Win7 64-bit VS2013 environment compilation CGAL-4.7

Label:See someone in the QQ space sigh compile cgal configuration toss a day, oneself also want to try, although not intended to use, but feel this library is also quite famous, presumably later need, so start trying to compile.The first is to look

WIN2D official article series translation-pre-multiply Alpha

Label:This article is a personal blog backup article, the original address: are two ways to represent the opacity of a color value in a computer drawing. Both methods are used in win2d. This

The difference between the models of LI, SI, EI and HI in the H3C switch

Tags: software switch model interface productsThe difference between the models of LI, SI, EI and HI in the H3C switchLI (Lite software Image) indicates that the device is a weak feature version. The SI (standard software Image) indicates that the

Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16) confusing concept

Label:Why Unicode is requiredWe know that the computer is actually very stupid, it only know 0101 such a string, of course, we look at such a 01 string when it will be more dizzy, so many times in order to describe the simple are in decimal,


Label:ASCIIIn a computer, all data is stored and computed using binary numbers (because the computer represents 1 and 0, respectively, with high and low levels), for example, 52 letters (including uppercase) such as a, B, C, D, and 0, 1, and other

The meaning of the architectures representation in the Xcode configuration file

Label:The meaning of the architectures representation in the Xcode configuration file========================Architecture: Refers to the set of instructions you want to support.Valid architectures: Refers to the set of instructions that will be

Number seventh seems to have not been attracted by the man's appearance, she just shook her head helplessly and said

Tags: Number seventh seems to have not been attracted to the man's appearance, she just shook her head and said: "Praise the final, the super-English hunter, these prey is yours." "This man wears a black safari, but even Feng Yuheng also see, this

SIP Status Code

Label:SIP Reply Message Status codeand featureType Status Code status descriptionTemporary response (1XX) Trying is in processRinging ringing181 call being forwarder is forward182 Queue Queue181* Session Progress SessionsSession success (2XX) OK

Scrambled Polygon (convex polygon, slope)

Label:Scrambled Polygon Time Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 30000K Total Submissions: 7805 Accepted: 3712 DescriptionA closed polygon is a figure bounded by a finite number of line

(Alpha) Let ' s version release notes

Label: Our let's APP is released! (the software is under review, please wait patiently.) Will be released later. )Alpha version featuresThe alpha version is the first version we release, so only the underlying contact functionality between the

Is Baidu and Google's search technology an order of magnitude?

Label:Copyright belongs to the author. Commercial reprint please contact the author for authorization, non-commercial reprint please specify the source. Kenny Chao Link: Source: KnowMany of the

Query code is not duplicated

Label:Public pagedlist<customerordermodel> getorderlistbystateconditional (string state, string conditional, int PageIndex, int pageSize){pagedlist<customerordermodel> orderlist = new pagedlist<customerordermodel> ();Try{using (var

Write a function itob (int num,char s[], int n) and convert the integer num to the number of n binary. Saved to S.

Tags: integer num converted to n binary numberWrite a function itob (int num,char s[], int n) and convert the integer num to the number of n binary. Saved to S.In the subject, the binary, octal and decimal algorithm, the same way, take the mode,

Dedecms to get the first letter or Pinyin method, and to achieve a list of articles by the first letter classification

Tags: dedecms weave dream Pinyin weave Dream First letter classification archiveMethod One, the dream of weaving by default has this function, in include/inc/inc_fun_funadmin.php. That is, Spgetpinyin ()But he can only get the whole spell, can't get

1. Introduction of necessary Documents 2. How to load UI components 4.Parser parser

Label:1 //The introduction of the JQuery Core library, using 2.0 <scripttype= "Text/javascript" src= "easyui/jquery.min.js" ></script>//Introduction JQuery Easyui Core Library, used here is 1.3.6 <scripttype= "Text/javascript" src=

Zabbix Getting Started

Tags: mobile internet Cloud monitoring System system integrated monitoring softwareZabbix 's customers In the domestic, bat part of the business, watercress, 58 with the city, PPTV, Sohu, LeTV, everyone, NetEase, millet, 360 and other companies are

CENTOS7 Building Elk Open-source real-time log analysis system

Tags: elasticsearch logstash kibana. Log Management Analysis SystemElasticsearch is an open source distributed search engine It features a distributed 0 Configuration Autodiscover Index Auto-shard index replica mechanism restful style interface

Patch the VS2008 to the phone.

Label:VS2003 to 2008 versions are as follows:vs.net2003Visual Studio. NET 2003 Enterprise ArchitectVisual Studio. NET 2003 Enterprise DeveloperVisual Studio. NET 2003 ProfessionalVS2005Visual Studio 2005 ProfessionalVisual Studio 2005 StandardVisual

About the relative path of the parent directory to the upper parent directory

Label:{% include ': /.. /partials/main_nav.php "%}Always remember to find a file with a relative path first to find its parent node, the parent node found, in a slash is the specified subdirectory, then down the line, so the use of relative path to

What is IPV6 technology?

Tags: java development1 IntroductionThe IPV4 address is about to run out, so a discussion that needs to be transferred to IPV6 has not been interrupted in the past few years. IPV4 and IPV6 have significant differences in the message structure, the

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