Resolution of "Name XXX not present in current context"

The root cause of this is that when you build a new file, for convenience, my ready-made files to copy, the results appear two identical. CS class is partial class, two different files of the same ASPX and ASPx.CS class is the same thing, one of the

. Dynamic compilation in net

The dynamic compilation and execution of code is one. NET platform provides us with a powerful tool to flexibly expand (and, of course, internal developers) complex and unpredictable logic, and to extend our existing applications with some additional

Learn WP7 XNA game development (three. a spritefont)

In the game development, the general first encounter is the text, for the text and need font support, in XNA, if you want to use text, you need to specify the font, for the font XNA use Spritefont and spritefonttexture two ways to specify the font. S

Ten steps to fix the mssql2000 database connection pool in the servlet

servlet|sql| Data | database | database connection 1. From aspx? Familyid=4f8f2f01-1ed7-4c4d-8f7b-3d47969e66ae&displaylang=en#filelist "> Downloads/details.aspx? familyid=4f8f2f01-1ed7-4c4d-8f7b-3d47969e66ae&displa

Developing an enterprise-class bean component with EJB 3.0 initial experience

   Read the summaryThe final draft of the EJB 3.0 specification has been submitted to JCP, and EJB3.0 will be officially released in 2006 if not unexpectedly. This article, the first in the common draft three series of EJB 3.0, explains the basic co

Demonstrating the event transmission mechanism of J2ME through an example

The main issue of this paper is the mechanism of event transmission in J2ME development. This paper mainly focuses on the analysis and research of the serial of canvas event transmission, and proves it through an example and concludes at the end. By

Beginner's introduction: Tomcat installation under Win2000

Beginner first, Tomcat introduction Since JSP release, the introduction of a variety of JSP engine. After completing the development of GNUJSP1.0, the Apache group began to consider developing a JSP server that could provide Web services directly on

Beginner's Classics: An expert talk about the experience of getting started with struts

Beginner Struts Installation:First please go to the download struts, recommended to use release version, now the highest version of 1.1, the download is a zip file. Unpack the zip package and see this directory: There

Introduction to the label of JBuilder2005 creating a development document

Creating Javadoc annotations consists of Javadoc tags and descriptive text, you can add annotations to classes, interfaces, or elements in classes such as constructors, ranges, methods, and so on. Let's take a look at a program with Javadoc annotatio

MYSQL5 Reset Root Password

Operating system: DEBIAN Linux 3.1 MySQL database version: 5.0.27 (1) Login with system root Authority (2) Stop MySQL server:Mysql.server stop (3) Skip authorization form to execute MySQL server:Mysqld_safe--skip-grant-tables--skip-networking &am

Experience MS SQL backup new version 6.1

Compressed, encrypted, and hardened MS SQL Server Backup Ø Create a sound backup--use network restore and other features to reinforce your backup Ø save time and space-compressed database backup up to 95% Ø protect data-using up to 256-bit AES enc

MMC prompts you not to open file Sqlserverenterprisemanager.msc workaround

"Start"-> "Run"-> type mmc command The following window pops up: File-> Add/Remove snap-in (M) or press ctrl+m directly to eject the following window: Click the Add button below to select Microsoft SQL Enterprise Manager: Click the Add butto

RFC1939-POP3 Agreement Chinese version

1. Introduction For smaller nodes on the network, it is impractical to support message transfer systems (MTS). For example, a Workstations may not have sufficient resources to allow SMTP servers and equivalent local mail delivery systems to stay in

2009 China 50 Major websites

The United States Time magazine 2009 years of 50 sites, are English, and many have been wall, can not visit from China, here according to the Alexa data selected 2009 years 50 Chinese website, manual exclusion of some English stations and cheating st

Introduction to the installation and use of WordPress system

This is an independent blog building station (for example, WordPress), a popular science course, about WordPress system Some of the most basic common sense, mainly for those unfamiliar with WordPress novice reading use, to help them complete the firs

Hot word ranking suddenly disappear how to do? My site ranking comeback experience!

Hello everyone, I am seo surprise, I do not know you have seen me in my blog to share the "How do I make hot words one months to the home page" no? At that time my Site "Beijing seo" this keyword in Baidu ranking that is rubbing against the ground up

CSS3 text gradient inner glow projection effect

The former has done a CSS3 text effect, involving CSS3 projection, gradient, mask, pseudo class and other knowledge points, now write down the design ideas, for reference only. Send an effect chart everyone look first: projection Shadow Box-shadow

Web page's HTML structure refactoring: Meaning of semantic tags

Article Introduction: Semantic label of the actual combat significance. I've collected some ideas, so let's hear them first, Some people say: "There is no need to think about semantics, as long as I write the code browser after running no

Bitwise RIGHT SHIFT operator (>>)

Operation Moves the bit of the expression right, keeping the symbol unchanged. result = expression1 >> expression2 Parameters Result Any variable . Expression1 Any expression . Expression2 Any expression. Description The >> op

While statement

Statement Executes a statement until the specified condition is false. while (expression)   statements Parameters Expression Required option. A Boolean expression that is checked before each iteration of the loop. If expression is tr

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