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Some of the new features in HTML 5: Embedding audio, video, picture functions, client data storage, and interactive documentation. The consortium released its latest work draft of HTML 5 on January 2

Esframework Use Tips (2)-Use NHibernate in Plug-ins

Let's talk about this scenario where you use the 4-tier architecture based on Esframework for application development, you analyze the needs of users, and sort them into chunks, and consider each piec

Using WebSphere Studio V5.1.1 to develop JSF applications: part 3rd

This series is made up of 5 parts, and in part 2nd we created a Java Server Faces form using the Rapid application development (RAPID application Development,rad) JSF component. In part 3rd, we'll see

How to use jquery to determine if there is text in an element

Let This structure has text display a color, no text to display another color

jquery Team releases jquery 1.4

jquery 1.4 has already released two alpha versions and an RC version, and it is believed that the students who are interested in jquery already know something. In order to release 1.4, the jquery team specifically launched a jquery 1.4 website that

CSS3 Filter

Learn about photography alive Beauty Mito, such as beauty picture software of the students are not unfamiliar to the filter, CSS3 on a variety of filter effects have support, you can make a lot of fun effects, a cursory understanding of Grammar fil

Tips for Getting Started with Photoshop: 16 PS Experience Tips

1.alt/ctrl+delete fill foreground and background colors also apply to shape layers and text layers; 2. Set the grid line spacing of 64px, the number of subnets is 32px, and then to the grid design, favorable from the Rentia equipment to accurately t

Photoshop makes fun New Year's Happy Snow scratch word

The process of making a scratch word is tedious, but the idea is not complicated. Process: first with the layer style to the text with a deep relief effect, make a scratch effect, and then with a set of brush strokes, and the layer style with the rel

10 HTML tags that are not fully exploited or misunderstood

Describes 10 HTML tags that are not fully exploited. 1. <cite> It seems that everyone is more familiar with <blockquote> tags, but you can know the <blockquote> of the penis <cite> <cite> allows you to define text within

HTML 5 caching mechanism: Cache manifest Configuration Instance

Cache manifest is a caching mechanism for HTML 5, the author of the article directly with the blog when the test environment, although the application is very simple, but the effect is surprisingly good. The speed after the cache is simply amazing an

Taobao scrolling load picture and refresh back to top of the practice discussion

Taobao Photo Processing discussionTaobao is a big page, but it's very fast to open. The image processing is to use a rolling load, that is, where the scroll axis roll, where the picture is loaded. But you want to see his source code, it costs Dickens

SetTimeout you don't know.

See a good article "you will use SetTimeout", reprinted over, changed a name, suddenly feel big, quack. Added a few small knowledge about settimeout and setinterval: About SetInterval () and settimeout () return values SetInterval (), settimeout (

Window.postmessage in HTML5, data transfer between two pages

About PostMessageWindow.postmessage is a HTML5 function, but support ie8+, if your site does not need to support IE6 and IE7, then you can use Window.postmessage. About Window.postmessage, a lot of friends say he can support Cross-domain, yes, Window

HTML5 Localstorage Local Storage

Localstorage Local Storage Basic usageHow to create and access Localstorage <script type= "Text/javascript" > Localstorage.lastname= "Smith"; document.write (Localstorage.lastname);   A localstorage was created on </script> above. We

. NET component programming asynchronous invocation

When it comes to asynchronous invocation, the first thought in mind is BeginInvoke (), and in some common objects we often see Invoke () and BeginInvoke (), and it is reasonable to make your component callable by the client or asynchronously. This is

IIS6 set up a Web site often encounter problems please see

A lot of friends in the use of IIS6 site encountered a lot of problems, and some of these problems in the past in the IIS5 of the encounter, and some are new, did a lot of experiments, combined with the previous debugging experience, made this summar

IP query Interface address library and its simple use method

Here to share a few of the current can be used, we need. First, Taobao IP address library *. URL: *. Request interface (GET): Http://[ip address] *. Returns the data format: (JSON-format

HTML5 Storage API

Web storage is a very important feature introduced by HTML5 that can store data locally on the client side, similar to HTML4 cookies, but the functionality is much more powerful than cookies. Before a Web storage occurs, a remote Web server needs to

HTML5 Web Worker

The concept of a worker thread (WEB workers) is proposed in HTML5, which is a multithreaded concept that allows a large number of calculated code to be run by web workers without freezing the user interface. The three major features of WEB workers: 1

jquery clones

A method for all types of nodes is CloneNode, which is the clone node. Cloning is also the operation we often need to use, is a very simple interface, but there are still a number of details to deal with. CloneNode does not copy JavaScript attributes

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