JQuery UI. Layout Plug


JQuery UI. Layout Plug-in jquery is still a pretty tamping guy. Css+div era, to make a page frame layout is really not easy, if it is for the Web page of the layout is not very good for the people, very suitable for this set of jquery UI. Layout Plu

jquery Tutorial: Creating layers for sliding animation effects

Use jquery to make layers of sliding animation effects Basic principle These dynamic-effect sliding boxes are based on the same basic principle. The div tag with ". Boxgrid" acts as a window after you go through the other two items that you want to

HTML 5 caching mechanism: Cache manifest Configuration Instance

Cache manifest is a caching mechanism for HTML 5, the author of the article directly with the blog when the test environment, although the application is very simple, but the effect is surprisingly good. The speed after the cache is simply amazing an

SetTimeout you don't know.

See a good article "you will use SetTimeout", reprinted over, changed a name, suddenly feel big, quack. Added a few small knowledge about settimeout and setinterval: About SetInterval () and settimeout () return values SetInterval (), settimeout (

How to get webserver to return the specified XML content

You can use it as a local class by creating a webserver proxy, but can you return the specified XML? For example, after checking the account number and password through the Checkpass service, return the list of permissions that the user has. How to a

6 less-Common HTML tags

Some HTML tags you may have never used, not because you lack the learning spirit, but they do not use. If you have the spirit of exploration, then look down. HTML tags are numerous and you can find them in the HTML manual . But some HTML tags you may

HTML5 label

Some of the new features in HTML 5: Embedding audio, video, picture functions, client data storage, and interactive documentation. The consortium released its latest work draft of HTML 5 on January 2

HTML5 Web Worker

The concept of a worker thread (WEB workers) is proposed in HTML5, which is a multithreaded concept that allows a large number of calculated code to be run by web workers without freezing the user interface. The three major features of WEB workers: 1

Mobile page REM Layout

Mobile Phone page design is generally the size of 640, but the size of the mobile phone screen is really uncertain, so, how to make the adaptation of all mobile phone page? There are two common solutions, REM layout and percent layout. I have tried

CSS3 Filter

Learn about photography alive Beauty Mito, such as beauty picture software of the students are not unfamiliar to the filter, CSS3 on a variety of filter effects have support, you can make a lot of fun effects, a cursory understanding of Grammar fil

SQL server2005 (database security and referential integrity)

--Create Login account Create login username with password= ' password ' --Create a database user Create user username for login username ---Grant the user the right to query the student table, as well as to grant it further authorization to othe

MSSQL Instance Tutorial: MSSQL Database Synchronization

1: the EnvironmentServer environment:Machine Name: ZEHUADB (MSSQL)Operating system: Windows ServerDatabase version: SQL Server SP4 Personal Edition ClientMachine Name: ZLP (DANDAN)Operating system: Windows XPDatabase version: SQL Server SP4 Personal

IIS6 set up a Web site often encounter problems please see

A lot of friends in the use of IIS6 site encountered a lot of problems, and some of these problems in the past in the IIS5 of the encounter, and some are new, did a lot of experiments, combined with the previous debugging experience, made this summar

Add a protection net: Win2008 advanced Firewall

The functionality of Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 firewall is so shabby that many system administrators see it as a chicken, and it has always been a simple, inbound-only, host-based State firewall. And as Windows Server 2008 gets closer to us, it

XMLHTTP component related Technical application data

Xml Remote management technology of database An important link in the modern application of Internet based WAN is the remote monitoring of database. First of all, a brief review of the Internet Database Remote management technology development proce

XHTML Day 1th: What kind of doctype to choose

Xhtml The first thing to do when you start making a site that meets the standard is to declare a DOCTYPE that meets your needs. View the original home code, you can see the first line is: <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML

blocks, elements (element), modifiers (Modifier)

Article Introduction: Bem represent blocks, elements (element), modifiers (Modifier). The meaning of these terms will be further elaborated in this paper. What is BEM? Bem represent blocks, elements (element), modifiers (Modifier). The mea

Web Design Specification Summary: A good set of Web page production specifications

Article Introduction: In order to improve the efficiency of teamwork, it is convenient for the backstage staff to add the function and the late-stage optimization maintenance, the output high-quality documents. Once the specification document is conf

Jquery implementation layer drag, support callback function

Recently in writing a CMS Content management system, the front desk is basically using AJAX asynchronous request server, through ASHX processing, return JSON format processing. Because of the need for a more user-friendly interface, so the use of the

A schema instance separating the front-end from the back end

To the front-end and back-end of the separation is very agreeable, this to the maintenance of the system is a considerable benefit. I also designed a system like this, so I took it out and discussed it with you. This architecture is not so much about

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