Sql-while begin End

Label:DECLARE @i intSet @i=1While @i<=10000000BeginINSERT INTO dbo. Persons (Age,sex,grade,name) values (CAST (Floor (rand () *100) as int), ' Male ', ' 2 ', ' Zhang San ')Set @[email protected]+1EndRun time takes 01:15:54Sql-while begin End

SqlLocalDB2014 using Notes

Label:Software development, the database is certainly essential, of course, the database, the best compatibility in. NET development is Microsoft's pro-son "SQL Server", but the installation of SQL Server installed in a random version is a multi-g

1.8LNMP Environment Installation Nginx

Tags: nginxNginx Server Installation and configuration1. Install the PCRE package[Email protected] ~]# Rpm-qa | grep pcre[Email protected] ~]# yum-y install Pcre2. Create Nginx User[Email protected] ~]# useradd-s/sbin/nologin nginx[Email protected] ~


Label:Principle and application of com,dcom1. DCOMThe process transparency of COM is manifested in the Component object and the client program can have their own process space, also can share the same process space, COM is responsible for the

HBase Application Development Review and Summary series one: Overview hbase design specifications

Label:OverviewThe author I contact research HBase also has half a year, although not on-depth and system, but at least is more addicted. As the Department of the Big Data Technology Pathfinder, the author also assume the responsibility of technology

Generic matrix Classes

Label:1, Genericmatrix classPublic abstract class Genericmatrix<e extends Number> {/*** Abstract method for adding elements of the matrices* @param O1* @param O2* @return*/Protected abstract e Add (e O1, e O2);/*** Abstract method for

I was shocked.

Label:The keyboard has not been in the past. # press SHIFT + 3 to hit it is £Read this article only to find that the original is SHIFT + 3 and OPTION + 3 swap a bit ...[Go] look for the hidden symbols on the keyboardLast issue we in the "Input

RABBITMQ Message Queuing 1:detailed Introduction detailed description

Label:1. HistoryRABBITMQ is an open source implementation of the AMQP (Advanced Message Queue) developed by Erlang. The emergence of AMQP in fact is also the needs of the masses of people, although in the world of synchronous messaging communication

The difference between the models of LI, SI, EI and HI in the H3C switch

Tags: software switch model interface productsThe difference between the models of LI, SI, EI and HI in the H3C switchLI (Lite software Image) indicates that the device is a weak feature version. The SI (standard software Image) indicates that the

FTP 20 21-port and active-Passive mode

Label:FTP supports only TCP connections and does not support UDP connections.FTP uses two ports: 21 (Control port, command Port), 20 (data port)21 Port: Used to control user authentication, connection setup and shutdown: Open/close/bye20 port: Used

14th Week Study Notes

Label:Virtual memory Virtual memory is the perfect interaction between hardware exceptions, hardware address translation, main memory, disk files, and kernel software. Features of virtual memory: Center of Powerful,

Unicode (UTF-8, UTF-16) confusing concept

Label:Why Unicode is requiredWe know that the computer is actually very stupid, it only know 0101 such a string, of course, we look at such a 01 string when it will be more dizzy, so many times in order to describe the simple are in decimal,


Label:ASCIIIn a computer, all data is stored and computed using binary numbers (because the computer represents 1 and 0, respectively, with high and low levels), for example, 52 letters (including uppercase) such as a, B, C, D, and 0, 1, and other

Understanding OAuth 2.0

Label:Understanding OAuth 2.0NanyiDate: May 12, 2014OAuth is an open network standard for licensing (authorization) that is widely used worldwide and is currently available in version 2.0.This paper makes a concise and popular explanation for the

On the rule norm in machine learning

Label:I. Introduction of supervised learningThe supervised machine learning problem is nothing more than "Minimizeyour error while regularizing your parameters", which is to minimize errors while the parameters are being parameterized. The

Leetcode:3_longest Substring without repeating characters | The length of the oldest string without repeating characters | Medium

Label:Topic: Given a string , find the length of the longest substring without repeating chara Cters. For example, the longest substring without repeating letters for " ABCABCBB " is abc , which the length is 3 . For BBBBB the longest

System call EXECVE ()

Label:EXECVE () System call LearningFirst, a small program, its function is to print the parent-child process number, all parameters passed in and two environment variables (if any):Process.c#include

H3C Command Daquan

Tags: password configuration file simple Flash SuperEnter System viewSystem-viewConfigure Device Namesysname RouterAView content in the Flash directoryDirSpecify the next boot configuration fileStartup Saved-configuration Main.cfgSave

Double Lock Learning--double-checked locking:clever, but broken does you know what synchronized really means?

Label:From the highly regarded Elements of Java Style to the pages of Javaworld (see Java Tip), many well-m Eaning Java Gurus encourage the use of the double-checked locking (DCL) idiom. There ' s only one problem with it – this clever-seeming idiom.

Japanese verb grammar

Label:Japanese verbs are divided into:1. A class of verbs class two verbs//new division2. Paragraph verb five-paragraph verb サ change word からご change word  Some verb:Concept: Also known as the second class of verbs, the general end of a るる before

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