Windows7 System Boot Acceleration Complete Introduction

At present, speed up the speed of Win7 system has been a lot of users concerned about the problem, the network spread the method also a lot of various optimization software also many, today Win7 syste

What's a marijuana virus?

The cannabis virus is also called New Zealand virus, because in early 1988, Wellington in New Zealand reported the discovery of the cannabis virus. The marijuana virus only infects 360KB of floppy dis

How to choose the right network attached storage System

How should small and medium-sized enterprises choose a suitable NAS (network attached storage) system? To explore this issue, we have listed the key points involved and divided into several major cate

How to install PS brushes, PS brush how to install

PS Brush how to install? For beginners, it may be difficult, but once installed, you will feel very simple, and PS brush function is very powerful.   PS Brush Installation Method 1, first of all, to

Senior programmer to share short web site development operation and maintenance experience

Hide a pit under each radish. The number of daily redirects of 955 short URLs is up to 4 million, the main cost is the user data storage and analysis of redirecting request. After experiencing the me

360 browser footprint too high how to solve

High memory Cause Analysis: In the 360 browser 3.x multi-process framework, memory footprint is higher than the single process, but the advantage is that the Web page will be completely free of resou

How to design the "Retrieve User account" feature

Because the article "" a lot of people think Tencent complaint is a world-class advanced, And let me come up with a

Phpstudy 2013 How do you often fail to start?

1, this program with the FTP server, support multi-user, no need to install an FTP server. Self-linked with the site of the horse Monitor, at any time to record the changes in the file, so that the ho

Win7 system open IE browser will shut down automatically how to do?

Win7 system open IE browser will shut down automatically how to do? The specific method of operation is as follows: 1, IE internal error caused by automatic shutdown The phenomenon is: when using

Win7 system Open File Security Warning What's going on?

Win7 system Open File Security Warning What's going on? The workaround is as follows: 1, first press the combination of key Win+r open the running window, input cmd and return, as shown: 2

Excel2003 a workaround for memory or disk space shortage

Have you ever encountered an issue where Excel prompts for low memory? How does Excel suggest that there is not enough memory? It doesn't matter, this article will help you solve the problem that Exce

Find files by file modification time and found empty folder

Find files that were modified two days ago: Find. -type f-mtime-2 Find files that have been modified within 3 days: Find-ctime-3 Find command uses more than 6 days, empty file Independent query co

"Entering passive Mode" solution when FTP connection occurs

Two modes of operation for the FTP service: port (Active mode), connection process: The client sends a connection request to the server's FTP port (the default is 21), the server accepts the connecti

Insert headers and footers inside Excel2007

Recently, in the process of learning Excel2007, it has been found that inserting headers and footers into Excel2007 is more convenient and intuitive than previous versions. I'm sure that when you ins

D-link di-524m Router Setup diagram

Recently changed a new route, the model is D-link di-524m, the following figure: Routing Settings The Internet is still quite simple, as illustrated below: First plug the di-524m 12V AC

Landing page design for 14 special core websites

In the past few years, the beautiful landing page has witnessed a real shift in design trends. Whether it's iphone apps, web apps, services, or real-world products, the barriers to landing page design

PS uses a double brush to draw a smooth dotted line

Double Brush affair: In fact, we have played this game almost hours, it is to put two pens in hand, draw two lines, but you those two pens who can not restrain who. The edit brush in the brush tip shape from the pen constraint in the double brush in

A brilliant 3D graphic in PowerPoint

As we all know, the excellent three-dimensional graphical drawing function is one of the most important new features in PowerPoint 2007. So, I want to take some simple steps to show you some of the fe

Win8 0 Places to learn topics to play around theme

In Windows 8, you can use themes to help make your desktop more stylish. Themes can change the desktop background, window border color, sound, and screen saver on your computer at the same time, and y

There is a picture for card Win 8 version VLC Player is about to complete

The VLC player is an open source player that supports ARMV7 processors, and the team has been raising money on Kickstarter, with the goal of developing a Win8 version of the VLC player. Recently, the

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