Prompt "Win7 load driver" How to solve?


Usually the driver's directory will have Setup.exe or install.exe, and you can install the driver by double-clicking. If not, right-click on the device you want to update, update the driver, select th

A method of fast batch modification of WIN7 system MP3 music Information

Method one, modifying in Win7 Explorer 1. Change the folder view first, open Explorer, open the folder where the MP3 music is stored, and then click the button to the right of the Change your view bu

Win7 System burning CD-ROM insert computer General tips Please insert the disc how to solve

We can resolve the problem by removing and reinstalling the hardware to clear the pending cache file, as follows: 1, first open Device Manager, and then find the DVD device class, the right mouse cli

Windows7 flagship How to remove the Little Red flag icon with the lower right corner operation Center

Failure diagram: 1, first click on the desktop to start the button, and then open the run, in the Run dialog box input "Gpedit.msc", enter the Group Policy Editor; 2. In the open Editing Poli

Windows7 system scans and repairs removable disk after the loss of the file in the USB drive solution

There will be two choices at this time: 1. Scan and repair (recommended) 2, continue, but do not scan Extremely warning When you're sure you have important information in your USB flas

Introduction of Win7 Province electric skill

1. Energy consumption of idle resources When a computer is started, it will not always be in full load running state, so there will be a lot of free time, so the power consumption in the idle time be

How to install the win7 system?

This article is to give you a general idea of the proper installation of Windows 7, where we put aside the outdated NT5 systems (such as XP) and the unpopular NT6.0 (such as Vista), you'll see Windows

Win7 files cannot replicate sticky keyboard and mouse are not valid solutions

Win7 System under the copy and paste estimate is a daily operation to touch, using the mouse, the keyboard can be quickly completed. But today, small knitting encountered a strange thing, to the folde

70 Common Win7 Use tips recommended

As a genuine user, Win7 is also equipped with a lot of good software and skills, master some Win7 use skills can be very convenient for our usual Win7 use, the following to share with you. 1. Computer Guard I rarely let other people use my computer

avvcs7.0 How to use the vcs7.0 voice voice and text detailed tutorial

avvcs7.0 How to use? vcs7.0 Voice changer use tutorial. VCs is a very interesting voice-changer tool, can be real-time processing of sound, with more than 100 kinds of high-quality male and female pro

2013 Spring Notebook Shopping Guide

Nowadays, the speed of the replacement of notebook computers has risen sharply, we can see many kinds of products in the market, each product has its own characteristics. For buyers, buy any product will be compared before, if you are a more familiar

Solution to prompt invalid partition table after reloading Win7 flagship system

Cause analysis: Typically, there is an error in the partition table in the master boot record of the hard disk. This failure occurs when more than one bootstrap partition is specified (only one bootst

Lenovo notebook Win7 system to avoid system priority identification of the method to turn off the FN key

Lenovo notebook Win7 system users are reflected in the use of the system encountered a problem that they are extremely annoying. In general, some DotA true three game enthusiasts through the F1 key to

Baidu snapshot does not show time how to do Baidu snapshot does not show the time reason and solution

Baidu Snapshot will no longer show the time, the small partners do not feel that also modify a bit very not adapt to it? We are looking for resources always want to see the latest, if there is no time

What is SATA2 in the hard drive?

SATA II is the chip giant Intel Intel and HDD giant Seagate Seagate developed on the basis of SATA, its main feature is that the external transmission rate from the SATA 150mb/s further increased to 3

Sony releases 4K TV new products thinnest 4.9mm min 43 inch


It is reported that the 10 4K new TV size across 43 inches to 75 inches, of which the X9000C series fuselage thinnest thickness of only 4.9mm, is the current LED backlight 4K TV in the thinnest produc

Samsung Book 7 Evaluation

If you've been waiting for Samsung to update the series 9 last year, the result is probably disappointing, because there's basically no change beyond the screen upgrade to 1080P resolution. However, t

Zhong Wang cad+2015 to improve the design experience of automotive interiors

The software releases a new version of the CAD platform every year, and this year's 2015 edition brings us new experiences and feelings. All-hing Industrial research and development is engaged in automotive interior parts planning, design, developmen

13 inch MacBook Air screen evaluation

I'm sure you'll remember the new 2013MacBook air that Apple has just released, and it's not even a week since it was released, and people have been working on it. As previously stated, the new 2013MacBook air is undoubtedly one of its most impressive

Samsung 15-inch Win 8 touch screen This evaluation

Samsung has different products for a variety of customers, including not only hybrid laptops, but also laptops that can run Android and WINDOWS8 dual systems. Even so, there will be some customers pre

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