduced the site can be submitted to the page of Baidu new URL submission tool, Baidu official on September 6, released the news. It is an honor to share some information in advance.    This issue, I will be th

Experience in the use of Crystal Reports (Crystal report 4.6) in VB6

Crystal Report My first contact with the Crystal Report was in March 2001 when my colleague Comrade Yin Xiaoxiang began contacting the Crystal Report. Crystal Reports (Crystal report 4.6) support only the database in the ACCESS97 format, so set the

A list of official sample reports demonstrating the Crystal Report design concept

Concept | design | sample | Crystal Report Overview In this document, you will get a list of sample reports created by technical support. These sample reports demonstrate a variety of report creation techniques. The aim is to model concepts. These s

The first half of 2012 Baidu K Station Trend analysis

2012 SEO Industry blockbuster bomb Mo station incident, Baidu has made a successive Baidu 6.22 event, 6.28 events, 7.13 Black Friday events, has set off a major unrest in the webmaster sector, the anti-Baidu alliance also emerged, nearly thousands of

Using Web service to connect to a database in a Pocket PC

web| Connection database using Web service connection database in Pocket PC Objective Microsoft's Mobile Developers Conference was held in Beijing in June, and while domestic mobile apps are just getting started, the broad prospects are being watched

Vb. NET language improvements (rotation)

We can see in many programming forums or newsgroups that C + + advocates refer to VB as a toy language (Toy Language). One of VB's most criticized is that it does not really support object-oriented programming (OOP). In the new Visual Basic, these wi

404 whether the error can be resolved through the 301 redirect

The author on June 25 published a "skillfully with 301 redirect 404 errors into the site outside the chain," the article, talked about how to pass the 301 redirect way, will be from the outside to get the wrong URL into an accessible URL, so as to pa

Creating a Webservice Part 1 of 2

Web with some help from the great guys from Secure Webs, I decided to expose my site,, as a web SE Rvice. I wanted to-start with something simple and so I decided to expose the "What ' New" The "What ' s New" section c

Web Service description and Discovery using UDDI (Part I) [from Microsoft]

web| Microsoft uses UDDI Web Services Description and Discovery (Part I) Karsten Januszewski Microsoft Corporation October 3, 2001 View and download the source code (in English) for this article. Brief Introduction So far, At Your ServiceThe column

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