Win7 can not enter system hint a disk read error occurred how to do?

Computer use a long time will always appear a variety of problems, the most common has a blue screen problem, desktop icon error problem and boot into the system problem, today we say the third questi

21 Super simple Photoshop Cheats

Share 21 simple and practical Photoshop cheats today, the effect is amazing, but the process can be in 2, 3 steps to say clearly, are able to give people full power of the tutorial, there are Instagra

Windows7 installation Configuration phonegap3.0 (CORDAVO) Development Environment Tutorial

The company was using Windows7, so I had to do a configuration job under Windows, and I wrote it down. The main trouble is to add a few environment variables under the Win7, this piece of place to be

Pear OS 8 Download installation trial Tutorial

We all know that Apple OS X and IOS are designed to be very flattering, but they can only be experienced by buying a MacBook or an iPhone, an iPad and other devices. Today, however, I discovered a fre

SharePoint2013 logon and modify AD domain user password with another user

SharePoint defaults to the ability to modify AD passwords and switch users, and I do this in a future way. Before you deploy WSP: After deployment: Click to log in as a diff

Don't wait 60 seconds to see how to break the annoying ads.

As we all know, online video is a burning money industry, these sites in order to survive and expand profitability, have in front of the increase in some advertising. This is understandable, but to se

How do I close Sync Center in Win7 computer?

Before introducing how to turn off the Sync Center of the Win7 system, let's take a look at exactly what Sync Center is. In fact, Sync Center is a function of the Win7 system, it can help us to the co

How to maximize your Win7 system's laptop power

  1. Energy consumption of idle resources When a computer is started, it will not always be in full load running state, so there will be a lot of free time, so the power consumption in the idle time

Win7 system shows local connection does not have a valid IP configuration what to do

1. Right-click the network icon of the taskbar in the lower right corner of the computer desktop, select "Open Network and Sharing Center", then click the "Change adapter Settings" option on the left

Method of opening RAR file with Win8 system


1, install a compression software, there are many online. WinRAR, 360 compression, good pressure can be; 2, we take bandizip compression software for example, after installation, click RAR file will

Installation configuration and files for IIS 7 under Win7

Installation and configuration of IIS for Windows 7: Installation method 1: Install through the user Interface 1. Click Start/Control Panel/program and choose Turn Windows features on or off. 2. In

Win8.1 How do I open an IIS server?


Win8.1 How do I open an IIS server? IIS Chinese name for Internet Information Services is the win8.1 Professional version of the 64-bit system used to build the server tool. We typically install this

Win8.1 system Traditional Input method how to use?

As in the Win8.1 system, the input method has some changes in the main purpose of this article is to explain how in the traditional Chinese environment, the use of Pinyin input method to output tradit

Windows7 not normal "sleep" what to do?

Symptom: Since the upgrade from XP to Windows7 after the notebook can not normally use the "sleep" function, the use of sleep function, you can wake up, but the screen is black, nothing to see, reload

Win8 How to set up a background service in bulk

Before you optimize the operation, start Service Manager (Services.msc) and click action → export list to export the current service state as a services.csv file. Using Excel to open the exported serv

Hard Drive Installation System tutorial

Download the CD image, but the computer does not have an optical drive, or have an optical drive but can not be carved into a CD-ROM, how to do? It does not matter, hard disk (PE) installation will so

Prompt "Win7 load driver" How to solve?


Usually the driver's directory will have Setup.exe or install.exe, and you can install the driver by double-clicking. If not, right-click on the device you want to update, update the driver, select th

How to use Google installer?

1, download the Google installer apk installation files, installed to the mobile phone 2. Open the installed Google Installer, slide the slider to the right to the Google framework and Google

How to set win7 sleep mode

There is a new sleep pattern in the Windows7 system, where the energy consumption is very low when the computer is in sleep mode. But when you wake up a system that Win7 sleep, it's very fast, and yo

Graphics knowledge Literacy: teach you how to see the video card good or bad

When you buy a video card, in the graphics card parameters, basic can see the display chip, video memory capacity, graphics card bit width, core frequency, memory frequency and other important parameters, these parameters are the composition of the k

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