What's new in SQLSERVER2014

Label:What's new in SQLSERVER2014Reprinted from: http://blog.csdn.net/maco_wang/article/details/22701087Blog people: Maco_wang SQL Server Direction MVP, MSDN forum ModeratorRed marked for I think the key function1. Memory-Optimized TablesIn-memory

". NET" Log4net writes the operation log to the database

Label:configuration file can refer to the ". NET" Log4net profile resolution in the previous blog post .First in Global . aspx add such a code to the , to read the configuration file , Initialize log4net the Environment .public class

"Copy database 10g--clone-1 using Rman"

Tags: OracleTarget database: jadl0gReplicated Results Database: d10gNote: The target library is on the same machine as the Clone results Library * * * *1.Vi/u01/oracle/10g/network/admin/tnsnames.orad10g =(DESCRIPTION =(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)

Redhat Linux6.5 to build local Yum source

Label:1. The Linux installation disk is inserted into the optical drive (connected, connected when enabled, using ISO image file)2. Mount the optical drive[Email protected] ~]# mount/dev/cdrom/mnt/ Mount:block Device/dev/sr0 is write-protected,

Ubuntu 14.04–how to install XRDP in Ubuntu 14.04

Label:http://c-nergy.be/blog/?p=5305Hello World,Ubuntu 14.04 have been released on April 17th and we already released the traditional post about how To perform a fresh install. We didn ' t covered the upgrade process because it ' s quite easy

The code collation of Sha secure hashing encryption algorithm instead of MD5 encryption

Tags: encryption algorithm securityBased on previous experience, we usually use the MD5 encryption algorithm, although it can be cracked, but because of its cyclical longer, so I have been using, today learned a new encryption algorithm, secure

Win10 can be more counter-day? 17 System Enhancement Gadget recommendations

Tags: Windows switcher Mission operating system thumbnail1 make Win10 a more inverse day enhancement tool collection (i) Back TopOctober 1 Microsoft released a technical preview of the next-generation operating system WIN10, which featured a number

Simple invocation of the Wikipedia API and the escape of Wiki tags (installation and use of pear)

Tags: Pear installation wiki APIThe wiki's API format://language abbreviation. wikipedia.org/w/api.php?&action=query&titles= language corresponding to the text &format= return format &prop= Revisions&rvprop=contentI'm now doing a


Label:Re:building GTK + 3.0 with Visual Studio 2013 from: Syed Akbar <syed_akbar gmx net> to: gtk-list gnome org Subject: re:building GTK + 3.0 with Visual Studio 2013 Date: Sat, Geneva 2014 10:52:15 +0100

The difference and relationship between UTF-8 GBK GB2312

Label:Utf-8:unicode transformationformat-8bit, which allows BOM, but usually does not include BOM. is a multi-byte encoding used to solve the international character, which uses 8 bits (or one byte) in English, and Chinese uses 24 (three bytes) to

SHA1 the implementation of the file Request Information Digest

Label:{Feature Description}can be used to analyze whether the SHA1 value of the downloaded file is equal to the SHA1 value provided online.{Code Implementation}

Excel tutorial, package you will learn

Label:Slice Name: Auto FilterPhoto Name: Character substitution in ExcelPhoto Name: Edit the macro directly in ExcelPhoto Name: Import external data in ExcelPhoto Name: Quick conversion of rows and columns in ExcelPhoto Name: Run "macro" in

A murder caused by a lock-free message queue: How to be a real programmer? (four)--month: About Ringqueue (ON)

Label:DirectoryA murder caused by a lock-free message queue: How to be a real programmer? (a)--ground: CauseA murder caused by a lock-free message queue: How to be a real programmer? (b)--month: Spin lockA murder caused by a lock-free message queue:

My 2013 Annual Summary

Tags: year-end summary The first topic to be said in 2013 was the fortune-teller's prophecy: The 25-year-old will be transferred once, 27 years old will be transferred once. 2013 is the year of 27 years. Now it's time to verify: 25 years old, I

AS3 garbage collection and memory management

Label:GC and Memory leak IndependentGarbage collection, this is a traditional topic that has been discussed by countless people.Action Script uses a memory management mechanism similar to Java, and does not instantly reclaim the memory of discarded

1. Installing Exchange2013

Tags: deploying exchange2013 installation exchange2013System requirements: http://technet.microsoft.com/zh-cn/library/aa996719 (v=exchg.150). aspxPrerequisites: http://technet.microsoft.com/zh-CN/library/bb691354 (v=exchg.150). aspxPrepare Active

XML basics

Label:First, XML history(1) GML (Universal Markup Language, 1969)-&GT;SGML (standard Universal Markup Language, 1985)->html (Hypertext Markup Language, 1993)->xml,extensible Markup Language (Extensible Markup Language, 1998) Two, XML

How to show the multidimensional data in MOLAP using Excel querytable in two-dimensional table

Label:In the case of misuse, misuse of MDX and SSAS, here is a reference to a foreigner's article (http://www.bp-msbi.com/2010/03/when-not-to-write-mdx-and-when-not-to/), Please see the last section (2. No aggregations), taking into account that the

RABBITMQ Learning: (10) AMQP and RABBITMQ Introduction (repost + my comments)

Label:From:http://www.infoq.com/cn/articles/amqp-rabbitmqReady to startThe Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP1) is an application-layer protocol specification used by asynchronous messaging. As a line-layer protocol, rather than an API (for

Parsing of text encoding Ascii,gb2312,gbk,gb18030,unicode,ucs,utf

Label:As we all know, a text from input to display to the storage is a fixed process, the process is: input code (according to the input method is different) → machine code (depending on the language environment and different, Different system

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