PL/SQL Developer usage tips, shortcut keys

Label:1, class SQL Plus Windows: File->new->command window, this is similar to Oracle's client tool SQL Plus, but it is much more useful.2, set the keyword automatic capitalization: tools->preferences->editor, will keyword case select

Access SQL statements Create tables and field types

Label:Create a blank table: sql= "CREATE table [table name]"Create a table with fields: sql= "CREATE table [table name] ([field name 1] Memo not NULL, [field Name 2] Memo, [Field name 3] COUNTER not NULL, [field name 4] DATETIME, [field name 5] TEXT

Database deadlock

Label:when you recently made a project, insert the update in bulk instead of inserting the original individual into the update database. The advantage of this is that it lowers the QPS (the number of SQL statements), but it also poses a problem,

Debian system language encoding file gb2312

Tags: debian gb2312View the current encoding of the system.# echo $LANGModify the system language encoding.# Vi/etc/default/localeModify the following two linesLang= "ZH_CN. UTF-8 "Language= "Zh_cn:zh"Modified intoLang= "zh_cn.gb2312"Language=

In the use of select2, cramming to learn a bit

Label:$ (' #e3 '). Select2 ({PLACEHOLDER: "Please enter",Minimuminputlength:1,Separator: ",", //delimiter Maximumselectionsize:5, //Limit quantityInitselection: function (element, callback) { //Set default value when initializing

OpenGL Learning Footprints: Model loading Preliminary-loading obj model (Load obj models)

Label:Write in frontThe lighting basics, as well as the materials and lighting maps, and the types of light sources are described earlier, and we have a certain understanding of the use of lighting to enhance the realism of the scene. But so far, we'

Interface (i)

Label:InterfaceInterface, English is called interface, in software engineering, the interface refers to the method or function for others to call. From here, we can realize the original intention of the Java language Designer, which is the

Zabbix Performance Tuning

Tags: ZabbixAlarm problem:Too many processes onZabbix Poller processes more than 75% busyZabbix unreachable Poller processes more than 75% busy1. The device that collects the data through the Zabbix agent is in the moniting state but at this time

Reprint GUID Introduction

Label:Reprint (Global unique identifier) Globally unique identifier, which is a 16-byte binary value generated by the identity number on the network card (each network card has a

The serialization of the gossip

Label:#摘要Serialization and deserialization are almost something that engineers face every day, but it is not easy to grasp these two concepts precisely: on the one hand, they are often lost in the framework as part of the framework, and on the other,

UTF-8 Coding Rules

Label:UTF-8 is a Unicode implementation, that is, its byte structure has special requirements, so we say that a Chinese character range is 0x4e00 to 0x9fa5, refers to the Unicode value, as for the utf-8 in the code to be organized by three of bytes,

Zabbix Installation

Label:Deploy Nginx, want to monitor the operating state of Nginx, so went to find the information, a start to see Ali Tsar project, but the deployment is always unsuccessful, rage remembered to see before Zabbix, heard that this tool for operation

Jost Data Date Conversion

Label:In development, it is sometimes necessary to return JSON-formatted data from the server side, and in the background code, if a datetime type of data is serialized using the system's own tool class, a long numeric representation of the date

Qaq lis Tree, Lis tree, Qaq 2

Label:These two questions are actually a question in the exam OwoIt's horrible, I've been busy for three hours, and I wrote a full 7K.This question two asks the correlation is not strong, therefore separates to considerLis Tree of QaqConsider how to

Data type conversion of request parameter to presentation layer

Label:First, IntroductionDescription: The HTTP protocol transmits data without the concept of type, on the server side is the Request.getparameter (), Request.getparametervalue () method to get the request parameter to a String or string[]

West Second Flag

Label:West two flag, English name Shelchi, is located in the Royal Park Northwest Five rings, here has the famous Zhongguancun Software garden, is stationed Baidu Sina NetEase drops and so on well-known Internet company headquarters and a many

Shared Assembilies and strongly Named assemblies

Label:The. NET Framework has on place to deal with versioning problems.kinds of assemblies, kinds of Deployment  Weakly named assemblies, strongly named assembliesSame: Use thesame portable executable (PE) file format, PE32 (+) header, CLR headers,

2016/07/05 Zend Optimizer

Label:Zend Optimizer is a free PHP optimization software opened by the PHP core engine "Zend" creator Zend technology company. According to Zend Company disclosed that using this software in some cases can at least improve

Object-oriented and process-oriented differences

Label:Object-oriented and process-oriented1. Process-oriented programming is essentially a computer-based approach to programming: input-----the output. The process-oriented programmer needs to change the habit of thinking to close to the internal

SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Label: SMTP Lockdown This entry is compiled and applied to the scientific entry of "Science China" encyclopedia. The SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is simply the message Transfer Protocol, which is a set of rules

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