What is node?

Translator Press: OReilly recently a booklet "What is Node?", a brief explanation of Node's life and the application of the scene, the author easy and smooth, full content, is very rare learning materials. Translate it out and share it with us ~

First-Class design experts: Website design must know 65 principles

Design What are the key skills in the site? What are the traps? Here, the world's leading web design experts, let you share their secrets, tell you: The secret to make the site fun, what should be avoided, what tools should be used and their favorite

Hot Technical Discussion: Learning the Web 2.0 steering wheel

Web History is very important. The study of a technology should also be based on history, through its evolution in the history of time, to know the status quo, and even to predict the future. So what is Web 1.0? Do they say, remember the static HTML

Interview 2Advanced

Author:translated by pzf@smthByron@gpbrand.com Claiming to be the master of "revolutionary design Technology"2AdvancedExplained the animation concept and flash design technology to Ultrashock's Craig Grannell.In the late 90, people grew weary of bad,

Dot Com's culture and design

What is the good operation of designing a website? Rely on technology, certainly not, because the development of technology is a relative concept, not durability, lack of cohesion, if only rely on this, can not sustain the development of the entire w

What exactly is web2.0-web2.0 learning guide

Web|web2 (Reprinted from http://www.klogs.org/archives/2005/07/nieweb_20_o.html ) History is very important. The study of a technology should also be based on history, through its evolution in the history of time, to know the status quo, and even to

Intimate contact with XML (8)-an exception to my Property rules

Xml There are always exceptions to the rules. There is one exception to my rule on attributes: Sometimes I assign an ID reference value to an element. These ID reference values can be used to access XML elements that are essentially exactly the same

Intimate contact XML (4)---XML is sensitive to capitalization

xml| case XML is sensitive to caseIn XML, all elements must have an end tag, such as:< P>this is a paragraph</p>< P>this is another paragraph</p>Note: From the previous example you may have noticed that the XML declaration ha

Deep XSL (6)---object Formatting (Goto---object formatting)

Object Depth XSL (6) ---object formatting Translation: Sun Yizhong Brief introduction The result tree can be constructed using the objects defined in the formatted Word library to produce the results. We have already learned the basic concepts of

XSLT easy to get started outline '

OutlineThis article is divided into five chapters: the XSLT concept, the XSLT instance, the XSLT element syntax, the XPath syntax, and the XSLT resource.The concept of 1.XSLT1.1 What is XSLT1.2 Why do you use XSLTThe history of 1.3 XSLT1.4 What is XP

A concise tutorial on XSL (2) XSL transformations

Tutorials | transformations Two. Transformation of XSL 1. Convert XML to HTMLHow does XSL convert an XML document into an HTML file? Let's take a look at an example where the following is part of an XML document: <?xml version

XSL Concise tutorial (7) XSL control statement

Tutorials | control | statements Seven. XSL Control statements 1. Conditional Statement If...thenXSL also has conditional statements (hehe ~ ~ Good, like the program language). The specific syntax is to add a xsl:if element, similar to t

An XSL Concise tutorial (4) Implementation on the server side

Server | tutorials IV: The implementation of XSL---on the server side 1. Compatible with all browsersIn the previous chapter we described the XML parser (parsing software) that can be used to invoke the browser through JavaScript to

An XSL Concise tutorial (3) implementation at the client

Tutorials | client Three. xsl--implementation in the client 1.JavaScript SolutionIn the previous section we have explained how XSL transforms XML into an HTML file. The method is to add an XSL stylesheet information to the header of


Summary: SOAP is an xml-based communication protocol under which software components and applications can communicate through standard HTTP protocols.Content:SOAP is an xml-based communication protocol under which software components and applications

Use. NET stores XML data

xml| data SQL Server 2000 and XML for SQL Server Web version (SQLXML) provides three ways to store XML data: XML Bulk load and Updategrams, These two client technologies use an outline with annotations to specify the mapping between the contents of t

Learning Web page should know: Use the example to learn HTML

Beginners | Web page Remember when I first started to learn to write a Web site to a master of how to use FrontPage 98来 to make a colorful personal web page. He told me that he did not use any web-making software to make the Web pages, but by handwri

Web site static page generation and Web data collection of attack and defense

Collection | static | data | page In the spirit of Internet sharing, feature this article dedicated to build a station novice, give people to fish, rather than teach people to fishing, this article is only the method and principle, I hope you read th

HTML Advanced Tutorial: Learning HTML 4.0 Event properties

Advanced | tutorials One of the new features of HTML 4.0 is to cause HTML events to trigger behavior in the browser, for example, when a user clicks on an HTML element to start a JavaScript. Here is a list of attributes that can be inserted into an H

HTML 4.0 New Features Example

Example as early as December 1997, the consortium published the final technology specification for HTML 4.0, which added and enhanced many features. But many web-page authors are not very familiar with these features, it is possible that the web-maki

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