"Copy database 10g--clone-1 using Rman"

Tags: OracleTarget database: jadl0gReplicated Results Database: d10gNote: The target library is on the same machine as the Clone results Library * * * *1.Vi/u01/oracle/10g/network/admin/tnsnames.orad10g =(DESCRIPTION =(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)

CRC32 algorithm conflict probability test and analysis

Tags: crc32 crc32 conflict CRC32 conflict probabilityRecently, because a business needs to use the CRC32 algorithm, but the business can not tolerate duplicate values appear, so naturally want to understand the CRC32 algorithm collision probability (

The maximum value of the difference between the pairs && the largest of the sub-arrays

Tags: c + +Question 1: In the array, the number minus his right number gets a number pair difference, and the maximum value of the difference between all the pairs is obtained. For example, in array {}, the maximum value of the

id3,c4.5 algorithm series of decision classification tree algorithm

Tags: data algorithmsFirst, IntroductionIn the beginning, I was prepared to learn the C4.5 algorithm, and later found that the core of the C4.5 algorithm is ID3 algorithm, so I went back to learn ID3 algorithm, because C4.5 is one of his

(DS "Algorithmic Competition Primer Classic") LA 3027 corporative Network (querying the distance between a node and the root node)

Label:Main topic:Querying the distance between a node and the root nodeProblem Solving Ideas:Weighted and check set problem. The previous topic was "to see if two or more nodes are under the same set", and now the topic is "Query a node toThe

Win10 can be more counter-day? 17 System Enhancement Gadget recommendations

Tags: Windows switcher Mission operating system thumbnail1 make Win10 a more inverse day enhancement tool collection (i) Back TopOctober 1 Microsoft released a technical preview of the next-generation operating system WIN10, which featured a number

Reprint: Elaborate cookie

Label:Elaborate cookiesReprint: http://www.cnblogs.com/fish-li/archive/2011/07/03/2096903.htmlRead Catalogue Begin Cookie Overview The process of writing and reading cookies Use cookies to save complex objects Read and write

The ASCII decoded table-driven mode of the Tomcat kernel

Tags: table-driven tomcat ASCII coded socketsWe know that the Tomcat communication is based on the socket, and the socket on the server side and the client passes the message is not encoded byte stream, each 8 bits constitute 1 bytes, the computer

Object reference not set to an instance of an object-summary of possible issues

Label:I. GENERAL statements on the Internet1, the ViewState object is null.2, Dateset empty.3, the SQL statement or datebase cause DataReader empty.4. When declaring a string variable, the variable is applied without assigning a null value.5. The

Open source ≠ free, open source Agreement license detailed

Label:In the case of software development, open source software or open source components, they will be based on some kind of protocol to provide source code and authorization, then what are the constraints of these open source agreements?Before

VS2010 encountered fatal error C1083: Could not open precompiled header file: "xxx.pch": No such file or directory

Label:C + + and VS2010 is very unfamiliar, but helpless to catch the project, only to see the point of the base on the start, and then encountered this problem.Cause Analysis:Http://bbs.csdn.net/topics/340191697?page=1Compilers are generally

SHA1 the implementation of the file Request Information Digest

Label:{Feature Description}can be used to analyze whether the SHA1 value of the downloaded file is equal to the SHA1 value provided online.{Code Implementation}

Green time, that is, returns the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since midnight in UTC January 1, 1970.

Label:Green time, that is, returns the number of milliseconds that have elapsed since midnight in UTC January 1, 1970.(*delphi gets the 13-bit green time implementation method, which is the same as the Java.lang.System.currentTimeMillis () effect in

The difference between m-jpeg and MPEG-4 m-jpeg VS MPEG

Label:Http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4b357b300100gre9.htmlm-jpeg VS MPEGhttp://blog.csdn.net/bluesky_sunshine/article/details/6182721M-jpeg (Motion-join Photographic Experts Group) technology, motion still image (or frame-by-frames) compression

I'm late. 2014 year-end summary

Label:Recently a lot of people are writing a summary, this year for their own is indeed a bit different from previous years, more rush of a year, this year's actual situation and plan the difference is a bit big, with a bit of memory on the

Reprint Batch Bat command--get current drive letter and current directory and parent directory

Label:Batch Bat command--get current drive letter and current directory and parent directoryBatch command gets current drive letter and current directory%~D0 is the current drive letter%cd% is the current directoryCan print test with echo%cd%The

How to show the multidimensional data in MOLAP using Excel querytable in two-dimensional table

Label:In the case of misuse, misuse of MDX and SSAS, here is a reference to a foreigner's article (http://www.bp-msbi.com/2010/03/when-not-to-write-mdx-and-when-not-to/), Please see the last section (2. No aggregations), taking into account that the

Makefile Analysis of U-boot

Tags: makefile u-boot samsung ARM9By the top-level makefile file, comb the U-boot compilation process.Tips:in large makefile, it is often necessary to determine the value of a variable , and a small method is:$ (Shell echo "Variable0_val = $

Textbook fourth-indefinite integral exercise arrangement

Label:Trigonometric Correlation Types1. Using triangular changes and trigonometric identities, such as $\sin^2 x + \cos^2 x=1$ and twice-fold formula, and differential product, accumulation and difference.For example: 4-1 of 1-(5), so that $1=\sin^2

Embedded development Character Overlay---gb2313 GB code, UTF8 International Code, Unicode uncensored

Label:(1) Introduction of GB code(2) Encoding conversion(3) Time acquisition(4) Display toggleRecently made a character overlay, including time overlay, word character overlay, position movement, and other functions open. Because the general

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