Jquery.imglazyload Picture Lazy Load Component

First, the preface When too many pictures are requested in a page, and the picture is too large, the speed of the page access is very slow, the user experience is very unfriendly; use the picture lazy load, you can reduce the pressure on the server,

JS imitation Taobao details page menu bar Intelligent Positioning effect

Similar to Taobao details page menu bar Smart positioning for everyone is not unfamiliar! As shown in the screenshot below: That part of the red box! Basic principle:is to use JS to listen for scrolling events, when the page's scrolling distance (

WEBJX Collection and Finishing 2013 web design common jquery plug-ins (3)

Article Introduction: 2013 outstanding jquery Plug-ins have been released two, today continue to recommend the March issue of Plug-ins, in the third period we also introduce 10 excellent 偛 pieces, today, these 10 plug-ins include: Google map embedded

Install V8JS extension under Win7 installation Mac:mac

Recently interested in the V8 JavaScript engine, found that PHP has a v8js extension, on its own MacBook Air mounted a play, recording the installation process. 1. Install V8 Javscript engine. Follow the instructions on the wiki http://code.google.co

jquery Mobile Tutorial: The button component of jquery Mobile

Article Introduction: in this article, let's take a deep look at the button component of jquery Mobile, which lets you familiarize yourself with the dynamic creation buttons, disable buttons, and enable buttons. This article gives us a dee

GOLIVE5.0 Tutorial (v)

Tutorial Select the title of the current page in the Layout view and enter the title name you want, such as this: China free reading NET, as shown in Figure 1-10. Figure 1-11 Click this button In the default state, GoLive 5 assigns the title name

2007 Taobao ued Recruitment puzzle (front-end development part)

The coolest hiring in history has ended and the results are good. We have found a lot of potential talent. Some of their employment problems to solve the solution also opened up our vision, let us reap a lot. Thank you for all the recruitment and all

Front-End class library Kissy release v1.1.5

First of all, to wait for the release of yesterday's friends say sorry. The 1.2PR1, which was scheduled to be released yesterday, was postponed to today, 1.1.5 released as official version number. The following features are mainly added 1. Separate

Version Cue+bridgh (CS3) optimized edition control "carbonated drinks"

We often encountered in the project to produce multiple versions of the situation, the previous version of the management method is very backward, today to introduce a new friend version cue What is version cue A server-based file management system

Viewing the user experience from the comparison between the long tail theory and the 28 law

Viewing the user experience from the comparison between the long tail theory and the 28 law

Discovered Hidden information under the surface--on the visualization of information

In the 1910, Weigner (a German meteorologist, known as the "theory of Continental Drift"), who was ill in bed, accidentally stared at the world map on the wall ... Hidden information beneath the surface of the map was discovered: "The contours of the

The actual combat of XML volume (4): Menu link

Xml Motivation:Now let's do a little example of applying XML in IE: solving the problem of the double pull-down menu. The most common possibility is to change the city option after choosing a province, so let's try to do it with XML. Previously intro

Create multiple files in XSLT 2.0

Create The first version of XSLT has great limitations, with only one input and one output (although there can be multiple template files). The 2nd edition of the standard still requires an input, but the output system is more flexible. You can now u

Teaching you to use XML to encapsulate the implementation of database operation statements

xml| Package | data | database | Statement in the process of project development, the programming style difference of project team members and the flexibility of database operation statement SQL bring more and more difficulty to operation and mainten

Using the Codesmith code generator to generate an XML report file

xml| Generate XML Some time ago when you do a Web project, you receive a task and the report exports Excel. You cannot use a Third-party reporting tool, which can only be resolved by manipulating the Excel library. The first is to call COM write Exce

Implementation of loops in XSL

Cycle <xsl:template match= "/" ><xsl:call-template name= "Loop" ><xsl:with-param name= "Count" >5</xsl:with-param></xsl:call-template></xsl:template> <xsl:template name= "Loop" ><xsl:param name= "Count"/&

WML Tutorial 14:WML Text Processing

Tutorial WML uses the XML document character set, currently supports Unicode 2.0, and unlike HDML, all the labels, attributes, and specified acceptable values for WML must be lowercase, and the card's name and variable are case-sensitive. As with HDM

WML Tutorial 11: Text box control (Input)

Tutorials | control | text box <input name= "name" title= "title" type= "type" value= "value" format= "specifier" emptyok= "false|true" size= " n "maxlength=" n "tabindex=" n "/> Used to enter text, except that the Name property is necessary, a

WML Tutorial 4: Jump and pass parameters

Tutorial Tasks and navigation-jump and pass parametersGo's basic attributes and applicationsOne of the basic ways to achieve a jump between card is that the combination of Go,go and do, anchor and so on is a foundation of the advanced application of

WML Tutorial 1: A comprehensive understanding of WML from the first practical application

Tutorial The best way to learn natural language is to dissolve into the corresponding language environment in the exchange of learning, the best way to learn a programming language is to see routines. To help create a first impression of WML applicat

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