Operation Computer must read 53 English words to share

PC: PC Personal Computer CPU: central processor processing Unit CPU Fan: "heatsink" of the central Processing Unit (FAN) MB: Host Board Motherboard RAM: Memory random Access Memory, pc-code to cla

MSI GE60 evaluation

If you need to buy a smooth operation of the mainstream large 3D games notebook, often need to put more budget, but MSI's game this product has always been known for cost-effective and high-performanc

Lenovo U310 Touch Control version of ultra-extreme this evaluation

With the advent of summer vacation, notebook computers will also usher in a peak sales, especially the students will enter the University of friends, are looking for a low-cost but also has a mainstre

Toshiba 15 inch L50 Entertainment This evaluation

Toshiba is one of the established manufacturers of Japanese laptops, and since its first notebook computer T1100 has been released for nearly 30 years, many of the classic products have left a deep impression on people. This year, a Toshiba launched

Quietly cool 15 ℃ mute version of exhaust radiator to create the full introduction

As we all know, notebook computer The most effective external cooling equipment is exhaust radiator, but efficient, it also has a hair dryer in general roar, in many cases we have to reluctantly disca

Toshiba Qosmio X75 Game This evaluation

Toshiba released the latest version of the Qosmio series X75 game (China will be officially released on July 30, the domestic version of the model is X70). It has the strongest hardware configuration

Windows2000 system XP System boot Process

WINDOWS2000/XP is an excellent operating system, it is powerful, safe and stable, favored by the majority of computer users. But in the use of the process, we obviously feel that its start-up time than Windows98 to extend a lot more than the Windows9

Common UNIX Commands

First, matters needing attention The command and argument must be separated by a space, and the arguments and arguments must be separated by a space. A line cannot be more than 256 characters, and case sensitivity. Second, the meaning of special c

360 compression How to do solid compression, what is solid compaction?

Solid compaction is a special compressed storage format, and solid compaction compresses all files to be compressed as a continuous stream of data to be processed. Popular can think of this: ordinary compression is a file of a file is compressed and

10 tips for troubleshooting hard drives

Each user's hard drive is stocked with a lot of useful data, and the hard drive is an easy-to-use component. In order to effectively save the data on the hard disk, in addition to the effective storage of data on the hard disk, backup work, but also

10 tips for troubleshooting hard drives

A lot of useful data is stored on each user's hard disk, and the hard drive is an easily faulty part. In order to effectively save the data on the hard drive, in addition to effectively save the data

Beyond Compare 4 Text comparison search function use method

Open the Beyond Compare software, select a text comparison session, open the session operator interface, click the Browse for File button, and select the text file you want to compare. Click the Toolb

360 Trojan firewall How to use?

Open the Security software and click on the Security Center. (Possible different versions of the Security software button location, please carefully find) After entering the Security Center, click on

C340, C540 and other models of graphics driver Manual update mode installation

The following is an example of an NVIDIA 630 graphics driver installation, taking the Windows 8 system as an example, which applies to Windows 7 systems as well. 1. Enter the Device Manager, in the e

How to choose a notebook built-in wireless network card

How to buy a notebook built-in wireless network card? Wireless LANs are also known as WLANs. WLAN is the use of wireless technology in the air transmission data, voice and video signals. Its main pur

Db-cache Buffer plugin conflict after WordPress3.7 update

Fatal error:call to undefined method wpdb_2::d elete () in /home/*/public_html/wp-includes/option.php on line 370 Online search for a moment, found by the Db-cache buffer plug-ins caused. Workaroun

Introduction of Visio2007 new function

introduction of Visio2007 new function Tip: With existing data, you can generate many kinds of Visio standard diagrams, including organization charts, schedules, calendars, and Gantt charts. However,

To teach you to identify your computer's faulty code.

The meaning of a hard drive failure prompt information (1) Hard Disk Configuration error (hard drive configuration errors) The hard drive is improperly configured, the jumper is incorrect, and the h

Common users ' misunderstanding of Microsoft's stop on XP services

Myth 1: "Windows XP is about to stop service" If you're still using Windows XP, you don't have to worry about opening your computer tomorrow morning and not getting into the desktop. According to Mic

What is MD5 verification?

What is MD5 verification? In layman's terms---just like everyone's fingerprints are the same, the file MD5 value is the only, the MD5 is used to ensure that the file in the transmission process has n

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