Methods for lite files in thinkphp3.2 to replace a frame entry file or to apply a portal file

The example in this article describes how the lite file in thinkphp3.2 replaces the frame entry file or the application portal file. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as f

SQL Programming: Stored procedures + Transaction processing + rollback + data Migration

Problem Description: Recently to the school to do one. NET website, named Wenzheng College Process performance input system, which needs to use the old user login system from the old system to the ex

Baidu Guardian 6.0 how to download?

July 29, Baidu Security official officially released 6.0 new version of Baidu Guardian. It is understood that the release of the Guardian version 6.0 in the computer acceleration, system cleaning, sec

Talk about OS X self-classic font "Li song" Design history

Now the font design can be easily done on the computer, but in the first Mac just on sale, the Chinese font design is not easy, the restrictions are particularly many, but well-known font designer Kor

Interactive design of self-taught path map for non-students

The most common rookie problem in all groups is--0 How do you learn interactive design? In fact, most of the time 0 Foundation is not scary, but the most fear is the 0 basis for the kind of impetuous,

Online Programming: Video class, interactive programming website recommendation

Just begin to learn programming, if just take a book desperately knocking code, it is very boring. If not very determined and perseverance may be easy to give up, there is no study of the steep slope

The SQL2000 and SQL2005 conflict resolution method

1, because the SQL2000 installation process can not modify the instance name, so the installation process must first install SQL2000, and then install SQL2005. You must modify the SQL instance name wh

tl-wr886n (V2-V3) How to set up a wireless bridge

Puling tl-wr886n (V2-V3) set up wireless bridge introduction The tl-wr886n routers currently have V2.0, V3.0, V4.0, V5.0 versions, where the V2.0 and V3.0 versions of the tl-wr886n router have the sa

PS to create noble color glass English letter effect

Today for everyone to share PS to create a noble color glaze English Letter effect, the original author of this tutorial from our well-known p big point s of the original share. The text effect produc

DreamWeaver CS5 xslt.htm has incorrect setup information

First step. We delete the C:/Documents and settings/username/application data/directory to the CS directory in the Adobe directory, if you are dw8 we can delete/dreamweaver 8 entire folder Then we wi

Dahua Vps0.1-vps Introduction to Remote connection control

Opening VPS generally win series and Linux mainly, win due to a number of problems often appear and closed source and business (generally domestic piracy) there is a Trojan horse so we all use Linux

Win7 Install SQL Server2008 prompt to reboot a computer failed solution

Win7 Install SQL Server2008 prompt to reboot a computer failed solution 1, at the same time press the WIN7 flagship computer keyboard Win+r shortcut to open the computer's running window, in the Open

Find 21 free commercially available gallery sites at once

Looking for free pictures? That's enough! Previously introduced a number of free commercially available libraries, users can easily download from the site, find a number of high-definition pictures. I

Vps/Cloud host uses 360 cloud disk to back up data

The hard drive (array) has the possibility of damage, although this probability is extremely low. The system regularly backs up the data, but sometimes the data is too large to cause the death of the

The difference between Div and table is introduced in the difference between speed and load and Web application, etc.

div and table differences in all aspects of performance are obvious, such as speed and load mode differences, in the Web application of the difference, and so on, many, the following detailed finishin

Win8 System App Store download installer prompts error 0x80200024 solution

Win8 System App Store download installer prompts error 0x80200024 solution Unable to install application error code: 0x80200024 refers to a problem with the server, error code: 0x80080206 refers to

The development of micro-credit public platform to realize the 2048 game method

Specifically as follows: First, 2048 game overview "2048" is a more popular digital game. The original 2048 first published on the GitHub, the original author is Gabriele Cirulli. It is based on the

Word Usage Encyclopedia

  Three strokes to remove the header line 1. In the header, set the table and border to none in format-borders and shading, and apply to paragraph. 2, ditto, just the color of the border set to whit

Set Win8 default browser to IE10 traditional desktop version

Winodws 8 has a traditional desktop with the new magnetic paste interface, the current application of the new interface is commonly known as modern UI (or metro-style) applications, but mainly for the

20 Practical tools to enhance Web compatibility design

Cover Photo By:wang Qi@damndigital In the Internet age, people use a variety of devices to surf the Internet: laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones, even televisions. The screens and problem soluti

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