Making method of excel2010 compound pie chart

A composite pie chart is designed to handle a small percentage of the data. In the pie chart, only a very fine sector, the readability is not strong, so the main pie in a small proportion of data into

Web design experience Sharing: A brief discussion of logical inference in design

Logic (rationale), derived from classical Greek λόγος (logos), originally meant "words" or "words", but also extended meaning "thinking" or "reasoning". Logic is often considered to be a study of the evaluation criteria of argumentation, although the

Use Word to create your own personalized homepage

I'm using a word2003!. ① first opens the word2003 and then sets the view to Web layout view at the bottom left; Use Word to create your own personalized home page-Web layout view ② then drag a 3 x 3 table in the "Insert Ta

Win 7 Installation and hardware driver instructions

Windows 7 is Microsoft's next-generation operating system, which is significantly superior to Vista in performance and function design, with more complete performance and increased market share after

"Due to improper application configuration" solution


Many friends have encountered open QQ, PS, SnagIt and other programs, reported "because the application configuration is not correct, the application failed to start." Reinstalling the application may

What are the trends of interface design styles in the 2013?

Trend analysis is not strong, only within the scope of their own knowledge to look for possible design trends, if there are omissions and deficiencies, please add, thank you! PS. In fact, individuals

Where is the local connection to the WIN8 system?

Current Location: Home/Computer Technology/Computer Learning/WIN8 Local connection where WIN8 no local connection WIN8 where the local connection is WIN8 no local connection Published: AB Blue net t

How do you set borders and shading for document pages in Word2007?

When making letters or greeting cards with Word2007, we can add all sorts of nice borders to the document pages. This will make the greeting card more vivid. So how do you set borders and shading on d

What's the difference between computer logoff sleep hibernation? 5 Types of power supply modes

1. Re-login logout reboot affects different Current user environment problems, such as slow, a program is not normal, and so on, simply select "Logout", and then log back to the user account. However

Not a valid WIN32 application solution

  when a user double-clicks a software installation, it often pops up "XXX." EXE is not a valid WIN32 application "error prompt. of course, sometimes even if we double-click an executable file that ru

WINDOWSSERVER2012VDI standard deployment Create a set of virtual machines

In this article Bovinlai describes how to create a collection of virtual machines, before creating a collection, we first need to confirm the type of collection that we want to create, and in the Remo

Win8 can not install the music circle how to solve?


Win8 system, the installation of the Paladin 6 before the installation of the music circle, but recently there are many users reflect that the music can not install the circle, resulting in the Paladi

Excel 2007 common shortcut keys and function keys

In the daily work, we all like to use Excel to make forms, in the sense that it brings convenience, fast, at the same time, have you ever thought that you can use Excel in the function keys and shortc

Website User Experience Analysis: 12 Bad Mobile site experiences

Mobile Web sites are a lot of new things, many sites may not have considered the mobile site, but this does not seem to be a mobile site experience a bad excuse. Here are some common bad mobile site e

Win8 add clock settings for different time zones tutorial

The Win8 to add clocks in different time zones are as follows: 1, click on the bottom right corner of the desktop time, and then choose to change the date and time settings. 2, click on the a

How do I use F1 to F12 function keys in Word?

The F1 key to the F12 key, these 12 function keys, also have their effect in Word. Familiarize yourself with them, making word more efficient and easier to edit Word documents. F1: Open H

Guide to optimization of power mode management for Win8.1 use techniques

What are the advantages of power optimization management? The optimization of power management can maintain the stable operation of the computer, reduce the power consumption of all parts of the equi

What is word's soft return?

Word soft return: in the word processing software, by the ENTER key press down to cause a line of words to change the line called Hard return, the program is called Soft return line. Source of Soft r

Foxmail how to set up POP3 mailboxes

1 Please download and install the latest Foxmail version, open Foxmail: Click "Mailbox"-> "new mailbox Account", pop-up the following window: (Fill in your email address, password, and account name

2013 Web Design Hottest Trend

Time flies, time flies, and a full six days, 2013 will become history. In this year, we have seen too many "so-called trends", do not know what people think about them. So today we also want to take s

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