Skillfully use WPS Mobile version of the combination function rounded to retain two decimal places

Usually using WPS Mobile version of the table, found that in the statistical data process, in many cases to be rounded to the decimal point two decimal digits. Rounding is not possible with cell forma

Easy to see jet lag with Win7 gadgets

Win7 Desktop gadget defines how many clocks show a different time zone A great feature of the Win7 system is that it provides a lot of fun and practical desktop gadgets, which have clock gadgets, and

Discuz encryption and decryption function using method and Chinese annotation

  This article mainly introduces the use of Discuz encryption and decryption function and Chinese annotation, we refer to the use of the bar   Code as follows: <?php/** &nbs

Say "Goodbye" to Waterfall mode: teach you 5 steps to implement responsive web design

Congratulations you have finally convinced the leaders that your next Web design project needs a responsive design. Although persuading them to believe is a very difficult thing to do, you can't rest

18 Excel most commonly used formula calculation technique summary


We often use Excel to process tables and data, in the process of processing tables and data, the use of formulas and functions, the following we have to organize some of the common Excel formulas and

Input button plus background IE7 IE6 to black box method

Background can be a simple gradient or high light background and then repeat-x, the border directly set border on it, it seems that the idea is not a problem IE9,IE8 did not find any problems, IE7 o

Div floating layer, scroll bar move, position remains unchanged in 4 ways summary

  This article is mainly on the Div floating layer, scroll bar movement, the position remains unchanged 4 ways to summarize the introduction, the need for friends can come to the reference, I hop

How to set the dotted line alignment in word2013

The steps for setting dashed line alignment in word2013 are as follows: Step one: The left mouse button double click on the computer Desktop Word2013 program icon, open it to run. In the Open Word201

Copyright symbol in Word ®© how to play

word2010 version compare shortcut keys for common symbols: Shortcut keys for entering some other symbol in Word: Business symbols ? The trademark indicates that the founder or inventor

Win7 How to add multiple time zone times

We all know the Windows Desktop status bar is the system time, small eyes a scoop can know the current accurate time, very convenient. But friends who often use multiple time zones, such as the need t

Introduction to the floor function of Excel

Function Name: FLOOR Function: Rounds the parameter number down in the direction in which the absolute value is reduced, making it equal to the nearest significance. function syntax: FLOOR (number,s

Win7 installation of 3dmax2013 graphics and text tutorial

1. First download 3dmax2013 Chinese crack version 2. After the software is downloaded, unpack it, and automatically eject the installer when it is finished, if it does not pop up manually into the unp

Taobao front-end engineer: Domestic front-end industry 10th talk

Always wanted to write this "10th talk", talk about my experience in the Web front-end development, by the way to answer the confusion around a lot of people and confused. I am not going to talk too m

PPT2010 Making Multimedia Albums

There is a new album in the PPT feature, have you ever tried it. Organize your photos into an orderly album, you can also add some travel notes, later bored out of the aftertaste of two is also a plea

word2003/2007 Common shortcut keys

Word is an indispensable Office software for our office, because without it we may not be able to do many tasks. So now the clerks and office staff, the most basic is to be familiar with the use of Of

Win 7 system desktop window side-by-side quick tips

Windows7, as Microsoft's next-generation operating system, has a more cool and cooler functional experience, with increasing market penetration since it was officially released. Windows Desktop is the

What are the ODBC data sources in the WIN8 system?

An ODBC (Open database connection) is an application's interface (API). This interface provides the ability to write applications independent of any data management system. OCBC provides a set of appl

Key points and examples of two times development of Drupal7 form form

  This article mainly introduces the Drupal7 form form two development points and examples, solve the frequently used form form submission after the jump problem, the need for friends can refer t

Win7 Ubuntu 12.04 XP Dual-Disk 3 system grub Configuration

Disk 1:ubuntu12.04 Win7 Disk 2:XP sudo update-grub results only Win7 and Ubuntu, click win7 into the system, see Win7 and xp,win7 can start, but XP cannot. So I found a grub file with someone else's

Web front-end development 10th Talk: Find a way to suit yourself

Always wanted to write this "10th talk", talk about my experience in the Web front-end development, by the way to answer the confusion around a lot of people and confused. I am not going to talk too m

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